Wedding Wednesday

Why not!?  I mean, who doesn't love weddings and even though mine is over... You all know that I still follow the wedding blogs out there! 

Once again it's raining/sleeting/icing/freezing raining again here in Indiana so I am obviously thinking DESTINATION!  I'd so much rather be back in Aruba (our honeymoon), in Mexico or even Florida!  Who wouldn't?  Warmth and sunshine is calling my name...

While destination weddings are beautiful, they have pros and cons just like any other weddings.  They have different cons like the challenges of planning from afar and not being as intimately involved as you would be if you were having it at a venue down the block from where you live.  Or, smaller guest list and acknowledging that not all guests will be able to afford to make the trip.  I know that for me, my mom will not get on a plane so I could never have had my wedding in Mexico or somewhere exotic and warm, but I'm OK with that!  Maybe 2nd time around with Mike when we renew our vows in 50 years or something... I see us being together in 50 years, but not renewing... another story for another time. 

All I can say on this one is, "Yes Please!"
via Green Wedding Shoes
Coming from Green Wedding Shoes, this wedding took place in Puerta Vaerta Mexico. 
What a lovely location.  And how perfect is that beach?!  I mean, seriously!

Via Green Wedding Shoes
 As for this setting... "Where do I sign?"

via Destination Wedding Magazine
and JoannaTano.com
Or, if warm is not your thing... why not try ol' Par-ee?  "Oui!"

Just a few pretty shots from a few pretty locations.  Anyone out there have their own destination wedding? 

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Laura Darling said...

Oh my I would love to be on one of those beaches right now...wedding or not! Looks beautiful!

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