-- Yay Mom --

While home this weekend my mom said yes!  She said I could do something for her...  Actually, she said she would do something for herself. 

She told me that I could make an etsy shop for her!  YAY!!!  When we were home for my bridal shower a couple of weekends ago, I joked with her that I had already done this.  See, my mom has made me a brooch bouquet for the wedding.  She made it all by herself.  We searched antique shoppes, eBay, grandmas basement, Uncle Ed's Etsy Shop, and many other places for unique brooches to put on this thing.

I've written about brooch bouquets before and my mom was like, "Well, I could make that."  And for the longest time she kept saying she could do it, but we decided not to and then one day she was like LETS DO IT!  :)  So the search began.  And now, she's going to hopefully do it for other brides as well.  She has gotten nothing but compliments on this bouquet.  She'll make them in any colors, and she'll even seek out the brooches for you if you don't have a grouping of your own!  However, you can send her your own brooches if you have them! 

It's still in the early stages so the etsy shop has not quite been set up yet, but this has all stemmed from the process of her first born getting married....oh Tammi Jo.  :)  The other thing we need is a name.  We aren't quite sure what to call her lovely new entrepreneurial endeavor.  I thought maybe the names of her 2 girls "Abigail Elizabeth Designs" or maybe her initials "TJ Designs"  or "Old is New Again Bouquets."  None seem to have the elegance and sass that Tammi herself has nor say what we want them to say. 

Taking Name Suggestions!!!  Send them My Way...and if you are interested in a brooch bouquet, then email me at Abigail.hake@Gmail.com for the time being and I'll be glad to send you more information!!! 

Days remaining of unwedded bliss - 25

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