Pinteresting Recipe

I've been in the mood for "easy" lately.  I think it's because I feel like I haven't settled back into my groove yet.  I feel like I've just been bouncing around trying to catch up.  Last night I ran around the house, cleaning the house for the house cleaner.  Makes no sense I know... It's almost so she doesn't think we are complete slobs, but more that if there is stuff all over the floors, they don't get cleaned and then I'm paying for nothing. 

When I finally hit the bed, my body was just overcome with exhaustion... which might have explained how I slept through 4 alarms this morning... weird.  And even went to bed earlier than usual... weird. 

But back to the easy thing.  Our pantry has been looking very sparse lately so along with "easy" recipes, I was looking for ones with minimal ingredients -- like 3 or 4 total.  I was sure I'd find nothing but that's why we love Pinterest these days... You can seriously find anything (I think).

So I searched for "3 Ingredients" and sure enough I got a recipe.  I made this a couple of weeks ago, but remember I'm still trying to catch up. 

3 Ingredient Fruit Cobbler

Ingredients Needed: 
Frozen Fruit of choice
Vanilla or White cake mix

You pour the frozen fruit into a glass pan that has been greased.  I just sprayed mine with a quick coat of Pam. And we had some frozen peaches and mango in our freezer so that was my choice.  I figured it would be OK if it turned out and if it didn't it wouldn't be too much of a loss.

Once your fruit is in place, you evenly sprinkle the cake mix over top. 

Then you bake for 45-55 minutes at 350 degrees and it comes out like this...

Oops.. that's Baby Kakes, my little helper, but I don't have an after because we ate it before I remembered... I will get better, right?!  At remembering?!? 

It was OK.  I will say that it was much better the next day, but all in all not too bad for a 3 ingredient recipe. 

Happy Halloween.
Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures tonight.  ha. ha.


Hanging Around

Happy Tuesday!
No?  Me either.  Tuesdays are rough for me.  Longer than Mondays always! 

And so far today has started on the wrong foot. 
(1) Our garage door is broken and I didn't know how to unlock it besides with the automatic thingy so that put me behind a bit this morning. Had to run back upstairs and wake up the husband to ask how to do it.
(2) I forgot my chap stick and my lips are beyond chapped.
(3) Due to running late, I was not able to get coffee -- MAJOR FAIL.
(4) I didn't know it was jeans day at work AND forgot my item for the pitch-in.  I'm "oh well-ing" this one.
(5) And I left my debit card with my husband.  <-- fail.="fail.">

So... moving on with my fun life.

We've always had our TV just sitting on the little bench/TV stand we got from IKEA.
It used to be on the other wall -- I probably should have started with that post, but couldn't find the pictures in a timely manner.  Anyways, it's always been sitting there on a stand.  And no matter how tight we made the stand, the TV always leaned a little towards the front.  And with Baby Kakes getting bigger, we thought we might need a new system. So... we researched a few wall mounts and I made Mr. K go pick it up.

When he got back he had a completely different one than what we had talked about, but he kept calling it "fool proof."  And wouldn't you know, I forget the name of it. Oh yea, it was called the EZ Wall Mount. And it was just that.

We started with this situation -- and there is no judging on the lack of organization going on in my living room right here... = ZERO.

A leaning TV, low to the ground, large and in charge...
And a little Jake Gyllenhaal, why not?!?

To this -- A lovely wall mounted almost perfectly sized for our wall TV. 
It was like it was meant to be. 

And we kinda love it.

There are a few things that bother me...
Sometimes it's hard to see being in between the windows, but nothing that a little blinds can't fix.
And it's kind of a crap TV... only because the volume is funky and the color sometimes changes...
But, alas, we are poor so a new one is not in our near future.

And you might have noticed we actually swapped it out for a different one.  The original one in the top picture did not fit in between the windows so we grabbed one from upstairs and moved it here. 


The EZ Mount was really that EZ.

For the first week, we were just waiting to come home to a broken wall and TV as we were sure it would fall off, but about a month later it's still hanging around.


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Work Travel - San Diego, CA

Well, well, well...
Just when I thought I was home for good, another trip just got put onto the calendar.  That stinks.  At least it's to someplace warm -- again.

Just a forewarning -- I'm totally writing my post out of order these days.  Mostly due to the fact that the only time I am on my computer at home is NEVER and photos cannot be downloaded in a timely manner even though I got an EyeFi memory card for my birthday.  Maybe it's business or maybe it's laziness... I'll figure that out later.

Anyways, I recently was sent by work to San Diego.  It sucked, I know... just kidding.  Well... no, the work wasn't even that bad.  But we ended up with a little free time and did a couple of touristy things and those will (hopefully) be coming soon. 

Our office was located right on the bay and also in Little Italy.  Mmm... Mmm... One day we grabbed lunch and had a little time left over so we jumped into an antique mall.  Can I just say... I saw so many things... but (1) they wouldn't fit in my luggage and (2) they were kind of expensive... at least the things I liked - of course!

There were tons of trinkets and little odds and end items, but these plates caught my eye...

I think I've said it before, but I always look for the Coca-Cola tin tray with the ice skater on it... I love it.
I found it one time and walked by it because of the price tag, but never again!  It will be mine someday!

For some reason I was completely intrigued with this painting.  It was around $250 -- not too bad for a unique piece of vintage-y art.  I loved the coloring and the drabness of it... and then the sun in the background.   I don't know exactly why, but I really liked it. 
She could live in my house any day!

Then I saw this old rocker.  It reminded me of the one that Sherry recently redid over at Young House Love, but I liked that it had a leather seat. 

LOVED this tin Peace Sign!
I would have loved this for my loft, but it was priced at $200. 
That was not in my weekly budget! 
Fail :( Woamp Woamp
Couldn't everyone use a peace sign like this in their house?!  Perfect for a kids room too! Or a random accent wall!

There was something about this picture too, but can you see that price tag?!  Maybe I was more drawn to the frame than the picture itself... I don't know, just thought it was cool.

Then I just thought this was funny.  Dingle the Dinosaur.  Dingle.  If you are not laughing you should be.  Dingle.  Every. Time. I. Say. It. I. Laugh.
Then add Dinosaur and it become even better.

Plus, he's cute!

Now, correct me if I'm wrong... but is that bust who I think it is?!  It was in a cabinet and I was not about to ask about seeing it... red flags would go up I'm sure... but wow.  Very neat.  Very disturbing, but neat.

These guys were at a booth with newer items and I just thought they were different.  I was trying to think of a place for them in my home, but couldn't get anything to come to mind.  They were just interesting...
Still would have need to have been shipped home.

And saving the best for last...
My absolutely favorite piece I've EVER seen in an antique store! 
This carousel horse from the 1800s...
At least that's what it said.
A. Freaking. Mazing.

I would sit this in my entryway so everyone could see it.
Just kidding, but seriously.
It was gorgeous!  I was like going gah-gah over it.
AND to top it off, it was 50% off... still $500, but what a great deal!
I can see this in a play room of my house some rich persons house someday!

Ok, so thanks for going antiquing with me today!

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My Mini Fashionista

Ella is 8 months old... I can barely believe it. 

She has one heck of a Fall wardrobe too.  I mean, I want to have her clothes...
They are all comfy, cute, and everyone loves them! 

This weekend we went on a hockey trip with Mr. K to meet the parents from his team and to just go with him since otherwise we are at home and he's away.  It was to St. Louis -- which by the way is a very cool city if you haven't been or if you are planning on going...

Ells was fashion forward all weekend...

And a hit with all the hockey moms...

Day 1 - Travel & Watching Practice
Target Baby
Tiny Toms

Day 2, outfit 2
First outfit was dirty immediately following breakfast.
H&M Baby
Target Baby
Baby Gap
Livie & Luca Shoes

Day 3 -- Morning Book Break
Children's Place

Day 3 -- Watching Daddy Coach
Children's Place Pants
Baby Zara Boots
Baby Gap Wrap Jacket

Day 3 - Going Home
With Bud -- The Clydesdale from Anheuser Busch

Overall good weekend...
More to come


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Conner Prairie - Part 2

Back to Conner Prairie - Take 2! 
There was so much to do there... I could go back many times!  But since it was a free day, there were so many people there that by the time we left, you could barely walk through the gift shop!  Crazy! 

But anyways...

So now we are in Prairietown! 

We went back in time to the mid 1880s... a simpler timer. 

Did you know that many of the Prairietown structures date from the 1800s? There are 15 buildings in town. In many cases, they have been restored, faithfully adhering to their history. Original features may remain. A few buildings have been constructed in recent years, using techniques from the 19th century.
This is Doctor Campbell -- he was watching the house while the lady was out...
Don't mind the woman in the picture...she was laughing at me taking it... unfortunately, I could not crop her out as much as I wanted to because I wanted the guys full outfit!

Dr. Campbell is the founder of Prairietown and as such, wields influence and power and is something of a social elitist. He started Prairietown as an investment, a way to make himself some money. But he is also a very charming and a very smart man. Because of his role in town, many of the town's people owe the doctor money and therefore resent him. In fact, the rumor is he married Mrs. Campbell for money! He has lots for sale to the public and is interested in attracting young families to settle in Prairietown.

Here is Caroline (I think) making cookies... She was making Molasses cookies that smelled divine, but I couldn't have lived in this time I don't think... it was BOILING in this kitchen and they said they wore like 8 layers of all kinds of clothing... she had to have been sweating her butt off! 
And it was only 70 degrees out.

Here's Ells in the stable.
Not a fan.
The horse tried to give her a kiss.
No tears, just scared a little, but I felt we need to expose her to these things so when she gets a little older she won't be super scared...

And all is well back in the neighbors house...
Toys and she was loving it.  Wooden blocks.  I think we might attempt simpler toys... she seems to enjoy!

Then Mr K kept telling me he had to go to the bathroom, but I was like there aren't any around...
And then he did this...

I was seriously scared for a minute...
But then he re-emerged.

And there's the lady of the house coming back from lunch at a friends (break). 
Well, I think she's the Lady or A lady of that house because that's where she ended up...

Then we walked a little further and under a covered bridge and were in the times of the civil war. 
It's the 1863 Civil War Journey

And soldiers were setting up camp...

And Ells was taking a break on the burnt boxes from a railroad station that had been set afire. 
Not really, but that was part of the story.  Lots of looting and turmoil...

This was the general store... that had just been raided and the owners wife was telling us all about it.  She was taking care of the store while her husband was out fighting.  She's kind of hard to see, but you get the idea.  She was actually really great!

Then we came across this woman (didn't get  her name) who was telling a crowd about riding side-saddle.  Interesting...

Then we went into a little theater and watched a presentation on things that were happening... around the US and Prairietown during the civil war.  We learned more of Morgan's raid that had affected the general store.  That Morgan was a very nasty guy... seriously nasty!

And then I saw this guy... he was the end of our trip...
Too cute!  I don't think I've ever really been that close to a donkey.

See yesterday's post for more on this trip!

Can't wait to go back next year! 
Maybe Ells will actually pet the animals -- at least she'll be walking on her own by then!

Might try to make it for their Headless Horseman event that they have every weekend in October!  Ooo... You know me and Halloween...



Conner Prairie - Part 1

Happy Columbus Day! 

Since it's the day we celebrate Columbus, I thought it would be fitting to share an "experience in the past" that we recently took.  It's no voyage on the Nina, the Pinta, nor the Santa Maria, but it was a walk back in time to the days of no TV, no cars, no microwaves or refrigerators and a very cool experience back to the 1800s..

Last weekend we went to Connor Prairie.  It's a Living History Museum basically in our backyard... It's about 5 minutes away.  We've never been before, but always wanted to go.  Actually I've posted about it before when we went to Symphony on the Prairie.  Ells was our perfect chance... and the Museum Day Live by Smithsonian Magazine which emailed you tickets for free entry to all participating museums. 
We've always talked about going and even getting a membership and now we definitely will be doing so! 
Here's Mr K and Ells very excited to embark on the adventure of the day! 
He hates getting his picture taken.
Once we got in, I wanted to take a moment for photo-ops all over the place. 
I wish I were better at photo shop because I'd like to crop Mike out of this... Oh well.
Isn't it gorgeous?

And it was the perfect fall day too.  65 degrees with a slight breeze and beautiful sunshine!
Then we turned into the Indian Territory. 
I forget the actual name of this space, but this man was telling tales and talking of things of the past.  In this area we were able to watch them make fire, look through old one room buildings, and guess the skins of different animals like squirrel, fox, and otters.

This house is the house of the Conner's (I think - didn't pay too close of attention).  Looked like someone had recently broken the door in.  The house was very barren and the the door was obviously boarded with plywood.  It was gorgeous though.. I could live there! 

Ells was enamored with this balloon.   It's the newest thing at Conner Prairie.  The 1859 Hot Air Balloon ride.  It's very cool, especially when you can go up in it at night during a Symphony on the Prairie, but Mike and I are cheap so we just watched.  It's attached and just goes up and down... but I'm sure it's very pretty up there.

Then we made our way over to the farm house that was full of animals.  Goats and sheep were roaming around freely, and horses were in a stable.  I tried to make Ells touch the different animals (don't worry we used antibacterial wash after)...

But she wasn't having it.  She was OK if I did it and got very excited, but wasn't so sure when she did it herself.

I loved these signs that were on our way into the old village. 
Beyond this Point Airplanes, Cameras, and fans did not exist.

Beyond this point TV, Refrigerators, and Space Walks do not exist!

And next time I'll share Prarietown with you!  So much fun!
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