My New Bench { Part Two }

I finally tackled my bench redo.  It's been sitting around calling my name forever now! 
I first posted about it on June 14th!  That's like an eternity ago! 

So... Part One started with a nice and simple - Hmmm...which fabric to use?!?

I knew it was going to be great!  I picked out the fabric.  I ordered it.  I disassembled the bench. 
And I waited. 

Then it came...about a month ago.  I didn't really have to wait long for it at all. 
I just had to wait long to get the motivation to tackle it! 

Well, that came this weekend... with a little help from Mr. K, we got it finished. 

Here's what we started with:

We disassembled it and that left us with a bottom stand and/or legs and a top cushion. 
From there, we removed the side batting aroudn the wood seat and the top cushion so we could clean it a bit.

Mr. K helping me take off the original fabric.
 Then we took it to the garage and sprayed it down with a mixture of bleach and water.  This was an attmept to clean and sanitize.  It seemed to work, but note... it didn't deodorize it super well. 

Then I took some batting and put two layers around the outside edges of the wooden seat frame. 

Then I attached the foam padding again.  I did Febreeze it pretty good before attaching too!

This is me making sure the fabric is centered. 
I wanted the middle button to fall right in the middle of this circle shape on the fabric. 
So I poked from underneath until it was just where I wanted it.  Then I kept the needle there... to keep everything in place.

This is the needle with a button attached. 

Had to try the buttons several different times and even drill wider holes for the needles to go through.  The first needle snapped.  It got stuck in the middle... Oops!

Then it was time to tuft.  See the yellow strings underneath.  I pulled the buttons through, and then staped the string in crazy patterns ending with a knot.  Hopefully it won't budge.

Then all that was left to do was attach the legs again! 
So here's she is! 

We even spray painted the legs black to coordinate better with the bed. 

Then at the end of the night, I got antsy and made some no-sew pillows to match. 
Me likey!




Rachel McPhillips said...

Super cute!! Way to go! The whole tufting thing scares me.

Marian said...

Looks great

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