Redeux Your Wardrobe

Today in Fshers you can Redeux your wardrobe. The ladies of Whale of a Sale have brought you a chic boutique consignment sale for women. I was able to get a mini preview last night and believe me you're not going to want to miss out!  

Just think Mark Jacobs Jimmy Choo's Burberry all at prices that your pocketbook will enjoy!  

Redeux opens to the public at 12p today at the Forum Conference Center in Fishers. And tomorrow, items marked "reduce" will be available at half price. 

And while shopping the high ticket items at low prices make sure to visit vendors like Rodan + Fields, Stella & Dot, and Chloe & Isabel.   You'll also want to see what partners The Refinery Resale Shop of Castleton and Retro 101 have to offer!  

Then later tonight from 530 to 830 there's a Girls Night Out being hosted by The City Moms!   Take advantage of the Redeux Mini Spa to enjoy nail color changes from the Little Nail Shop of Carmel and mini facials from The Beauty Lounge. 

It's free to get in so go check it out!  It'll be a fun time and mention this blog post at the Stella & Dot Booth for Free Shippong on your order!  


What's Your Take On House Plants?

Do you have house plants?
I do not.  I tend to kill them.  Although I do like a good vase of flowers or greenery which makes me think I might enjoy a plant here or there... We'll discuss their likelihood of living later.

I am a lover of succulents.. I have been for a long time now... I used them in my wedding...

I have had them in my house at one point or another...

And they are just a really gorgeously easy plant for your house!


But I was thinking on a larger level...
Like a Fiddle-Fig Leaf...




There is just something about having plants in the house... 
Maybe it makes me think the air is fresher... 
Maybe it's the color they bring... 
Maybe it's the sense of having a little outdoors in...
But I do really like the ones above...The "tree-ish" options. 

Then there are other plants I found being used inside that I liked too.  




If I only had a mantle like his... 

And then, even better... I found a cheat sheet to keeping them alive!  


But I'm just not sold yet.  
I think I love the idea of having some nature inside and being able to watch something grow with my Ells, 
but am most afraid my dogs might utilize them in other ways when I'm not home...
Just keeping it real. 
My dogs are bad.
Real bad. 

HOWEVER, with that being said... 
If someone can find me these lavender topiaries for sale in Indianapolis
 I will MAKE a place for them in my home!


Seriously Swoon... 

So do you have a house plant?  Or plants?  
I'm curious if anyone has found them that work really well in their home, with their decor...
and with kids and dogs too!  


Stella & Dot Facebook Flash Sale thru 9/25

Perusing FB this morning and came across the latest Stella & Dot Facebook Flash Sale!  And you are going to love it!  It's 3 sets of items at 40%, 50%, & 60% off!  Isn't it time to add accessories to your fall wardrobe or even start your Christmas Shopping... ? 

These might just make you know it is!

I love how people wear all of these pieces!  Here are just a few Pinterest finds of some of the sale pieces that I'm loving !



Happy Shopping
And don't forget the Flash Sale ends tomorrow (9/25) at 11:59 ET.

I'm thinking I might need the Tia Crossbody & the City Tote to wear with my StitchFix pics from Monday!  I'm a bag lover. 



My Latest Craigslist Find

Last week I shared with you my latest craigslist find.  All credit really goes to my mom who found it, wheeled and dealed for it, and brought the muscle including my little brother and sister down to help unearth it from it's million dollar home... And bring it to my NOT million dollar home. 

We grabbed it and it sat in my living room entryway for about a week, but I figured the only really good place for it would be at the top of my stairs...

Unfortunately, that's where my gallery wall was...

And I kinda liked it too, but I knew this is the only space in my current house that fits this piece. 
So I took all my pictures off the wall...

And we moved this guy from downstairs...

To upstairs... and it's new home...

Tada... Sorry for somewhat grainy pictures as I take them at night which I know I shouldn't!

But I felt like I should do a little mini staging set up...
So here's what I came up with...
All things I had on hand.

And now I'm not sure what to do here?

I was thinking about maybe keeping this bench here but painting it or adding some pillows and fun accents and then using Staples to blow up a huge print and hang it above.  Unsure as usual.
Notice how these things always seem to creep into my photos... my house is never clean I swear!  Or picked up...



My #StitchFix

I've been seeing a lot friends and colleagues posting on their blogs and facebook about their StitchFix boxes that they've been receiving.  They all seemed to have pretty cute clothes in them... I must confess I immediately signed up for an account with the site, but I couldn't get myself to just actually order a box.  I think it was the fear of commitment thing I have.  I was afraid that I'd get the box and like nothing or I'd get the box and like everything or just trying on clothes period... whether it be at my house or in the store. 

But I finally did it...
My box came on Friday right before we were leaving for home. 

It comes so nicely packaged and it kind of makes you feel special that someone picked out these clothes especially for you.  You receive five pieces per box.  The first thing I found was an envelope with a couple of things folded up in it.  One was a price list for the pieces and the other was a set of "ways to wear" cards for each piece and a little note from my StitchFix stylist. 

So...  now for the fun part. 
I had put $50-100 for all pieces... I figured that's what most stores are priced with exception of a few so I thought that would be a good place to start.  I was pleasantly surprised by the picks.

The Jeans were a big surprise.  They are premium denim and only $78.  Just Black.  I think they look pretty good for that price point.  I hate shopping for jeans so to throw a pair in a box for me and have them actually fit is a feat in itself.  There was no crying involved.  I think when I shed a few extra lbs they'll be quite nice!

The red & black checked top is Sanctuary and it's super cute.  I can see it with jeans, leggings, booties, or even tights if I'm feeling a little daring.  It's adorable and I think it looked ok.

This navy striped top with embellishments on the shoulders was a surprise.  I do like it.  It's the softest material.  But I'm not a material girl and don't think I'll ever wear this puppy.  It's actually not awful and does look ok on... but seriously, I'm just not into this embellished shoulder pads on the outside look.  I know it's in and trendy, but if that's the case then I'm out and not trendy.  Wink.

The black top did not fit around my hips so it was out immediately, plus I have probably at least 3 similar black tops at home.  It did have really cute detail on the sleeve as it was almost a scallop cut and was adorable, but that wasn't enough to justify another black top.  No picture on.

And then there was this Daniel Rainn top that I liked when I first pulled out, hated the 2nd time, and felt like it was maternity when I actually tried it on.  Fail.  No picture for you on this one.  haha.

Overall the experience was pretty good.  I think 3 out of 5 is a good go at it!  I was expecting to hate it all.  I know that Sanctuary top had me at hello with it's faux leather on the trim and collar. I die.  Everyone makes fun of me that I like that faux leather trim and some of the tops out there but it's a weakness... and I never buy any of it because I talk myself out of it, but when it looked me straight in the eye, I said "Abby, this ones for you!"

I think I'll keep the jeans and sanctuary top. 
The rest will go back with the return envelope using the included free shipping. 

And I think I'll give it a try again... It's fun.  I love getting mail, especially packages, and it was shopping with no tears involved.

Have you tried #Stichfix?  

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