The Crazy Kellermeyers

Have I ever told you before that I'm crazy!?!  Well, I'm admitting it... yes, I am. 
Call me crazy!

These next six months are probably some of the most important... monumental... life altering... exciting... and most of all supposedly wonderful times of our lives... right?!?  I say supposedly because I'm still trying to get used to not feeling well all the time!  hehe...

But here I go into these next six months with a crazy crazy schedule...

Yes, I'll be [hopefully] working my 40 hour a week full time job
Now, like a crazo I've decided to take on almost 16 hours a week skating...

That is definitely a "things that make me go hmmm.... "

Yes, I'll be at the rink six days a week and my husband will be there five.  Two of those days we'll be teaching on the same ice... how weird is that?!?  But how are we going to get anything done?  I'm a little confused on how this will work. We need to completely prepare our house for a baby and we are gearing up for one of the busiest skating season's we've ever done! 

To top that off, Mr K has informed me that he'll be going out of town to Toronto or Windsor or somewhere in Canada for about 4 days like 1-2 weeks before I'm due!  I'd love to go, but I don't know if that is a good idea or not... hmmm....  But what if he's gone!?!  LOL.  Why am I stressing about that now?!?  I have six months to figure that out!

At least we'll be bringing in some extra cash... right?  I'll just need to keep telling myself that no matter how tired I am!  Think GREEN!!! 

Welcome to the world of The Crazies Kellermeyers...

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