Welcome To My Office

My pantry has a little nook in it for where you could put the laundry room if you so desired.  I decided when we built this house that we wanted the laundry upstairs.  So this area sat empty for a while...

Then was a place for the dogs stuff...

Then was a place to hang our coats... with a bench, then another bench, then another bench...
See the transformation here.

And I realized that I haven't really touched on the Pantry in two years.  It was time. 

And while it's still not done, it has changed and I have plans for the future...

So... welcome to my office.  It's my little nook in the pantry turned mini office for me. 

There are some issues with it...
It constantly looks like a hot mess, like here. 
The coats need a new home and we need some serious storage in here. 

There's also no outlet which I'm not sure why because if there were going to be a washer and dryer in here then it should have had one, but I guess that's something to put on the list... And for now, I just charge my laptop before heading in there.

Right now it's a mix of things... and a ton of blandness.  The trestle legs are from IKEA, the wood I've had hanging around for a bit.  I had used one piece for my Ruler Growth Chart and the others were just from the cuts.  So they were already stained and one had numbers on it, but I kind of liked that it wasn't all uniform. 

The Bulletin Board was not staged for these pictures.  This is what it always looks like.  Utter craziness!  I think there are four invitations on it right now... some old pictures... a picture that Ella & I drew... some fabric swatches... a calendar... etc... Not staged. 

And much needed motivation from Lara Casey (which is where I bought this print from).  Haha. 

Anyways, this area wears a lot of hats.  It's storage, pantry, office.  I'm not even showing you the other side of this room... It's just chaos. 

So anyways, I have some mighty plans for this space and I'm really hoping they can work themselves out here in the next couple of months. 

1. Paint Navy.  Remember my color crush on Navy?  Well yea, I still have it. 
2. Wall to wall floating shelves - white with gold flecks... more on this when I get to it! 
3. Storage!  Boxes!  Hide!  Everything! 
4. I might even make the desk a floating desk... otherwise, I'll probably be painting those trestle legs white so they pop... or gold! 

Here's my design idea.  I did this really quickly on Polyvore last night so no judgement.

Navy Office Inspiration

And I'd like to use a lot of what I have so that will be the trick...

Here are my inspiration photos... Enjoy!
Hopefully this project gets going soon!


DIY Target Table Redesign & A Promo Code

Does anyone else just love Target
Wait, dumb question.
We all do (I think)... except for when they messed with our credit cards, but ok, I forgive them! 

I could get lost in the "halls" of target for an entire day...
Well maybe that's an exxageration... but you know what I mean! 

So one day LAST YEAR I came across a wirey looking table just like it.
And the price tag said $9.99 so I couldn't pass it up.  


I had seem another blogger do a restyle to this table and thought... hmmm... I could do that... Of course, now, a year later, I can't find that picture so just trust me on it!  ;)  But I did fall in love with a table that Sarah M Dorsey Designs had done that was kind of simlar...

I honestly can't remember what the wirey part was originally colored... this is what happens when you have so many projects going on in real life and in your head.  I believe I immediately sprayed it this gold. 

And you might notice the top was a little messy, but I didn't care because I was going to cover that up.

With this lovely piece of $10 round that I found at Lowes
It's got a good weight to it which helps keep the table in it's place and make it feel more supstansial! 

So I took it outside and stained the top...
(This only shows the edges stained)

And we used wood glue with a little Gorilla Glue to stick the two together...

And voila! 
A nice new, $20ish side table that is unique and different.

It's perfect for my coffee, the stain is different from the wood floors, and the gold gives it a little pop! 

Also, do you like my candle holders turned vase?!  Yea...  I got bored one day last week and felt like I needed some color and greens and this is what I came up with! 

So there you have it!
An easy ReStyled Dorm Table turned Sophistocated Chic!

And since we are talking makeovers of dorm furniture, why not talk back to school! 
Have you heard of Little Passports?  I'm anxiously awaiting my first box to explore with Ella! 
They are offering a special to you guys just for trying a new subscription!
15% off on all new Little Passports subscriptions for 3 days only!

The adventures of Sam and Sofia will be sure to keep kids busy while inspiring them to learn about this beautiful world we live in and now your kids can travel the globe for less! For 3 days only, get 15% off on all new Little Passports subscriptions with code: COOL15. Let your kids have fun while gearing up for the new school year with Little Passports!
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So Happy Monday!  Happy Clean Houses just because mine pretty much is and it never is!!! 
Happy Exploring with your kiddos as we all head towards back to school!
Can you believe some Indy Kids went back to school today?!  Remember the days of going back to school at the END of August?!  It's still summer and that kind of sucks...

**The links in this post from Little Passports are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.


Rug Inspiration

Remember last week when I shared that we had redone our living room floors?  

Well now we need a rug.  
Like yesterday. 

So... I was trying to find something reasonably priced that wouldn't break the bank and have been coming up short.  The problem?  I need an 8x10 or bigger.  Fail. 

I had looked online and was coming up around the $400-$600 range that I just cannot do right now.  It's just not in my budget so I decided to look at Target.  They really have some great choices, but not in huge sizes.  The bigger sizes in some are available online though. 

Here are the ones I found that I liked.  

I really like the look and feel fontina rug but it's a 5x7, it's all cream, and that's 2 strikes because is an all cream rug really practical for my lifestyle?  

Then there's this guy... Who's adorable, soft, comes in a 7x9, goes with my color schemee and adds a little bit of texture with the pattern. He's got a lot going for him. 

But then there's my favorite... From Nate Berkus but he only comes in a 5x8 so I would need 2 of them and they'd have to be professionally bound together so that makes the $200 Target version $400+ once all is said and done... 

So the search continues... I am looking at RugsUSA, Overstock, and Urban Outfitters (surprisingly). I will see what I can find and hopefully recap soon. 

Why is picking a rug so hard for me?  It feels like such a commitment!  Like more than buying a house or a car...  Ugh. 

But until then, here are a few inspiration rooms that I keep in the back of my mind when thinking of my living room.  I'd love to obtain these looks in my house!  

Happy Friday!


Aveeno Positively Radiant - Targeted Tone Corrector Review

I remember when I saw this ad with Jennifer Aniston, I thought, wow... she's doing an Aveeno ad...

Well now I know why...
Because I love it too!

And if you follow me on IG (@lmmblog) you saw that I received this little gem 2 weeks ago!

I've always had issues with even skin tone on my face... or at least I think I do.  So it was nice to get something that was targeted at tone!   Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector, 1.1 Fluid Ounce claims to "help reduce the look of stubborn dark spots in just 2 weeks."  Can you believe that!?  2 weeks!  Crazy... But since I have uneven skin tone, I figured I could put this one to the test!

I've been using the product for 2 weeks now and my face has really evened out. The red spots that tend to be around my cheek areas have evened out and are less noticeable.  And while I have some dark spots, those are less noticeable too!  The best part about this product is that it goes on so smoothly and nicely and you only need a small bit... which means that the tube that runs around $14.99 at Target or even $13 and change on Amazon (and also qualifies for Prime) will last you for a while! 

Can you notice a difference?  I can... specifically in the cheeks!  Yay!  And I'm not one to fuss over makeup or facial creams or anything like that, but for under $20 and something that works, I'm in! And this picture is no makeup!  GASP!  Don't judge!

Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector doesn't leave your skin feeling oily or sticky which is perfect for me who feels like her face is always oily AND not to mention summer!  I even enjoy the smell of it... it's a soft floral scent that is just right. 

Full Disclosure:  This product was sent complimentary from Influenster.  This is not a sponsored or paid review for influenster or Aveeno.  The products I received were shipped by Influenster for testing purposes.

And don't forget to enter the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo Giveaway!  You won't want to miss this for the end of summer!  


We're Going to Zoo & So Can You! { Giveaway }

{Insert Raffi Song Here}
{ We're going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo! How about you? You? You? You can come too (if you win)! Too! Too! We're going to the Zoo! Zoo! Zoo! }

*If you have a child and don't know who Raffi is, please look him up now. You've been missing out. Ask my husband... he didn't know until I introduced him to Raffi and now he's a fan for life.

Every time we visit the Indy Zoo, we compare it to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, which is where both Mr K and myself grew up going.  Every time we visit the Indy Zoo, we are sadly a little bit let down.  It's growing on us, but seriously, the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is an AMAZING ZOO that is just that -- A Children's Zoo!  However, the zoo is so good that you as an adult see the zoo through some sort of magical eyes!  I swear it's like you are wearing those Mom Goggles... have you seen that You Tube video?  If not, here.  Watch it.  But instead of seeing bad as good, you are seeing good as good and through a child's eyes instead of a mom.  They really have done an AWESOME job!  Too bad I accidentally deleted the GOOD pictures I took with my real camera of our trip earlier this summer. Guess that means we'll have to go again.  And you can too! 

Make sure you checkout the giveaway details at the end of this post!  I've got a Family Four-Pack to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo to give away!  If you have not been there, immediately put it on your "I MUST GO THERE SOON IF NOT TOMORROW" bucket list!  Seriously.  You will enjoy it as much as the kids!  And while we hadn't been in a while and many things had changed from when we went as kids, there are still some staples that we love and adore and we had an awesome time!    

So what is so special about the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo? 


I promise you won't be disappointed. 

The Ponies!
Yes, the ponies! I remember always riding June when I went as a child. Ells went 2x and rode Barney.  Since then I've wondered if Barney was named after the dinosaur or Barney Fife... because he was little and slow.  Didn't matter...She loved it. While this picture doesn't do it justice, she was kind of in her element here. I can't wait to take her again!

The Rain forest!
Yes, there is a Indonesian Rain forest Dome where there are tropical butterflies, waterfalls, exotic birds, and other animals to observe. Not to mention hammocks and dress up items to try on to see what it's like to be a rain forest explorer! 

The Petting Zoo & Farm Animals!
This is my favorite part! You get to see Farm Animals and you can brush and feed the goats.  They used to have chicks you could hold and all that, but not anymore... but it's all redone and so nice so you don't even miss them!  And the goats are always amusing - whether they are standing on tree trunks or pooping or trying to steal the food from you before you give it to them! 

The Peacocks!
There are peacocks running around everywhere and often leaving their beautiful feathers behind.  You just feel like you are among the animals here and it feels less restrained than a normal zoo.  It's really wonderful.


The Lion Drinking Fountain! 

And More!!!
So are you ready to go?!

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo provided me with four (4) tickets to give away to one lucky Little Miss Martha reader! If you live in or around Indiana and would love to take your family to the Fort Wayne Zoo, then you’re eligible to enter!

So how do you enter? Use the Rafflecopter Widget below to enter by:
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a Rafflecopter giveawaybr />

The giveaway begins NOW and ends at 12 noon on Thursday, 7/31/14. Good luck!


White River Gardens

We've got our first Indianapolis Zoo Membership last year around this time... actually it expired yesterday so literally around this time and we have used that puppy like it was going out of style.  I mean, we might as well have our own zoology certifications or something because we know that place backwards and forwards... but we didn't realize until this past weekend that admission to the White River Gardens (which is right next door) was included!  Oops!  Guess we've been missing out on this part...

So we went...

We actually looked into having our wedding her 4 years ago but then it was decided that we had to have our wedding in Fort Wayne so all Indy locations were nixed.  It really is beautiful though...

But this was Ella's first time there...

There are some amazing butterflies in the enclosed gardens.  Some were HUGE! 
I was surprised at how big they were and they were everywhere. 

It was fun to see her reaction to them... she was constantly looking up! 

See the 2 in this picture?  They are kind of hard to see... sorry for the bad photos... I'm working on it.

Sorry... she's just too cute! 

Then we headed out to the outdoor gardens and she was off!  They had all these really cute little animal statues and fountains and it was the perfect weather... A little bit overcast and about 75!  Side note, thanks to the Summer Polar Vortex, we've had our air off for an entire week...
Say what?!

Ells loved playing in any water she could find...
Which left her shirt quite wet, but we didn't care! 
She really enjoyed it and my favorite part of it was
(1) that it was FREE and
(2) we were outside and not inside watching TV! 

I asked her to pretend to be the laughing turtle and this is what we got...

Another moment where she just ran... and ran...

And ran... In the beautifully serene wedding gardens.

See... totally into any water she could find! 

We had a great time... Even if I looked like death!

My little Miss... she's getting so big. 

So big that she even took this photo of us on the bench before we headed over to the zoo!
Can you believe she took this picture? 
She's 2.5?!  holy wow. 

The gardens were beautiful.  I ended up spending much of the weekend outside. 
One of my favorite places to be. 
But the weather was just perfect. 
And now, back to 90 degrees this week so the air will be turned back on.

Happy Monday!
Up tomorrow, part 2 of our trip - We're going to the Zoo!

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