Picky About Paint

Do you ever feel like picking out the right paint color is a game?!? 

I do...
The colors play tricks on you!!!  I swear, they are never the same when you get home...

Like this color we used in the original office... Elephant Gray. 

Looks like baby blue, right?!?!  Or maybe it's just me... now looking at this picture I'm doubting my color sense! 
Well, in the store, under all three light sources they offered it looked absolutely GRAY!
Light gray... Beaut-e-ous...

Anywho, I've had this color sample that I used for a project a while back... It's been at least 2 years... and amazingly, the paint was still usable a couple weeks back when I needed to complete another painting project.  But when I opened it, I remembered how much I loved that color! 

So... now I'm contemplating painting my loft this color....
It's Valspar's Artichoke. 

It has to go with the chocolate brown that comes up the stairway, but I think it will add contrast and I'm hoping to do accents like these to make the room really work...

Whites, creams, and maybe some Plums to tie in the brown or Yellows to accent off of it... Hmmm....

Did I ever show you my actual love mood board from Olioboard!?!? 

Now, to attempt to paint this Friday night and Saturday Afternoon?!?  Or... wait on it...


Lovely Find

Look at what I found at Goodwill recently while thrifting with my mother?!? 

I can't wait to get this bad boy taken care of...
I won't show you the other side of it that Mr. K is killing me for...
It requires a fair amount of sanding and maybe even some wood filler...
But I'd seriously be so bummed if I didn't grab this bed for the $15 it was! 
That would be something I'd be killing myself for! 
I'm thinking of refinishing it black or what.. probably leaning more towards the black...
What do you think?


Sunday Circulars - World Market

Did anyone else see this AMAZING bench seat in yesterday's World Market circular?
There are some serious must haves!!! 

Concrete Hayden Dining Bench | World Market
I did so immediately this morning I went to their website and look what else I found that I adore...

This Winston Bonded Leather Ottoman... where could I put this!?!  It's a must have!

Winston Bonded Leather Ottoman | World Market
Or this new Cute as a Button Erin Chair that would go great in my loft... once finished.

Cute-as-a-Button Erin Chair | World Market

Or this sassy new Mallard Green Mason Bi-Cast Leather Chair... I do die!  It's so cute and funky. 

Mallard Green Mason Bi-Cast Leather Chair | World Market

Clearly I need to pick up a few more students and/or skating classes to save up for these great pieces!


Little Visitor

The other night we had a little visitor....
I call him Frogger.
He started coming last year and would get stuck to the door.
He's never been all the way up on the window before.
But here he is...
Too funny!

Wonder where we'll find him next?!?


Pretty Patios

Have I ever told you how much I want a fence?!?  And a patio?!?  And a table with an umbrella to sit and drink my coffee on the weekends?!?

I haven't?!? 

Well, let me tell you... We've lived in our house now for 3 years and I've wanted a fence since before we moved in.  I am not a super social person... meaning that since there is about 20 feet between my house and my neighbors, I don't enjoy sitting down to eat dinner with the neighbor kids peering into my kitchen window. 

Our houses are set up like row houses with the garages in the back and then very close together.  We don't have backyards, rather side yards.  In theory this is a great idea... I found this picture which can give you an idea of what it would be like... a little bigger though and our house would be to the right.

Or like this... but our grass doesn't look that good and no fence....


This summer it's really begun to bug me.  I don't know why in particular besides my dinners being interrupted, but it just has. 

So today I thought I'd share some Pretty Patios. They are just pretty! I am jealous of them. Like seriously jealous!






Monday's with Martha - New Craftiness!

Have you guys seen Martha's new lovliness?!?! 


I just saw over at Tatertots and Jello and how fitting to be a Monday!  I get to share with you the latest and greatest that I've seen on the blogosphere!  I'm hopping out at lunch to see what my Michael's has!!!

She's got an entire new line of crafts... If you haven’t heard about this program, it’s a collection of paint, stencils and tools coming to a Michael's store near you very soon if it's not already there!  You can also purchase some of the items on HSN.com!

Exclusively available at Michael's in the US and Canada the paint is formulated to work on all crafting surfaces including wood, metal, glass, ceramic, Terra-cotta, and fabric!  And it' indoor/outdoor safe and dishwasher safe on glass! 

There are 160 paint colors in five finishes (Satin, High Gloss, Glitter, Pearl, Metallic). All come in 2 oz. bottles and are non-toxic (so safe to use with children).  There are also special applicator tops that convert paint bottles into tools!! So you can add your paint to the bottle and then screw on an applicator top and you are ready to stencil without having to keep dipping your roller in a paint tray.  That's something any stencil-er should appreciate!  You know how time consuming that can be!  Whelp (<-- yes I just said whelp) not anymore!  Not only is it more convenient, but it's also going to help you by using less materials and save time on clean up!



AND How cool is the  revolutionary Spray Paint Kit that lets you turn any Martha Stewart paint color into a spray paint?!?  This means that you now have 160 different colors to spray paint with!!!  Yahoos!!


Happy Monday! 
I know this made mine a whole lot better!  :)


The Crazy Kellermeyers

Have I ever told you before that I'm crazy!?!  Well, I'm admitting it... yes, I am. 
Call me crazy!

These next six months are probably some of the most important... monumental... life altering... exciting... and most of all supposedly wonderful times of our lives... right?!?  I say supposedly because I'm still trying to get used to not feeling well all the time!  hehe...

But here I go into these next six months with a crazy crazy schedule...

Yes, I'll be [hopefully] working my 40 hour a week full time job
Now, like a crazo I've decided to take on almost 16 hours a week skating...

That is definitely a "things that make me go hmmm.... "

Yes, I'll be at the rink six days a week and my husband will be there five.  Two of those days we'll be teaching on the same ice... how weird is that?!?  But how are we going to get anything done?  I'm a little confused on how this will work. We need to completely prepare our house for a baby and we are gearing up for one of the busiest skating season's we've ever done! 

To top that off, Mr K has informed me that he'll be going out of town to Toronto or Windsor or somewhere in Canada for about 4 days like 1-2 weeks before I'm due!  I'd love to go, but I don't know if that is a good idea or not... hmmm....  But what if he's gone!?!  LOL.  Why am I stressing about that now?!?  I have six months to figure that out!

At least we'll be bringing in some extra cash... right?  I'll just need to keep telling myself that no matter how tired I am!  Think GREEN!!! 

Welcome to the world of The Crazies Kellermeyers...


Craigslist Finds - 8/17/11

Good Morning Blog Hogs!

I'm bored today so I'm thinking about doing a little redecorating... and I thought I'd check out craigslist to see what we could find... :)

I need a dresser for our room and now, the baby's room. 
Here are some options I found today:

image 0

Kind of loving this dresser!  It feels kind of funky!  And at $130, it's a steal.  However, I'd probably redo it... I know, right?!?  But I'm really in love with the two-tone feel right now and I'm thinking this would look awesome with white drawers and a brown outer shell.  What do you think?

Maybe I could make it look more like this....


Then I found this beaut!

image 0

I absolutely love this dresser and have seen it before... I just can't figure out anywhere in my house to put it... AND it's listed for $425.  It is gorgeous though!!! 

image 0

And this one might just work in my bedroom... I'm still unsure whether to go white, gray, or black with the furniture in there.  My bed is black, but none of my other furniture matches it... Hmmm.... Things that make you go hmmm.... And it's listed for only $100!  A steal if it's in good condition!

For my dining room/kitchen:
*I don't know why I call it a dining room since it's clearly IN MY KITCHEN
- next house will have dining room*

image 0

I found this!  WOW!!!  And I'm seriously hoping it's still available... needs a little altering to be done, BUT for $75 that's totally worth it to me at this point...
I'd like to make that picture look like this one...

 Love... and maybe with this pedestal table...

image 0

Or mabye this pedestal table...

image 3

With about $500 or so... I could probably completely transform my kitchen! 
What did you find on Craigslist today?


The Lost Camera

Last time I had my camera was last Monday...
I took it somewhere to sit with my Laptop and then was going to upload all kinds of pictures to the blogosphere...

That didn't happen...
Tuesday I was going to try again so I took my camera and was going to take my laptop to work with me so I could do it at lunch...

That didn't happen, but I think my camera made its way to my car...
Now, here we are... a week later and it's still no where to be found! 

I promise...
Many posts when I find it...

And don't worry, I already know where I'll find it...
The last place I look!


Mood Board Monday

So... I'm having a lazy Monday... so I guess, even though I shared one on Friday, I'll share another mood board today. 

I came up with this a little while ago...
Here's what I hope for my living room to look like at some point... or at least resemble. 

Living Room Inspiration

We already have:
The Sofa
The Wingback Chair
The floor lamp
The coffee table
The leather chair (although I'd love to upgrade it)
The Secretary
The Lamps
The Starburst Mirrors

What we need to make this room happen:
Secretary painted gray
Hardwood Floors
Some more art
Some more texture

Think it's possible?  Before I die?  We shall see...
I'll keep you updated. 

Anyone else use Olioboard as much as I do?!?

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