Home Again...

Sitting at home in the backyard with the family...

My brother got a new puppy. My sister is home from college. My little brother is playing his PSP. My mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, and myself are just sitting in the backyard hanging out. I love coming home and relaxing.

Tomorrow we are going to the ballpark again to take pictures and try to plan out the reception. Should be a good time. Then we might go to Patty's in Quincy, MI. Still working on the dress and bridesmaid dresses.

Just wanted to update. :) Happy Weekend!


The Bride to Be vs The Perfect Dress -- No Comparison!

Hands Down The Bride to Be WINS!

I had made 2 appointments online for The Bride to Be and The Perfect Dress. We got to The Bride to Be at 11am and I was not excited. Even looking at the dresses I was not excited, but when the first dress was on ... WOW. I was like this is actually not too bad and this dress is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!! The Bride to Be carried many different kinds of dresses but it was narrowed down to an Augusta Jones, a Melissa Sweet, and a Carolina DeVilla. They were all amazing. I love the Melissa Sweet but it's a bit pricey so I'm still trying to decide.

I just want to say that Sarah at The Bride to Be was AMAZING! The selections were AMAZING! The store is beautiful! It's probably the classiest, most modern, chicest, shop in all of Fort Wayne. Their set up was great; They had it all! Shoes, Facinators, Veils, Ring Pillows, Bridesmaids dresses, Gowns, Jewelry, Magazines and the Seamstress even bustled a dress for me in like 30 seconds with pins and it was GORGEOUS!!! Every dress I tried on made me feel like a size 2! They are an amazing store that I hope will be around FOREVER! It made me feel like I was in Chicago at a Haute Couture Bridal Shoppe. They've really done a GREAT job with their store!

**** Visit them online at http://www.thebridetobeonline.com/ or at their store located at
2809 Broadway, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807****

THEN we went to The (I'm not sure who this is the) Perfect Dress (shop for).Or maybe more like the perfect dress if you want to look like every other bride in Fort Wayne. I walked into the dress room and was having a hard time finding 3 that I liked. I selected 3 and then the woman helping us kept bringing us dresses she thought we'd like, but honestly I didn't like any of them. Then she kept asking me which were my favorites, but because they all looked exactly alike I couldn't keep them straight! Plus, she kept putting me in dresses that needed a Trumpet skirt under them and that is not happening! I was sweating in the room so can you imagine the uncomfortable sweating that would be happening next June?!!?!
Anyways, my mom and grandma kept accessorizing and saying "Oh I love this" or "No I hate that" but kept giving me the impression that they were actually liking some of these dresses. I was trying to figure out how to break it to them that I didn't like a single one. I think at one point I even lipped to my mom, "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" Honestly, it wasn't that bad and the woman was nice...this just wasn't the place for me. When we go to the car, my mom said wait until we get in because they are probably watching us and I was a bit confused. When we all shut the doors it was like we just let loose. My mom was like some of those were hideous, and she just kept bringing them. My grandma was like you didn't really like any of those did you Abby?!?! And I was like NO!!! And I don't know how they were chosen the best bridal shoppe or whatever in Fort Wayne.

It was a priceless moment that I wish I had on camera! I'm lucky to have these 2 crazy ladies that are usually pretty good with fashion, class, and uniqueness.


1st Venue was a Home Run!

Now that I am the Bride to be, I only felt it fitting that I actually start working on getting some items chosen for this event.

I wanted a very different unique feel for my wedding. One that is something you don't see every other wedding in Fort Wayne. I found this was very hard to do with everything in Fort Wayne being older and dated (according to my standards). I was not looking forward to looking at venues. I had made appointments at 2 places and was sure that one of those would be the winner because it had to be. However the night before I headed home to the Fort, my mom called and said she'd made an appointment at the Brand NEW Parkview Field.

Boy am I glad we went! It was settled! That was easy! But we still had to go to the other places to look...UGH. But we did and it just sealed the deal that we were going to reserve the stadium.
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