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I'm seriously a blog hog... that's what my mom calls me.  Many of you already know that and I call my followers blog hogs as well!  Don't take that the wrong way... I just can't get enough. 

This week I decided to pick a few favorites from those I follow to share with you...
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First up... I think I'll mention Melody over at The Bradley's.  She's been a follower for a while now and she said such sweet things about my blog!  I love to find out that there are people out there like you that are ACTUALLY reading what I write every day!  Well, attempted every day!  I'm getting better!  Anyways, Melody has the cutest little blog and writes about the greatest things! She's real!  And my favorites are her $1 a day posts!  Thanks Melody!


Next up... Monika over at Splendid Willow shared with us some nostalgia.... Domino Magazine Nostalgia...     I must say that Domino was seriously one of my favorite magazines.  It was young, fresh, usable!  Loved it!  Miss it!  I was so glad to see that she was remembering those wonderful times sitting on the sofa reading Domino and sipping on a cup of coffee.... Can you believe that when that magazine got cancelled they sent me the remainder of my subscription in Glamour Magazines?! I like Glamour, but it's not Domino.  Not even close!  So thanks to Monika for inspiring me to pull out my old copies of Domino this weekend since I can't let them go!

 Next....  Emily over at her design blog, Emily A Clark, gave us a GREAT tutorial on recovering lampshades!  Since this is on my to do list (I have blank white shades at the moment) it was a godsend!  This might even get done this weekend now!  Anyways, Emily is always clear, concise, and creative!  Love this blog!  And not that it's hard, but she made it look way too easy and obviously really good!  Thanks for sharing Emily!

Also a fave this week was a very sassy little nursery featured on Cheap Chic Nursery{Fun Fresh and Makes me Blush}I loved it.  I loved that it was gray and all the decorating was where the pops of color came in.  I loved that it wasn't over done.  I loved that it was simply chic.  AND I loved that it used paisley!  I have a soft spot for paisley.  Just last night as I was working on a project, I was looking at a lamp I recently spray painted white thinking tan paisleys on that would look really cute... Anyways, I digress!  I love Cheap Chic Nursery for their features and their great insight to that thing called a baby... which I'm sure will REALLY be on my radar soon. 


And lastly... My absolute favorite this week was from Abby over at Babbling Abby - Reasons she loves her husband.  Yes, I was originally drawn to this blog by the name.  I found it on a sidebar of another blog.  Man O Man though I'm so glad I stumbled upon Abby.  She's so funny!  Her little guy is too cute!  This past Monday though, she posted about what she got for Valentine's Day <-- melted my heart a little that her husband paid attention and got it REALLY right --> and about what she and her husband sing to her little one to get him to sleep!  It's a must read!  It made me wonder what we'll sing to our little one (when they come -- don't worry, not prego) when they need to be sung to... Thanks to Abby for always being REAL and lovely. 

Happy Weekend!  TGIF!

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mskanorado said...

Lovely Favorites! My husband says I'm a blog addict! I just say there are worst things to be addicted to!

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