-- Tools I Use To Get Me Through --

Today I'd like to introduce you to the ever constant tools that I've been using throughout this planning process. I'm sure you know of them... probably because I've mentioned them... or because you already use them, but never-the-less they are very useful.
The Knot --

Theknot.com has so many great features. It offers you a place to keep track of a budget, a guest list, and there's really no need for a planner anymore because it offers up a checklist to you to keep you on track! I check on my checklist every other day. It splits it up easily so that tasks are manageable and not overwhelming. Love The Knot! Don't be afraid to use it's wealth of resources of ideas and pictures as well!

I Do It Yourself --

I Do It Yourself offers great templates and DIY ideas for any occasion. I've found that this not only keeps me wedding savvy, but it also gives me ideas for outside the wedding which is always good at this point in the game. This is a fairly new found fave!

Martha Stewart --

I love anything Martha! Hence the name! ;) She's my fave. She's got anything and everything that you may or may not need. I love the Martha Stewart Wedding's site. Those wedding's are just gorgeous! Then there is the Martha Stewart Crafts site (which is where I'm doing my invites from) and it's also to die for! You name it and they've got it! Love! Love! Love!

Michaels --

Don't be afraid to befriend Michaels craft store. They have a lot of what you might need. I have used so many things from there. Although, I did just take a huge amount of items back the other day...let them be your friend. They always come in handy. They can always be a back up...AND THEY CARRY MARTHA STEWART CRAFTS! Ha-ha.

Any Wedding Magazine --

All the wedding magazines are a must when you are planning. I must admit that I think I went a little overboard. I probably have at least a hundred. Mike used to joke when I'd buy another one..."ANOTHER wedding magazine?!?!" And I'd be like "YES!" My favorites are Southern Weddings (unique ideas), Bride and Bloom, and Grace Ormond Weddings -- These are distinct wedding magazines. Others are The Knot and Brides.

Excel --

Excel is your friend. Know it and love it. Use it for budgets unless you can find one tailored to your needs online. I had to make one myself. I made one with deposits, 2nd set of $ sent, remaining due, and total spent columns. I wanted to make sure I tracked all money spent, sent, and whatnot. Although I'm not sure how good of a job I'm doing. loll.

My Calligraphy Set --

I read somewhere that you should handwrite your invitations so of course I have to do that now. So I went to Borders and bought a $7 calligraphy set. I love handwriting and doodling (got that from my mom) so I figured I'd be good at it. I wish mine looked like Penned and Pretty's Sassy Styles, but my own mix of cursive and calligraphy pen stylings will have to do! Anyways, it's a good $7 well spent if you want to personalize one more part of your wedding.

Check out the above style from another blogger!

Blogger --

Finally BLOGGER! My Blog has helped me through the process. While I don't really know that anyone is out there reading it...It's helped me! It lets me vent some days, it lets me be creative others, and then some days it just lets me share. I love it. I've even set up another blog for after the wedding. We'll see how that one goes! Exciting! I recommend blogging the process to anyone and everyone! It's a great retreat to all of those out there planning!

Happy Planning!  Hope this helped!


-- Burn Out? --

Do you think that it's a good or bad thing working working working to save save save for a wedding??? 

I feel like I may be beginning to burn out.  I'm tired all the time.  When I go home I feel like I never have time to relax because it's always just discussing things about the wedding or skating or working more or emailing or calling someone about the wedding or skating. 

I really enjoy the fact that it's been really easy to save up for things!  THANK GOODNESS for that, but when do I stop so that I can relax?!? 

Or do I?

I probably won't.  I don't want to get behind.  And I don't want to let anyone down or "lose my spot" or students.  Ugh...the politics. 

Last night I literally sent 12 emails in 1 hour regarding skating lessons this week or next, made 2 phone calls to set up new lessons, and practiced my calligraphy skills -- which might I add were not too bad, in their own cursivy kind of way.  But it was like get home from work, sit down, eat dinner, work again at another work, and go to bed. 

Now...I really need to get myself motivated again for this Mini-Marathon because I'm just mentally and physically worn out! 


-- Returns and Blogs--

Well, I'm making some returns today to Michaels.  Since I changed my mind on the whole centerpiece and favor idea, I have had my mother take back the items I made her hunt down at Michaels and now my backseat is full of bags that need to now be returned. 

I hope they aren't too mad. 

Now, with no skating this weekend I'm hoping to get a trip to Ikea in and some actual wedding tasks accomplished -- like addressing some envelopes and choosing the final invite look!  It's harder than I anticipated. 

Oh well, for now, I'm just popping in.  Still looking for some templates to use for the inserts of the invites so if there are any suggestions out there, I'd love to have them!  It's crunch time!  :) 

I think I'll leave you with some of my favorite wedding blogs around!  Here are the links to them!  Some are directly wedding related and others aren't, but are just as inspiring!  Enjoy! 

http://www.amynichols.com/ -- Event Planning
http://greenweddingshoes.blogspot.com/  -- Wedding Inspirations
http://jldesigns.blogspot.com/ -- Floral Inpsirations
http://www.swsmag.net/  -- Wedding Inspirations
http://www.bobbiandmike.com/blog/  -- Sassy Photography
http://www.weddingbee.com/  -- Wedding Inspirations
http://lilyandcompany.wordpress.com/  -- Floral Inspirations


-- Loads of Pictures --

So today I'm going to feature Amanda Wilcher Photography (again).  I love them. 

Mike and I are doing another engagement session with them so that we will be comfortable with them on the day of the wedding.  Actually this is a great idea for any couple who uses the same photographer for engagement and wedding photos. 

So in preparation and since I'm getting excited for that, here are a few pictures of couples that Amanda and Kyle have done previously.  Stunning!
All of the below pictures can be seen on their blog.

I hope ours turn out just as well!  I have no doubts that they will!

You can also visit Amanda Wilcher Photographers on their Facebook Page

-- Veil or Headpiece --

Since I started looking at wedding dresses I had my heart set on a cute little headpiece to be worn offset in my short hair...maybe with a little feather and some glitz, but not too much. Now, I find myself looking at blusher veils along with headpieces. 

Here are what I'm down to: 

This is The Amelia from austie on Etsy.  I love their bridal accessories.  They really have lovely and unique qualities to them.  My only worry is that it might be too much. 

Then I kind of love this Haute Couture Angelina Angled Demi Veil from CR Boggs Designs on Etsy.  I love that it has a little glitz, a little feather, and a sassy angled veil.  I also love the type of sheer used for the veil.  I think I just love it. 

Then there's this Sugar Baby Birdcage Veil from Wedding Aisle on Etsy.  I think I mostly love the bow on top, but it might be a bit over the top if you know what I mean...at least for my wedding.  I do love it's simplicity though.  It's almost just too cute. 

And finally, there's this vintage hair comb.  Simple. Classic.  Understated.  It might work as well.
It's from OhFaro's shop on Etsy. 

So there are my veil/hair/headpiece options...
What do you think? What did you do?


-- Coming Full Circle --

I think my wedding is coming full circle. Yesterday I was sitting at my desk at work and trying for the life of me to figure out how to do my “popcorn” favors. Then I came across my favorite little Martha Stewart Succulent Favors that I think I must have printed out on DAY 1 of the wedding planning process!

They are seriously the cutest things I have ever seen and something that people can take home with them and transplant into their garden or keep in their kitchen.

I freaking love them! Anyways, I thought, well, why don’t I just use those as part of my centerpieces and accent them with these lovely $1.99 IKEA vases and see where that leaves us…
Maybe sit them on a chocolate brown charger in the center of the table and add some votives and some green floral and we’ll be done! Voila!

I really have to say that the venue does speak for itself. You can see wonderful shots of it here. It really is gorgeous! And it just sparkles! So we’ve decided to go simple on the tables... You really don’t need much. Don’t you agree???

Now…wouldn’t little pillows on the sofas be sassy? Maybe I’m taking it too far…


-- Tons to Do --

What to do?!?  Oh wait...I know...I have tons to do! 

We are now down to 4 months.  I think I pretty much have a handle on things.  Here are the remaining items for these next 2 months.

1. I need to start addressing the envelopes for the invitations and then once Mike and I decide on which invitation style we like the best, we can start printing them. 
2. We actually should probably once over the actually list of invitees again...it's been a while.  We need to figure out who's doing what at the ceremony. 
3. I need to contact the music man for the ceremony.  Maybe my mom can do that!  Hmmm...I hate making phone calls (emails are totally my way of contacting people...ask Mike). 
4. I should probably make an alterations appt, but I need to find the right undergarments first!  That ought to be zero fun for me!  lol. (blog post to come)
5. Double check with bridesmaids to make sure they have dresses. 
6. FIND JEWELRY!!! (blog post to come)
7. FIND VEIL OR HEADPIECE!!! (blog post to come)
8. Pay off photographer... (blog feature to come)
9. Pay off DJ...
10. Work on Centerpieces (blog post to come)

And while all that's going on, continue working 40 hrs a week, teaching skating part time about 10 hrs, playing mom for one of those weeks for my favorite girls, and trying to not pull my hair out!  :) 



I'm sick and tired of being sick...
This weekend I was sick.  Monday I was sick.  Now I'm tired. 

While I was sick yesterday though, I did make much progress on the invitations.  I found 3 lovely veils of which I need to decide on, and now I'm headed on over to TheKnot.com to see how far behind I really am!  lol. 

I also checked out a few vendors for flowers as I'm doing all that myself and I'm now sure that it will be no problems! 

Oh yea!  And we went and met with Maureen from Catablu (cutest restaurant in the WORLD) to try some of the food for our menu and it was all WONDERFUL and she set my mind and Mike's mind at ease!  So now he can stop bothering me on how this is all going to come together!  She's great!  But let me tell you...the mini crabcakes were delish! 

Love it! 

Enough for now!  Just wanted to update since I've been on hiatus recently.  I will work on blogging more often now!  :)


-- Sunday Morning Coffee -- 7th Edition --

Good Morning Sunday!  I love my coffee!  It's been a while. 

Here's an inspiration board for the week!  Jewelry has been on the mind so I thought this was appropriate!  Enjoy, along with some coffee of course! 



-- Honeymoon Planning --

Well, let's just say we are taking our time at figuring out where we really want to go...

Haha..  My mom and dad had no plans until the day after their wedding for the honeymoon.  We will not be like that.  Our plans will be set...they just aren't yet. 

We started with Antigua -- a Sandals resort -- which had a great package price, but the air fare to get there is just ridiculous.  Then we moved to looking into all of the Sandals resorts because we figure that an All Inclusive package is the best way to go, but I think we just kind of fell in love with Antigua.  So we moved onto to other options at Antigua but again came across that damn plane ticket problem.  Ugh... 

Then I came across a website called - allinclusiveoutlet.com - which I must say, I am a little leary of, but it does put out there some great deals.  And I figured, if we did use it, we could either use it directly or as bargaining material!  haha. There we came across a great package to Cozumel.  Now, I've never been out of the country...Mike has.  So the deal is we have to go somewhere neither of us has been.  We found an all inclusive 3 meals a day, 5 or 6 nights (I can't remember), plus airfare for $2200.  I thought that was pretty good.  And that was the upgraded option!  The only problem was -- wait for it, wait for it -- when Mike started telling a couple of his friends who travel a lot they said that their companies still aren't sending people anywhere in Mexico right now due to the violence down there from the drug cartel.  Great!  I finally find a deal and the Mexican drug dealers are going to ruin it for me! 

So now I'm on the hunt again. 

Well today I came across a blog from 2009, but it may still be relevant.  I'm going to check a few of them out -- esp FIJI!!!  I heart Fiji...always have, always will.  Someday I WILL make it there!  The blog is The Wedding Warehouse.  This particular blog was featuring "Five Amazing Honeymoons for Under $2500 for Two."  I don't believe it so I'm researching them as we speak. 

Honeymoon #1: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Airfare on US Airways, 5 Nights @ Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Holistic Retreat and Spa, Ocean View room w/ $100 Spa Credit, Transfers and all taxes.
$1974.00 for two
What I found: Airfare on Delta Airways, 7 nights @ Pueblo Bonita Pacifica, Deluxe Ocean View room (european plan)

Honeymoon #2: Fiji, South Pacific

Airfare on Air Pacific (non-stop from L.A. to Fiji), 7 Nights Seaview Bure @ Crusoes Retreat Resort, Daily Breakfast, Fiji tax and Transfers (air tax addt’l).
$1930.00 for two
What I found: All flights from Indianapolis to Fiji are $1900+ -- BOO.  I was really hoping this would work out...what was I thinking!?!?  This one is probably out.  Tear. 
***I did search TravelZoo for All Inclusive packages to Fiji and I came up with the most inexpensive ones starting at $2300 per person for 5 nights. 

3. Kauai, Hawaii

Airfare on Hawaiian Airlines, 5 Nights Garden View Room (super discount) @ Sheraton Kauai Resort, Economy Car Rental, Car/Hotel tax (air tax addt’l)
$2440.00 for two
What I found:  Traveling to Hawaii when you don't live on the coast is expensive!  I did find a couple of deals where you could go for around $2600 for two. I just find it hard to spend just as much money on a flight as you are on the vacation portion.  And then...what about meals?  This may still be in the running though.  The Sheraton Kauai was up there and the Courtyards at Honolulu was a contender as well. 

Honeymoon #4: Ocho Rios, Jamaica
What I found:  We don't want to go to Jamaica, but there are some ok deals to Jamaica. 

Airfare on Delta Airlines, 5 Nights in Plantation Honeymoon Villa w/ Pool @ Sandals Grande Ocho Rios (All Inclusive Meals/Drinks/Tips), Transfers & Taxes
$2458.00 for two

Honeymoon #5: Eastern Caribbean Islands Cruise

Airfare on Northwest Air, 7 Night Cruise on Carnival Liberty to St Thomas/
St Maarten/Grand Turk/Half Moon Cay, in a Balcony Cabin, Transfers & Tax
$2175.44 for two
What I found: No cruises leave on the 18th or 19th...boo.  This will not work out for us, but the price point is definitely still the same.  Great idea if it works for you!

At this point, I have found some great deals to Cozumel, St. Lucia, and a few others... I'm trying to convince Mike to go to Ti Kaye Village at St. Lucia!  It's lovely...but no meals are included.  We can starve, right?!  I think that might work!  :) 

Any thoughts or planning suggestions on honeymoons out there?!  Tricks of the trade or suggestions -- dos and dont's?  Please feel free to share!  I'd love the input! 

Thanks for reading!


Love the One You're With - #1

This is a new thread that I'm going to start called "Love the One You're With."  The moments may be wonderful, sassy, fun, funny, sad, unfortunate, or funny...one thing is for sure, they will be real, and in each moment mentioned, it will be remembered to "love the one you're with." 

Here's to the first edition:

Sunday Mornings with Mike and the boys.

Oh how my boys loves them some cinnamon rolls...

Lex, Lou, and Mike

Do Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls make the world go round???  They at least make Sunday morning coffee go down a little bit better! 


-- It's Starting to Settle In --

So here we are...

5 months
138 days
However you want to look at it

And the stresses are starting to settle in. 

Mike and I are fighting a little bit more.  The tension in the house is a bit more.  I'm taking on more projects to keep my mind off of the wedding - painting the bedroom...should probably rephrase that, REpainting the bedroom.  I'm taking on more skating lessons than I thought I would at this point.  Anything to keep me moving and my mind from stressing...

But it's not working very well. 

I'm starting to stress. 

Hair will start to fall out soon. 

Mike will start to get yelled at more. 

More fights with the mother will begin to come. 

And I'm sure the crying will come. 


Thanks for listening!  ;)
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