My Gallery Wall { Part One }

So today I will be working on a few lingering projects at home...

The Gallery Wall at the top of my stairs being one of them...

But until I decide on my layout, here are some others that look amazing and are inspiring...




Can't wait to see how it turns out!


My S&D Fall Open House AND Sample Sale!!!

Last night I had some friends/customers/girlies over for a little vino, to see some of the new fall collection which is FABULOUS <--must be spoken like Theresa from NJ Housewives! 

Here's the set up...

Here's the girlies...

Here's the drinkies...
I know, we are boring, but it was HOT outside!

And now I'm selling off some of my jewels to make way for the new line!  Below are beautiful jewels up for grabs!

Here's how it works! Listed below are the samples available. There is only one of each item, so it is first come first serve. Click on the name of any item to be taken to my Stella & Dot e-boutique for a complete description of the style. Those that don't have a link are no longer available at the site.

If you'd would like to purchase an item simply email me at abigail.hake@gmail.com. Write the name of the piece in the email subject line and include your shipping address in the message. (U.S. residents only...sorry!) If you are the first person to claim an item I will send you a confirmation email with the total due, including a $3.00 shipping charge, and a PayPal account for payment. Once payment is received the jewelry will be shipped to you. If any items go unclaimed (have not been paid for) after 24 hours, I will contact the next person who expressed interest in the piece of jewelry.

Black Cuff - $25
Originally $40

Teardrops Earrings - $15
Originally $29

Sloan Hoop Earrings - $20
Originally $39

Gold Filigree Earrings- $30
Originally $59

Charlotte Statement Necklace - $65
Originally $128

Stella Vintage Link Statement Necklace - $50
Originally $98

Stella Vintage Link Bracelet - $44
Originally $89

Cortez Turquoise & Suede Necklace - $75
Originally $98

River Lariat - $50
Originally $69

Bella Chameleon Hoop Earrings - $15
Originally $34

Purple Leather Clover Wrap - $20
Originally $39

*Some pieces do show a little wear as they are sample pieces, but are still in good condition*
*All sales Final*
*Do not come with originally boxes*

Happy Shopping!


Shop for a Cause

I've been following this story for weeks now.  I found out about it through another blog and then somehow found the updates on a facebook page. 

So... since Mr. K and I are in a tight position money-wise (hence the money saving efforts discussed yesterday) I've decided to open a Stella & Dot Online Trunk Show for the Berry Trust. 

All 25% commission will be donated to the Joshua and Robin Berry's Children's Trust.  You can shop for a cause or just go directly to their page and donate!  The best way to find them is to google "Joshua and Robin Berry's Children's Trust."  It pops right up.  

A little background on this story if you've not already heard about it:

Joshua and Robin Berry (mom and dad) were driving back from a Fourth of July vacation in Colorado with their three young Children Peter (9), Aaron (8), and Willa (6) when they were hit head on by a driver who had swerved into their lane. Joshua and Robin were killed instantly. Their two boys are currently being treated at a Houston hospital for internal and serious spinal injuries, and are soon to be transferred to Chicago Shriner’s, which specializes in pediatric spinal injuries as both boys are currently paralyzed from the waist down. Their daughter is home recovering from broken bones.

Although the story is far from my actual being, my heart is so sad for them.  I've been thinking about it ever since I heard the story.  Thoughts and prayers are continually going out to their friends and family... especially the children's Aunt and Uncle who have become the legal guardians.  What a huge undertaking to raise three young children especially when the boys may have special needs after this accident and all doing it while in the face of such sadness and grief. 

There is a trust set up for the children to help pay for their medical bills and long term care, and anything you could give would help. If you cannot contribute financially, please spread the word and keep their family in your thoughts and prayers. I also know that a lot of you are reading from Chicago and Houston, so if you can possibly help in other ways I encourage you to reach out to the family.

Any purchases made on my website (www.stelladot.com/abbyk) under the party
Berry Trust
will be donated directly to the trust that has been set up 

People have been able to do these things all over the US for the kids with an amazing response! 

I'd love to be able to raise at least $500 for them... what do you think? 
I will get nothing out of this... ALL 25% commission will go to the kids trust. 

*Let's see how fast we can do it!*
I'm purchasing as well! 


Ways to Save $$$ - Take One

Again, not feeling like myself today and I'm unsure what to write about...

I was going to write about all my great times in San Francisco since I'm only running a couple weeks late on that, but I am still sharing a computer with Mr K and I fell asleep when I got home last night!  Oops!

So... here are 15 ways to save money on the easy!  And of course, my take on them! 

1. Cook at home often
     We try to do this as much as possible.  Even if it means we are eating grilled cheese and soup, or just plain ol' pasta and sauce!  It does help!  And then leftovers can be either eaten for lunch or dinner the next day! 

2. Make your own coffee
    I definitely fail on this!  I was doing really well with it and so was Mr. K.  Then I don't know what happened... I guess we just got lazy.  Lazy is not one of the ways to save money on the easy so I guess we'll need to get back in the coffee prep mode!


3. Brown bag lunch at least a few days a week
     This works if you get all the stuff you need at the grocery!  heh.  And I'm so bad at this because real food at lunch is so much better than a microwave meal!

4.Make a list before going shopping
     We usually do this... however, we usually do not stick strictly to the list.  I do find though that when we do stick strictly to the list we don't spend as much.  Funny how that works, eh?  You'd think I'd catch on.  Plus, you can find templates all over the place - AND even ones ready for pre-planned meals!

5. Go grocery shopping while you are in a hurry
     Does this really help?  Anyone tried it?  I would think I would buy more!

6. Buy in bulk whenever possible
     Sams Club - Yes Please!  I do find though with 2 people, bulk can equal waste so just be careful in what you choose to buy in bulk and also make sure you have the space to keep it. 

7. Buy generic products whenever possible
     I try to buy generic as often as possible, but there are certain items that Mr. K refuses to buy in the generic form.  Ketchup is one in particular.  I can't think of others right now, but the list goes on!

8. Pay your bills on time and avoid late fee
     Set them up with automatic payments!  So long as the $$$ is in your account, you'll never have to worry about this again!

9. If you have to buy books, check if you can buy them used
     Big fan of Half Price Books - ever been there?  I like that you can usually find a ton of books in there for a great price.  Only downfall to them - they offer to buy back the books you just bought from them at like 1/10th the price you bought it from them for!  Even if it's the next day. :(

10. Price check before you buy anything expensive
     Shop around is right!  And check to see if stores to price matching!  You never know... they might and if you prefer to buy from one store over another but their price is higher, they might just match it for you! 

11. Bottle your own water
     I'm a total failure at this!  I do recycle my bottles, but I should work on getting my own water bottle.  It would save $5 a shopping trip!

12. Keep your car as long as possible
     My car we will probably be keeping for my husband when his dies, but we are keeping his as long as possible.  Actually,  he's fixing his brakes right now.  He asked a friend to help him do it which took the cost down from probably somewhere between $250-$400 to $135.  I just hope they do it right! 

Pretty soon this is what Mr. K's car will look like!  heh!

13. Do regular scheduled maintenance on your vehicles
     When it's time to do it, do it!  You won't regret it!  Your car will run better for longer and if you are going to be keeping it forever like Mr. K and I then you'll need it to run for as long as possible! 

14. If you watch a lot of DVDs, get an online DVD store membership
     Netflix is our go-to.  We also enjoy redbox. 

15. Keep distance from lavish, high-roller friends
     This one cracks me up!  :)  I don't think we have any lavish high-roller friends, but we do have those who stump us with how they do what they do!!!  Do you have those too?  I feel like we work really hard and never are able to do anything or go anywhere or buy anything... Oh well, Cest 'la vie. 

I actually like some of these and am going to do my best to see what kind of $$$ I can save in the next month by implementing most of them!  Hmmm....

And hopefully you'll get to see sunny San Francisco tomorrow!  :)


Stella & Dot Fall Line!

This might be a Stella & Dot week... I'm thinking Fall Line Intro today & I'm having a show on Wednesday at my home for all my previous customers so there might be a recap there!

But have you seen the new line?!?!  It's amazing!  It's truly inspiring and bold and just lovely! 

So... let's get started! 

My absolute must have's of the season! 

Inspired from a piece of vintage lace that Blythe Harris was given by her grandmother Dot, this set is unbelievably delicate and just the right statement piece for a day or night on the town!

This piece is a great subtle and modern take on the pearls that every girl should have!  This necklace is gorgeous in person and can be accented nicely by one of our lovely brooches! 

Sure to be a show stopper!  Made from an exquisite hand-cute Labradite stone, it's sure to steal the show when you are out and about! 

I see this to be a new take on our retired Penelope necklace.  I love the jade colored stone mixed with the bird and pendant!  This is sure to be a favorite! 

Estate Earrings
I'm totally loving this trend!  The estate and large earrings are a must have for the fall!  Check out these two for example!  They are definitely MUST HAVES for any wardrobe!  Again... totally able to dress up or dress down!  Love Love Love both of these! 

And let's chat for a minute about BEING BOLD!  I love these new bold pieces on which serpents are involved!  They, again, are right on trend for fall! 

This Snake Orb Pendant is sure to bring a bit of bold to you and your wardrobe! 

As well as the Serpent Bangle that can be worn alongside it!  Love! 

Or maybe you like something a little more delicate - perhaps this Panther Pendant Necklace is more your style!  It's divine! 

So... what do you think? 
Have you checked out the website yet? 
There are so many great things to come! 

Plus, when you order this week under the Lucky Girl Party, you will receive a $10 GC in the mail on me to be used towards your next purchase!!! 
That's special for my favorite people! 
And remember the Lucky Girl Party has it's hostess rewards raffled off!!!

Happy Monday!

*GC offer ends at 12am EST July 29th*



Anyone on this kick?!? 
My husband wants to be.  He's been asking my sister to burn Insanity for him for weeks now! 

His birthday is coming up and I think I'm going to actually get it for him.  It'll end up being a present for me too in the end, if he does it!  lol.

It comes with 10 workout DVDs:
(1) Dig Deeper & Fit Test
(2) Plyometric Cardio Circuit
(3) Cardio Power & Resistance

(4) Cardio Recovery

(5) Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

(6) Core Cardio & Balance
(7) Max Interval Circuit & Fit Test

(8) Max Interval Plyo

(9) Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs

(10) Max Recovery

Here's their little write up on it too:
The secret to these mind-blowing INSANITY workout results: MAX Interval Training. Shaun T took traditional interval training and flipped it on its head—you perform long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with short periods of rest. Each INSANITY workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your MAX. The result: burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour and get the most insane body in 60 days.

Yesterday I was watching the video they provide on their website and I was thinking about how I'd love to look like any of those women on there!  But I can't right now...
so I'll just let him take care of the workout business!


Happy Anniversary

Good Monday Morning Blog Hogs! 

Yesterday was Mr. K & I's 1st Anniversary!  Yaya... we made it!  Not that I didn't think we would, but we did!  I know some who haven't made it that far so good for us! 

What did we do?
Absolutely nothing!  lol. 
We were actually in Davenport, Iowa for the weekend to marry off one of the last hockey boys!  We were second to last - last year, same weekend. 

Here is our as close to July 17th, 2011 picture that we'll get. It was taken on the 16th during the reception probably around 11ish. Not too far off.

So... on our actual anniversary, we ended up having a McDonald's breakfast, driving 5 hours, and then just lounging at home since it was hotter than Hades out and my sister was hanging from watching our dogs.

Yep, we are totally cool.  I know.  Maybe sometime this week we'll have time to enjoy a nice dinner together... we shall see. 

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