The Kennedy Center Honors are on tonight and Mike has never seen them. This led me to think about the difference in appreciations that we have for things.

Do you or did you come to find that you have/had different appreciation for things than your fiance? I sometimes think we have nothing in common... I find that I have an appreciation for natural things, especially nature and simple things. I love things clean. But my biggest concern is that I appreciate OLD things... I love traditions, I am a huge fan of OLD musicals, anything black and white, antiques, can't wait to see the world - maybe even visit the seven wonders or whatever they are called now! Mike wants nothing to do with OLD. He loves NEW.

I'm not sure if we are on the same page with these things. Does this mean that I'll be doing these things that I have not achieved yet on my own? Or does it mean that when we have children I'll be introducing these wonderful things to them on my own or I'll be fighting to have them seen? I hope not.

Maybe this is just the nerves settling in since we are just about 7 months out from the big day, I don't know. It's very possible. Just a venting session I guess. Here's to a great 2010.


Premarital Inventory

So last night we met with Father Tom. He seems to be a super cool priest - Very funny, mellow, low key. We enjoy him a lot; he may even get us to go back to church. Anyways, we had to go meet with him last night to take our “Premarital Inventory.”

On the way I said to Mike they need to give it an updated name so that you don’t feel like you are going to take a checklist of what you have and don’t have in your house. Clean Underwear – Check. Bible – Check. Cross – Check. Coffee – Check. Engagement Ring – Ooops forgot so we had to turn around and get it (although we hadn’t really gotten past our driveway yet). Joint Checking – Nope. You get the idea.

When we got to the TEST I was delighted to hear that it was just statements that you just agree or disagree with…UNTIL I sat down. There were TONS of statements on there about sex. Now…I understand if they want to ask us if we plan on having children or if we know if one or the other can’t have kids because according to Catholics then they can’t marry you (which I think is absurd because there are plenty of kids out there that need adopted) but these questions were a bit racy! I mean come on?!?! Shouldn’t those questions be for me and my fiancĂ© alone!?!?

There were also statements about money, kids, and family interference but the sex ones made me feel really uncomfortable! That makes me uncomfortable anyways and then to sit me in a room where Jesus Christ is staring me down, I feel like a priest is spying on me, and I know that whoever sees the results will be judging me for my answers?!?! Good times!

But my absolute favorite statement of all was the VERY LAST statement that asked you to agree or disagree with “I understand why the Catholic Church does not allow couples to live together before marriage.” Well, as you probably know, Mike and I live together and that’s why we had to answer this statement. There was a special section for “cohabitating” couples. Mike said at first he put agree, but I firmly said disagree! And then Mike changed his answer! Seriously…I don’t think there would have been anyway that Mike and I would have been together for 5 years (this Christmas Eve) if we wouldn’t have lived together! I think you learn a lot about yourself and your mate when you live together – good and bad and not always for the better. It doesn’t work for everyone, but I think it’s good for those who want to make it work.

And it doesn’t mean that you are humping like Rabbits just because you are living together! That’s all I have to say on that! Sorry to be so crude but some of those statements were crude!



My Etsy Favorites of Today

The first thing you do when walking into the wedding and/or reception is sign the guest book, but then what do you do with the guestbook??? So why not get creative? The Wedding Perch on Etsy has a great alternative! Their Small Natural Wood Wedding Guest Book/Memory Plaque, Wedding Gift With Shadow Box Frame is a great idea for anyone who is trying to get away from the plain old guest book!

This is something that is unique, could hang in your house forever, and is a conversation starter as well! Love! And it's only $60.00

Next I love this Custom Bridal Bouquet from Cultivar. It is handmade with recycled fabrics and detailed beadwork. I especially love that the one shown here has fabrics with a little pattern on it. It's very detailed with out being too ornate. $125

There are a lot of bows at my wedding, but not your typical bows...althought this is an example of a classic bow. From Belcanto, the 1940 Staret Spun Art Deco Rhinestone Bow Bridal Haircomb is one that is sure to be the perfect accessory. This is a lovely and rare find!!! $125


I Think I'll Learn Calligraphy

So...I'm thinking about learning Calligraphy to help cut costs of one thing I want for the wedding -- Calligraphy! I know I'm capable! Everyone always compliments me on my handwriting - neatest and sloppiest. So why not? Why not take on one more challenge while planning a wedding and trying to do so many things? It'll be fun. (above picture from Laura Hooper Calligraphy)

I've asked for calligraphy sets on my Christmas lists. I read them to Santa last night -- you probably know him. He sits in this great leather chair I got him this past summer. He's got a jolly tummy that's making him start to resemble Santa and he even has some salt and pepper hair starting to come in.... Oh wait, that's just Mike. I get easily confused. Sorry. But I did tell him where to find these sets -- Men must be directed.

(above picture from Ariel Yve Design)

Anyways, I think it's a good idea AND it's something I can do after the wedding to and offer to friends! :)
(above picture from Flickr)
Here are a few other Calligraphers that I love.


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