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One of my favorite blogs out there {and has been for a while} is House of Fifty.  Janelle always has such a keen sense of color, chic, and the unexpected. I also love that she's pretty much not really afraid to tackle anything. 

Recently she and her husband downsized to a new home. I popped on this morning to look at her blog and found this picture of the new gallery wall hanging in her master bedroom. Funny thing -- I just finished up one in my master bedroom that's not yet ready to share. 

In her old home this (below) was probably my favorite room - the office. I love how she changed a Hoosier cabinet into a cute little writing desk and hung dark frames on dark walls. The color is so warm and comfy. And you can't see it in this picture but she also has this amazing aztec-ish animal bench that I would totally steal if I visit ever visited. Ever since I saw it in this room I've been on the hunt. 


I remember when she ordered this bench from overstock (I think) and then totally did an overhaul on it. I thought she was a little bit crazy at that point but in the end I totally love that decision. She knew what she wanted and went for it!  But that's what I'm talking about spending a decent amount of money on something in the totally changing it as soon as you get it - no fear. 


And I love the stencil on that wall that goes up the stairs it's a perfect place so it's not too much not too little, just right. 

And she's probably my favorite queen of DIY. She was the inspiration for my own starburst mirror and I love how she does these faux zink letters just by getting the cardboard ones from Joanne fabrics. 
I can't wait to see what she does with her new home. Already she's done amazing things like tackle her front door, her kitchen, and the mantle on her fireplace. 


She's got design guts and I like it!  Which is why she's one of my Friday favorites!  Make sure you hop on over and check out her blog!  I promise it won't disappoint! 

Happy Friday!


*All pictures are from House of Fifty*


This Life by Shutterfly

First, how can we not acknowlegdge this day... A day that we'll always remember where we were and what happened.  The unimagineable... September 11th is engraved in our hearts and minds.  We will never forget.

And since we are remembering things of the past...
Last week before I left for my Denver trip, I realized my computer was moving REALLY SLOW... and yes, it's old and yes it's probably on it's last leg, but I realized that if it died I would not have all of my pictures taken care of!  So I panicked!  I hopped on Shutterfly and started uploading my pictures... which was taking forever... not because of Shutterfly, but because I just have that many pictures that I've yet to back up!

So I continued uploading and then decided to look at This Life.  It's an organized program from Shutterfly that basically does most of the work for you!  Since I was leaving for Denver and was still panicking, I decided to try their free version.  I figured something was better than nothing... right?

Well, I quickly outgrew the free version and found out that I needed more storage space.  I kind of freaked out a little more... $59?  Was it worth it?  Would I use it?  Will it be user friendly?  Ummm... Yes, Yes, & Yes!!!

I signed up, linked my account to Facebook, Instagram, & Shutterfly and all my pictures were organized and loaded within like 15 min.  It was kind of incredible.  Yes, you do still have to upload pictures to Shutterfly, but I felt like it was worth it because it saved all my shared pictures too!  PLUS, there's an app for your phone that you can utilize as well!  It's really "some kind of wonderful, yes she is!"
Click the photo below for more information or to sign up for a free version and see if you need more like me!  haha...

And ending today on Shutterfly is a FREE 8x8 Photo Book!
Use Promo Code BOOK4FREE

I might be up until midnight working on one -- we shall see :)  What a great deal!!!

Shutterfly Photo Books 234x60

And if you are new to shutterfly then you can get 50 free prints too!  And they are good for 30 days after you sign up...

Shutterfly Photo Books 300x250

I made books for all of our parents of our wedding and haven't gotten one for us!
This might be the time!!!


Summer Vaca { Part II }

We had such a great time in Saratoga... we could have stayed for days!  We only stayed for 3, but they were jam packed with fun and relaxation so it was wonderful!  But next time we'll stay longer. 

Breakfast with Tori.  Tori was just 6 when I started watching them and now she's going to be 18... oh how the time flies!

Ella loved playing on the amazing staircase that was in the house!  Like OMG...  a decorators dream!  Can you imagine this beauty at Christmas? 

Instead, I just imagine it with princesses lined up around it...
But seriously, this and the front door would have sold the house for me!

Quick Couple Shot.  You know... we have to document the good times!

Then it was off to Peerless Pool.  It was a neat pool.  It was almost in middle of a park, well it was... It was in the middle of Saratoga Spa State Park.. but it had no seats.  It was all grass and you just brought lawn chairs and towels and such.  There were a few picnic tables, but it was rather peaceful.  It was like a wave pool without the waves but it had a nice area where you could just walk in.  They also had a splash park area and a water slide, but it was closed for maintenance at the time.  
This pool was perfect for Ella.  She had the best time. 

We walked most places.  One night we walked for ice cream.  The whole lot of us -- 9 of us!  Like woah... we took up the entire sidewalk.  Ella mostly rode on the shoulders of the girls which was a nice break for me!  Somehow I was able to get all of us girls into one shot below! 

While walking all the girls were singing frozen with Ella...
They all sang Do You Want to Build a Snowman to the city of Saratoga about 12x.
It was so cute... Loved seeing my girls interact with my girl! 

Then it was off to the races.  We packed up the wagon and were on our way. 
The coolest thing about the races is that you can bring in anything but glass! 
So we were ready for a tailgate!  haha.

Remember that door I was talking about?  Here she is. 
We took this as we walked by on our way to the track. 
Apparently the movers when they moved in were like OMG Thank the Lord! 
I mean where do you see a door that is 2x the size of a normal one?

And then we passed this guy...
Which crept me out from the other side of the street...

And we walked...

And finally made it to the track. 

People come in very early to the track and lay claim by putting down a table cloth or some chairs around it. Then you leave for a few hours and go back to bed if you got up really early and head back over before post time!  Your table is waiting for you. One of the cool things about Saratoga is that once a table is staked out, it stays that way.

So there's Saratoga in a nutshell and all the fun we had!
Can't wait to head back next year! 
Maybe we'll catch some skiing next time or visit their house they have in Deer Isle Maine or drive into  New York City!  There's just so many things that are so close! 
Better start planning now! 

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