Two weeks ago now, I went to see RISE. This historic event celebrated American figure skating, while commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Feb. 15, 1961 plane crash in which all of the members of the U.S. World Figure Skating team perished.  Peggy Fleming, Dorothy Hamill, Scott Hamilton, Brian Boitano and Michelle Kwan served as storytellers for "RISE".

Hosted by Matt Lauer, Co-Anchor NBC News TODAY Show, the event featured the premier of RISE and uniquely choreographed figure skating performances, including a piece by 2010 Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek. RISE took us on a journey that honored a remarkable group of athletes who through their loss inspired the hopes, dreams and successes of some of the most iconic names in Olympic sports history.

I've always been intrigued by this story.  There was an ice dancing team who trained here in Indianapolis at the Pepsi Coliseum on the plane.  I learned more about them through this movie.  Like how Larry Pierce's original partner incurred an injury and was not able to go to Worlds.  That injury saved her life.  There were actually a couple of stories like that.  Amazing how the world works and how everything ends up working out in the end...

It was Valentine's Day of 1961 and a day of excitement as the entire U.S. World Figure Skating Team.  Skaters, coaches, judges and officials all boarded the plane that was bound for Prague, Czechoslovakia. They boarded ready to represent their country at Worlds. 

The flight was to arrive in Brussels, Belgium, the next morning and then continue on to Prague, however something went wrong.  Just four miles from the Brussels airport, the plane went down in flames.  There were no survivors.  All 18 members of the U. S. Figure Skating Team along with 16 international officials, judges, coaches and family members perished, as well as the 27 other passengers and a flight crew of 11.
The entire skating community and the rest of the world was shocked by this tragedy. All of the other competing athletes had already arrived, and now the big question: should the competition go on as planned?
Against the wishes of U.S. Figure Skating and the Czech government, the Executive Committee of the International Skating Union voted that the championships be cancelled "as a sign of mourning over the death of our American comrades."

I remember reading all about Maribel Vincon Owen who was the mother and coach of Laurence Owen who was such an inspiration to many.  She is said to be one of the most influential figures in the skating world until her passing.  Maribel was the author of three books on figure skating, the first female sports writer for The New York Times and an AP correspondent. By 1961, she had taught more than 4,000 students of which included Ron Luddington and Frank Carroll.  I was always impressed by skaters that did things outside of skating to advance the sport and women as well. Apparently Laurence had been on the cover of Sports Illustrated just 3 days prior to their leaving and Maribel had been buying all the copies she saw at the airport! 

To this day, more than 40 years later, the U.S. Figure Skating Memorial Fund continues to provide qualified U.S. Figure Skating skaters who are in need of financial aid with monetary assistance to pursue their goals both inside and outside the competitive arena. The Fund is committed to awarding skating and academic scholarships to those athletes who have demonstrated excellent competitive results and/or academic achievements, and who have future potential in national and international competition.

An Encore Presentation will be made on March 7th at various theaters across the United States. 
Go to Fathom Events for more information.
You can also go to http://www.rise1961.com/ to learn more about this tragic event.


Favorites of the Week

I'm seriously a blog hog... that's what my mom calls me.  Many of you already know that and I call my followers blog hogs as well!  Don't take that the wrong way... I just can't get enough. 

This week I decided to pick a few favorites from those I follow to share with you...
Maybe you'll become a follower too (if you aren't already)!
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First up... I think I'll mention Melody over at The Bradley's.  She's been a follower for a while now and she said such sweet things about my blog!  I love to find out that there are people out there like you that are ACTUALLY reading what I write every day!  Well, attempted every day!  I'm getting better!  Anyways, Melody has the cutest little blog and writes about the greatest things! She's real!  And my favorites are her $1 a day posts!  Thanks Melody!


Next up... Monika over at Splendid Willow shared with us some nostalgia.... Domino Magazine Nostalgia...     I must say that Domino was seriously one of my favorite magazines.  It was young, fresh, usable!  Loved it!  Miss it!  I was so glad to see that she was remembering those wonderful times sitting on the sofa reading Domino and sipping on a cup of coffee.... Can you believe that when that magazine got cancelled they sent me the remainder of my subscription in Glamour Magazines?! I like Glamour, but it's not Domino.  Not even close!  So thanks to Monika for inspiring me to pull out my old copies of Domino this weekend since I can't let them go!

 Next....  Emily over at her design blog, Emily A Clark, gave us a GREAT tutorial on recovering lampshades!  Since this is on my to do list (I have blank white shades at the moment) it was a godsend!  This might even get done this weekend now!  Anyways, Emily is always clear, concise, and creative!  Love this blog!  And not that it's hard, but she made it look way too easy and obviously really good!  Thanks for sharing Emily!

Also a fave this week was a very sassy little nursery featured on Cheap Chic Nursery{Fun Fresh and Makes me Blush}I loved it.  I loved that it was gray and all the decorating was where the pops of color came in.  I loved that it wasn't over done.  I loved that it was simply chic.  AND I loved that it used paisley!  I have a soft spot for paisley.  Just last night as I was working on a project, I was looking at a lamp I recently spray painted white thinking tan paisleys on that would look really cute... Anyways, I digress!  I love Cheap Chic Nursery for their features and their great insight to that thing called a baby... which I'm sure will REALLY be on my radar soon. 


And lastly... My absolute favorite this week was from Abby over at Babbling Abby - Reasons she loves her husband.  Yes, I was originally drawn to this blog by the name.  I found it on a sidebar of another blog.  Man O Man though I'm so glad I stumbled upon Abby.  She's so funny!  Her little guy is too cute!  This past Monday though, she posted about what she got for Valentine's Day <-- melted my heart a little that her husband paid attention and got it REALLY right --> and about what she and her husband sing to her little one to get him to sleep!  It's a must read!  It made me wonder what we'll sing to our little one (when they come -- don't worry, not prego) when they need to be sung to... Thanks to Abby for always being REAL and lovely. 

Happy Weekend!  TGIF!


The Silhouette Machine

Have you guys heard about this Silhouette Machine?!?  It's amazing!  I entered two giveaways yesterday for one of these!  They are a hot commodity!  And honestly, a must have for any crafty lady (or man). 

The Silhouette SD is an electronic cutting tool that connects to your computer allowing you to cut fonts and images in card stock, vinyl, heat transfer material, etc. It can be used to create scrapbooks, cards, home decor, custom apparel, school projects, glass etched projects, stencils, etc. Group.

It can cut any font, meaning alphabet stickers in your typeface of choice, can cut personalized vinyl wall decals, and can print onto heat transfer material to make your own fabrics.  This is amazing... I'm so excited for this tool.  I know it was just Christmas, but it's definitely going on my Christmas List (because I already have my birthday present picked out) this year!

At the DIY Showoff, Roeshel used it to make a doily pattern on what heat transfer paper and voila! A T-Shirt! 

This is also the blog hosting one of the giveaways!  She's also used the machine to make cutouts to help with etching on glass containers, vinyl wording, and monograms!  <-- All things I'm wanting to do!

Here are some other projects to try with it!






Wedding Wednesday

Why not!?  I mean, who doesn't love weddings and even though mine is over... You all know that I still follow the wedding blogs out there! 

Once again it's raining/sleeting/icing/freezing raining again here in Indiana so I am obviously thinking DESTINATION!  I'd so much rather be back in Aruba (our honeymoon), in Mexico or even Florida!  Who wouldn't?  Warmth and sunshine is calling my name...

While destination weddings are beautiful, they have pros and cons just like any other weddings.  They have different cons like the challenges of planning from afar and not being as intimately involved as you would be if you were having it at a venue down the block from where you live.  Or, smaller guest list and acknowledging that not all guests will be able to afford to make the trip.  I know that for me, my mom will not get on a plane so I could never have had my wedding in Mexico or somewhere exotic and warm, but I'm OK with that!  Maybe 2nd time around with Mike when we renew our vows in 50 years or something... I see us being together in 50 years, but not renewing... another story for another time. 

All I can say on this one is, "Yes Please!"
via Green Wedding Shoes
Coming from Green Wedding Shoes, this wedding took place in Puerta Vaerta Mexico. 
What a lovely location.  And how perfect is that beach?!  I mean, seriously!

Via Green Wedding Shoes
 As for this setting... "Where do I sign?"

via Destination Wedding Magazine
and JoannaTano.com
Or, if warm is not your thing... why not try ol' Par-ee?  "Oui!"

Just a few pretty shots from a few pretty locations.  Anyone out there have their own destination wedding? 

Linking Up - TV Room

I know I featured our NEW COFFEE table a couple of days ago now, but I wanted to actually just feature that room today and maybe explain it a little bit... Hmmm....

This is our living room. 

It is the main room right off our front door.  We don't have another family room although we do have a loft that we NEVER use (except for a laundry drop off) so this is where we watch our TV and have our little get togethers!  And watch our favorite shows like Dexter, Shameless, and Modern Family!

Right now it's in transition I would say.  Somewhat bland and boring as I'm working on adding pops of color and new curtains.  It just feels cold right now and I'd like to get it to that "homie" feeling.  I also need to do something behind that TV on the wall as I mentioned in the coffee table post.  Any suggestions?  I would love FEEDBACK as most of the bloggers out there have impecible homes and decor! 

Here's what it looked like just 3 weeks ago:


And here it is now (almost same angle) (again, I know)
I think it's a huge difference, but you may not be able to tell much!  I think it feels lighter which is what I'm going for, but we'll see! Maybe it's just the lighting...

Things to keep:
New coffee table (love)
Wing Chair (although would love to reupholster instead of slipcover)
Lamps behind sofa

Everything else is questionable!

Check out Shannon's Link over at Webbisodes!
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Another Change

Goal for 2011:
Get my house in order!!! 

I'm seriously working on it!  I am, I swear!  It starts with keeping the clutter down!  <--Not something I'm good at.  I use bare topped tables as dropping places, same with benches, chairs, and sofas!!!  So, with my new hooks in the pantry, I'm working really hard at placing our coats there!

I'd been collecting these starburst, sunburst mirrors for a bit now.  I originally started for my mother so she could make a little wall of mirrors, but once she put hers up, I liked it so I decided to do my own.  You might remember the DIY Sunburst mirror that I made that originally hung in my entryway.  But recently I wanted to use that mirror in my bedroom and the others were starting to become clutter because they were all over. 

So I decided to change our entryway from this...

 To this...

Still needs paint, but what do you think? 


Good Monday Morning!  I hope you are all enjoying a day off like me! 

I thought, since I've had it for almost a month now that it was probably time to share with you...
My New Coffee table! 

As many of you know this has been something I've wanted for a looooong time.  The original one I wanted was from West Elm, but then it became unavailable.  I loved it for the wood quality, and that it was only $399 but you basically got 2 tables.  It was unique and not a coffee table you see everyday. 

When I realized that I wouldn't be able to get it, I settled for one from Ballard Designs.  Again, $399 which is a steal for Ballard, but sometimes Ballard can be expensive on shipping.  They both had the same raw wood look for the top combined with the iron legs.  I knew this one would work just as well. 

I was ready to buy and one day I was looking at Overstock.com and came across this!  WOAH!!!  Hold the phone!!! Too close to not try it AND it was only $199 so I was totally sold! 
Can you really tell much of a difference between the Ballard and the Overstock? 

Not much right?
I am so excited for my find! It works perfectly in my living room too! My living room that is slowly transforming...
Here she is!

I think I'm in love!  Now what to do with the BLANK wall behind the TV.  Any suggestions?!?

Happy President's Day!


Freebie Friday - Win This!

TGIF!!  Can I get an AMEN?!

Yes, yes, it is that time again!  I'm doing a freebie contest!  And the Freebie is a
 $25 giftcard to Target! 
Who doesn't love Tar-Jay?! 
I feel like time stands still when I walk in there... It's almost as if you get lost in there!  I know my particular aisles that I MUST visit before leaving, even if it means that I'm just walking through... C'mon... we all do this at Target, right?  I'm not alone am I?

Anyways, I was inspired when I went in there the other day to grab my gift for V-day for Mike and I saw all kinds of AWESOME things that I wanted to buy!  So, I thought, why  not!?!

Here's the rules:

1. Entry for leaving a comment.
   *Bonus Q&A* What would you buy with the $25 Target gift card?
2.Another entry for becoming a follower of Little Miss Martha.
   *If you are already a follower let me know in your comment*
 3. Another entry for tweeting about the contest... leave comment with link or mention @MissAbbyK in your tweet!
4. Another entry for posting on your FB page... leave comment with link.

That's 4 ways to get entered!  UH-MAzing! 
And it's all because of my love of Target and my missing of The Target Lady on SNL

Is that ok?  Sound good?!  I'd love to hear from you! 

Contest will be open until Feb 28th 11pm EST! 
Winner's will be chosen at Random.org! 
And tell your friends!

Happy Weekend!


An Ideal Bedroom

While we all know I'm trying to get my house in order, I think my bedroom is the only place that I want to get done and be done with it! 

You may remember it from my 1st House Tour, but if not here it is again.

My walls are already sage, my bed is a black iron, and my bedside tables are black...
I would like to replace my bed, get all new dressers and nightstands, and make it feel a bit lighter in there...
I'm close I can feel it...
But just not quite there yet. 

Here is my ideal bedroom on a mood board:
Subtle Eclectic Bedroom

I like the eclectic mix of items that go together but aren't matchy matchy.... I tried to stick with a couple shapes of items I already have like the lamps, the curvy nightstand, and obviously the colors of the room.

What do you think?  What's your ideal bedroom color scheme?

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Winner of the January Request a Catalog Contest is:
Kristina Streeter!
She will receive a pair of Paradise Studs!
(they are on their way)

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