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Oh Me!  Oh My!
Wow... It's been a bit.  My apologies.  I had great and grandiose plans to get all my posts ready before we left for our vaca and then when that didn't happen, I had great and grandiose plans to post while we were out and about... and then that didn't happen either.  So I've failed.  BUT the best thing about  not being able to post is the stuff I still get to post about and share with you.

So this week I'll share a few updates at our house, a few plans for the house, and of course, our End of Summer Vaca to Saratoga Springs New York.

It was amazing.

So until then while I'm sorting through the pictures and prepping very nice posts for your enjoyment...
Happy Labor Day

Check out Stella & Dot's End of Summer Sale:

And enjoy a few pieces of gorgeous architecture from Saratoga!  

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