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Hello Blog Hogs! 

I hope you had a nice weekend!  We did here in the cornfields of Indiana!  And now it's back to the work week.  But... I'm always thinking of things to do during the weekend. 

Mike and I what I call transplants.  We are both from another city, all of our friends do not live in Indy, and so sometimes we have to figure out interesting things to do on our own. 

We live right down the street from a place called Connor Prairie.  It's an interactive history park.  A very cool concept.  They let you discover what it was like to live and play in Indiana's history.  I kind of love it...even though I've never really been there. 
We've only been to Marsh's Symphony on the Prairie.  It's a great big outdoor amphitheater to which many different acts come, but it's mostly music done by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.  Their 4th of July show is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I think I cried when we were there...it's like you are set back in the days of our Independence.  Alright, I'm getting all emotional. 

Anyways, this past weekend was Classical Mystery Tour: The Music of the Beatles.  It was so fun!  My mom, brother, grandma, and grandpa went with Mike and I.  It was fun to have everyone sitting outside under the stars singing songs like Hey Jude, Yellow Submarine, and Imagine.  I heart the Beatles and this was a great show. 

The best part about Symphony on the Prairie is that you just pay for the tickets and then you are able to bring ANYTHING you want in with you... well within reason!  But you can bring bottles of wine, pizza, pop, beer, etc!  Anything!  That's something you can't beat these days because we all know that concessions foods are extremely expensive. 

If you are in Indianapolis you should definitely look this up!  Especially during the summer so that you can go see a show, drink some wine, and hang out with friends! 


And if you are looking for something to do this October... Conner Prairie does a headless horsemen for Halloween!

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A Perfect Gray said...

Hey, Abby! It's Donna from the blog 'a perfect gray.' You asked about how I attached my silver spoons to hang them in my kitchen. I cut a piece of regular cardboard to fit the frame. Then I wrapped it in a layer of batting. Then I wrapped that with the fabric I choose. Next I placed the spoons where I wanted and threaded a needle with clear, lightweight fishing line. I knotted the line, just like you would thread, then 'sewed' the spoon onto the cardboard just below the bowl of the spoon. I took care to get it tight. They all have stayed on nicely. Hope it works for you! If you decide to do it, shoot me a picture of your finished project!

Thanks so much for asking about my spoons. I do get lots of compliments on them!

Take care and thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you will come back!

xoxo, Donna

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