Anyone else just LOOOVVVEEEE Mondays?! 
Me either. 
What is it about them that just seems to stink so badly? 

Familia came into town this weekend so not much got done in the ways of working around the house, except that messes were made.  But I do have big plans for this week...

In no specific order:

(1) Patio Update.
I've been wanting to overhaul the patio for some time now and we are almost there!  Only problem is that the hubs might tackle this one on his own... Might being the key word there.  He's off this week and I'm not so he might be taking charge on this one.  Which in turn means lack of pictures. 

(2) Home Goods Happy
Everytime my familia comes down we have to go to Home Good s & Nordstrom Rack.  Well this weekend we were Home Goods Happy!

(3) Family Organizer. 
Do you have like a family binder that has all important and pertinent information in it?  Me either.  But I'll show you some fun easy printables that can help with that.

(4) Party Décor Inspiration for my Upcoming Matilda Jane party! 

(5) More Office Inspiration as I need to get my butt in gear to make that one happen.

(6) Just a couple DIYs that have been needed to be blogged for a while. 

And I may or may not have added this little beauty to my house this weekend... 

Now to find a place for her... 

Happy Monday! 


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