A Big Move Over At The City Moms

We recently moved Ella's Room (AGAIN, yes) and today I'm sharing that progress over on The City Moms Blog

A big deal trying to find a space where she feels comfortable and will SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!  The 4 year old in our bed takes up a bunch of space and also kicks me and lays on me which lessens the amount of sleep I'm getting personally.  Sleep deprived = crazier mom.

So check it out...


This Month's Binge :: Downton Abbey

Dear God Edith!
Why have I not been watching this show all along?! 
Well, I know why -- I missed the first season and then couldn't figure out how to get the show to record b/c they are all named Masterpiece Classics...

But seriously, why did no one MAKE ME WATCH THIS SHOW?!

Being an old soul, it speaks to me.  I love that it's a period piece and have recently been reading more and more about it. 

I successfully watched 5 seasons in a period of 2 weeks -- don't ask how, it's sickening.  I watched it while doing laundry, waiting in traffic, pretty much anytime I wasn't in the shower, the show was on. 

And now I'm caught up to Season 6 (thanks to Amazon Prime) -- The final season and I can watch it in HD on my TV and I'm dying!  It's wonderful! 

Gahh... how will it end and how will I now live without it?!
If you haven't watched it yet, love period pieces, love the antique look, appreciate beautiful architecture and lovely accents, and feel like you are an old soul, you must watch.



House Tour 2016 :: Kitchen & Living Room

I feel like I do a home tour every year and it sometimes is a mess, sometimes it doesn't get finished, and almost always have bad photos because of the maddening light in my house.

But here we go again... I shall try. 
And I feel like many things have changed since last years home tour so... my downstairs.

My lovely teeny tiny kitchen.

Last year we finished off our island cabinet and I can't even tell you how much this pretty lady has come in handy!  In a kitchen as small as ours, any extra cabinet space comes is necessary!   And since it is so teeny tiny, this is really the only photo.

:: Still needs work ::
*New kitchen table
*Paint Cabinets - We got the Rustoleum Kits for Christmas (you can't see cabinets obviously)
*New counterstools & chairs
*Bench Cushions
*New counters
*New Sink

Then we have the living room, right off the entry & kitchen.  Right now it's feeling very bland which I'm kind of liking and kind of not.  I'm torn by decluttering and the love I have for eclectic things.  I don't want to be too wacky.  I think I came to the conclusion that I'm a bit of a hipster and I'd like to infuse my hipster feel through artwork.

We are a bit still in the stage of hand-me-down furniture and mismatched items although I don't really mind. 

We are loving our new sofa from IKEA - I can't tell you how well it washes, wears, and its just so comfy!  Very pleased with my big purchase.

And I like the pop of red that the leather chair gives so it will stay with us probably long past it's glory days.

:: Still Needs Work ::
*New Sofa Table
*New Lamps
*New Artwork

Not too much to do in the living room, but the kitchen needs some love.  It's still pretty cookie cutter and I'd love it to be a little different. 

Next time -- Entry, Pantry/Office, & Potties!




We had a friend coming to stay the night last week so I had to get my ass into gear to clean up the house.  I'd like to clarify a few things...
The friend was my husbands best friend (now my friend to, but add emphasis to HUSBANDS BEST FRIEND)
The house was a disaster as it always is right after the holidays.  Like T O R N A D O disaster. 
My child doesn't clean up no matter how hard I try.
The friend was my husbands...
So obviously I had to get MY ass in gear to clean up.
You couldn't see the floor in the room he was to stay. 
Yes I said it... Don't you think less of me...
My feet hurt for days... because I don't think I sat down for 12 hours straight. 

And I find that when you try to clean up messes, you inevitably make more.  At least that's my experience.  My living room gets clean but stairs get messy.  My kitchen gets clean but my pantry explodes with things I didn't even know we had.  My daughters room get cleaned up but the loft/playland gets ridiculous. 

So... how do you combat this?  I feel like my life is in a constant state of chaos. 
I tried after the new year to get rid of things... and I have... but I think I need to get rid of more.
3 bags full
to goodwill...
And my closets and garage are still imploding with shit.  It's just that (for the most part). 
I'm ashamed.  No you can't see.  Unless you live by me and if you do you'll see the chaos in the garage. 
I clean it up 3x a year and then remember that guy that had a friend over last week, yea, my husband... he messes it up and then blames me. 

I should have titled this Husbands instead of messes... but then again, what's the difference?

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