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Good Monday Morning Blog Hogs...
Today has been a whammy thus far. 
Everything that could have happened to put me behind did.  Dogs were annoying about going out.  Dogs took forever to go potty.  Clothes were suprisingly unavailable...meaning I couldn't find anything.  Jewelry was all over the house so I coudln't find what I needed. Hair was not cooperating so it went up in a ponytail.  And so many more things I am just unable to think of at the moment. 

But, I'm back! 
I'm back from San Francisco and I'm ready to get back to consistent blogging. 

This weekend is my anniversary weekend so I thought I'd do a wedding recap this week of what happened July 17th 2010 at Precious Blood Church in Fort Wayne Indiana.  Some side notes, some pictures, ideas for anniversary gifts, and what we'll be doing on our 1 year Anniversary. 

Last July 17th, Mr K and I got married. 

We slept at our childhood homes separately.  I actually slept on a mattress laid in our living room since our home was so full and I think Mr K ended up sleeping on his couch for the same reason.  I woke up to my Dad in the kitchen making coffee.  I could have slept for days... I was so tired and exhausted from everything we'd been doing that week leading up to the big day.  We'd stayed up the night before finishing the programs, my mom was fixing up my brooch bouquet, my little brother stayed up playing video games, you know... all the usual things that happen the night before a wedding. 

We had our rehearsal dinner at Biaggi's - a restaurant in Fort Wayne.  It was delicious and probably as close to perfect as you can get.  Everyone seemed so happy that night.  It was really weird.  I know that sounds bad to say it was really weird, but no one was in a bad mood, everyone was happy with what was on the menu, drinks were flowing, and I am pretty sure almost everyone who was supposed to be there was! 

On our way home, my mom, sister and I stopped at wal-mart to look for a bra for my mom!  HI-FREAKIN'-LARIOUS!  Why she wanted a bra from wal-mart I don't know... at least go to target mom!  lol.  And then it was back to the house for some rest and relaxation while finishing those programs.  They were so easy, but looking back, I'd make half as many as I did!  We had so many extras!
"Good Morning My Abby" was how my dad greeted me the next morning... that's what he calls me - My Abby.  He's always called me that.  I love my Big John Daddy.  That's what we call him sometimes...  And so the day began. 

Everything ran pretty smooth.  We got ready at my house, Mike at his.  The bridesmaids came over around 9 to get their hair and make up done.  We had mimosas, fruit, and muffins.  I don't remember eating anything, but I did have 1 or 2 mimosas against my better judgement.  I was sure that I was going to get a headache, but it never came! 

And we can't forget to include this lovely picture of my sister... Libby.

Nice outfit Lib!
  Mike had started the day with golf... my little brother and a handful of his friends, including groomsmen.  I think he drank a bit too much...

Then it was picture time.  We actually took most of the pictures of me on the side of my house.  The backdrop was my neighbors siding!  How funny is that... looking back at it, it's not glamorous or anything, but it does look pretty.  And it was close!  lol.  Then Amanda had found a field for the "First Look" and we met Mike there.  Mike was SUPER LATE!!!  SO late that we ended up finishing pictures, driving to the church, and ending up there only 5-7 minutes before we were supposed to start!  Oops!  The lady that helped up had told us in previous meetings that she'd never started late... well, we gave her a run for her money...that's for sure!

Then it was the ceremony...
Beautiful and HOTT!!  I mean, you wanna talk about sweaty... the groomsmen were just about sweating through their jackets!  No air conditioning in a 200 year old church on the hottest day of July was not a good combination... but they were about the only church that would take us AND it was where my parents and Mr K's parents got married so it made the most sense... even if there was no air conditioning and we were getting married in the middle of July.  PS... I don't think I've ever seen Mr. K this nervous... Am I that bad? On the other hand, I was not nervous one bit!

Then it was the Trolley ride...
Holy Hotness!  The air was broken on the trolley and not only that, the driver still had it on!  It blew out hot air instead of cold!  OMG!  If you can only imagine our sweatiness!  Everyone used the beer to cool themselves off! 

Then it was party time...
At The Philmore on Broadway.  Everyone loved the venue, the food, the fun, the people!  We throw one hell of a party!  Still...one year later, we get asked when we are getting married again.  I think we are going to start an annual block party or something to make up for this!  Something to make it a great time once a year!  We had a blast! 

That's a little wedding recap for the day! 
T-Minus 6 days until our anniversary! 

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