Chairish Style Challenge

A few days ago I received an email from someone working at Chairish...
Have you heard of it?
It's only one of the coolest and most unique collection of vintage pieces for sale out there right now!

Well anyways, they invited me to participate in a Style Challenge and I gladly accepted!  Admittedly, I have not purchased anything from Chairish but only because it would involve shipping furniture which is never cheap or a drive to Chicago which I'm usually up for, but nothing really fits in my car...so I'll have to wait until I have a truck.   hah.

But anyways, they sent me a list of items and I was supposed to pick my favorite...

The winner... ???

I'm not sure why but I was just drawn to it.  I love the subtle curve in the back and of course tufting makes me swoon.  

Then I needed to design a room around it.  I used Olioboard to create it so I will say that some of these extra pieces are from places like One Kings Lane and are probably not available exactly as is, but I'm sure you can find similar pieces that probably would work and at even better prices if you look.  I love to look at thrift stores and on craigslist for deals!  The key... keep looking always!  Everyday!

Ok... so can I just say how much I would love to put this room in my house somewhere right now?!?

Seriously it's making my little heart pitter patter. 

I love that the sofa, even though it's gold, acts as a neutral and works with many different warm colors.  
I tried to think of something that would work for my family but also had a touch of whimsy as well as different textures and patterns which I love to mix.  

Every room in my house has a basket and this one would be no different.  
I love jute rugs (from Chairish), but the cowhide (also from Chairish) really warms and softens it up. 

The leather chair on the right has some wear to it which I love.  I did worry that two leather chairs in one room might be too much but I think in this case it works only because the colors of leather are so different and the wood tones on the carmel colored chair really differentiate it from the dark more traditional chair.  

I've also got a major crush on Aztec prints these days which is why I choose this ottoman as the coffee table.  
It lightens the space up a little bit, but also ties in with all the coordinating colors of the chairs.  
This one was listed through One Kings Lane on Olioboard, but I bet you could either find one, probably on Chairish, or reupholster one to resemble this. 

Besides the sofa, I am loving the cute little patterned stool in front of the leather chair.
  I have a really odd love for stools and I swear there is one in almost every room of my house, but I love this little guy.  Along with the bulldog statue, it adds that bit of whimsy which I appreciate in any room.  

I'm not a fan of NEW and Matchy Matchy so this challenge was right up my alley.  
I decided to keep the furniture and "staples" of the room more neutral so that you can constantly change up accessories and the look of the room without having to spend a fortune.  
Like look how cute it looks all dolled up for the holidays?

Well what do you think?  Do you like this space? 
Was the sofa your favorite piece? 

Can't wait to hear what you think!  

And a huge thanks to Holly at Chairish for inviting me to participate in this style challenge!  


Moving My Gallery Wall

Things tend to move around in my house.  My husband hates it.  
I swear he secretly likes the element of surprise I keep in the relationship hahaha!  
But recently I gained a new piece and had to take down this gallery wall. 

Which left me with a ton of frames that I had no idea what to do with.

So.... at the moment I have a bunch of frames laying all over and leaning against walls needing a new home... 
And until I figure out exactly what to do with them, here's a few gallery walls that I'm loving... 







DIY Halloween Cemetery Fence

This year we decided to change things up just a little bit at the Kellermeyer Haunted Halloween Abode.  That's a long name...  But we decided we were going to work on a few things ourselves to try to make the house look a little different from year to year. 

There were a ton of things I really wanted to do, but budget constraints and minimal storage puts the kibosh on a lot of things.  So we decided to enclose our cemetery this year.  In the past we've used lights, but this year we made a fence.  And it was pretty easy...

Mr K did it mostly since Halloween is his big gig, but I did my best to get pictures along the way.

You'll need 1x2 wood pieces that are cut to the desired length of your fence. 
A drill
PVC pipe
Some sort of tape (or glue)
Spray Paint

First, drill holes through your wood.  Be careful not to get to big that it splits the wood but the right size for your PVC.

We decided to cut our PVC in offset sizes.  It gave the fence a better "look" we thought.

Then you just stick the PVC through the holes. 
We used hockey tape around the bottoms of the wood to make sure the pipes didn't move too much. 
You could use dabs of glue I'm guessing or duct tape.

Then this is how my hubs decided to spray paint them. 
We used a brown Rustoluem primer as well as a black metallic. 
Hoping to give it some sort of aged patina.

And our little helper trying to hold it up... and failing.

And the final product. 

So the sides were a little different lengths because we had initially wanted to line our sidewalk with them, but then changed our minds to do it this way.  We made the gate doors using the same process.

Ells isn't too sure of the gatekeeper.  Rodger is his name.  He comes out every year and moves around the yard.

In the end around $30 and pretty easy to store since it's flat.  Now to clean up the garage {again}.

Only 2 days until Halloween!  Yay!

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