Holiday Crafts to Tackle

I love the holidays!  They make me so smiley!  But this year, along with about a bagillion other items I need to take care of (would you like me to list? no? ok), I've decided to attempt to make a few knock off crafts!

With the first actual (well, semi-actual since it was gone when I woke up this morning) snow yesterday, I am starting to feel a bit "Like Christmas."  Sometimes I wish we could insert songs onto blogs like that when... Maybe I'll work on that!  It could be my stay at home mom project!  haha...

Anyways, here are a couple of craftyness ideas I've come across that I'm going to attempt to make before the holidays.  They seem pretty easy to me, but you never know! 

Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes:
These are the snow globe-ish jars we saw at Anthropologie the other day while shopping.  My mom fell in love with them.  Something about the bottle brush trees that got her going.  She said they were really hard to find... so of course, I went on the hunt. 

I'm thinking I can easily make them and I might even vary them a little bit.  They might be cute little gifts for my skaters too.  We shall see.  I'm going to attempt to get the supplies this evening.  Don't worry, it'll be a while before I report back on my progress most likely. 

Next up --

West Elm Inspired Holiday Trees:
This one might be a stretch.  I've gotten the supplies to try this one already.  I saw them in a West Elm Catalog that I grabbed while we were in Memphis and I decided that "I could make those!"  So... I grabbed a few bags of popsicle sticks and my glue gun and I'll be on my way soon!  I was even thinking about spray painting them white or silver once completed to go with my decor.  Or fun and funky colors to pop out!  Who knows...
Scalloped Trees

And Finally --

Garnet Hill Inspired Advent Calendar:
Ok, not sure why I want one of these so much, but I do!  And I want one so badly that I'm considering taking up knitting to not have to pay the $90+ that this one is!  So now I'm on the hunt for mini mittens, hats, gloves, anything that might work on this project!  I think I'm getting close to having 25 items that I could use - even if I am buying them off ebay. 


Maybe next year, I'll attempt to make the large stockings! Baahahahha! I crack myself up!

They also have a felt stocking one that might be an easier make - and by easier, I mean a lot more time involved for me, but maybe easier to find the "supplies" for! 

Mini-Felt-Stockings Advent Calendar
And because I seriously have a problem and can't make ALL the advent calendars out there, here are some other ideas for advent calendars that you can make yourself are below.  Maybe I'm getting into the advent calendars so much because I'm about to have a babe and babies love advent calendars - well, kids in general. 

Just because I'm a sucker for matchstick boxes, I may have to try this one in the top right corner! 
Love it!

all crafts 34 Best Christmas Advent Calendar Tutorials {diy}

Or here's another version of the gloves and stockings calendar
The one in the middle... Light Bulbs!  Mr K would love because they look like C9s!

all crafts 34 Best Christmas Advent Calendar Tutorials {diy}

Happy Crafting!
I'll keep you posted on my progress!


Thanksgiving Recap 2011

Because I'm lazy and I really don't have much to say I'm going to let you make assumptions on my Thanksgiving Holiday based on the pictures I took. 

I'm thankful that everything worked out fine, the food was good, the company was nice, and it's over!  hehe.

So... here we go...
Everything was delicious!

Mr. Turkey


Thanksgiving Banner

The Appetizers
Devilled Eggs, Cheeze Platter and Olives

Pumpkin Pie, Boston Creme Pie, and Pecan Bars

The set table

Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, & Rolls

Turkey and Green Bean Casserole

Cornbread Stuffing & Stovetop Stuffing (for Mike)

The Feast

Thanks for stopping by today... sorry I'm in a lazy days mood... Better posts to come!!!


Updated Nursery Mood Board

The Nursery is coming along nicely... so is Baby Kakes.  I'm 31 weeks pregnant { I know, I can't believe it either } and I'm starting to get into my nesting stage.  With that being said, I want to get this nursery DONE!!!

I want to get it finished.  Finito!  Done! 

So, I figured I owe you an update on the ever changing mood board. 

Here's the latest and greatest I have... It's not exactly as it will be in the room, but it's pretty close and there are a few items like the curtain, the lamp, the IKEA bookcase that are actually in the room. The rest are make shift finds on polyvore that enabled me to give a look.

The curtain is from Urban Outfitters and I also got this pillow to coordinate with it and it will sit in the rocker once finished.

The lamp is from target and I got it a while back on sale.

The things that still need to be done are the mobile, the rocker, the crib sheets, hanging of the art, deciding on a pouf, and figuring out if I want a rug in there or not... We shall see...

But that's the latest and I'm really liking my color scheme choice the further along we get! Hope you are too!

Now... if we could just decide on a name for this baby girl...


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Happy Thanksgiving 2011

I'm most likely slaving away in the kitchen or napping from eating too much turkey! 

Hope everyone was able to spend time with their loved ones this Thanksgiving. 

Happy Turkey Day!


Thanksgiving Menu 2012

This post may make you hungry.  I got really hungry while writing it. 

This is my version of an EASY Thanksgiving Day Menu. 
By "easy" I mean a reasonable mix of cheating and homemade cooking. 
This blog is called Little Miss Martha after all, so it can't be all cheating, but being 30 weeks pregnant will make you cheat! 

We are having 7 people in total at our house for the meal and I didn't want to spend a lot.  Mr. K's parents, my grandparents, and my uncle will all be here for the big day.  I'm making most of the items, but then my grandma and Mr. K's mom will bring 2 things each.  That will help.

So... here we go. 
You may remember last year... I cooked at my mom's house and I pre-made a bunch of items.

I wish it were a bit more extravagant, but oh well!  Maybe next year. 
Devilled Eggs -
A first time attempt by me.  We shall see how this goes. 

Cheese Platter -
A mix of blue, cheddar, jalapeno, crackers, and tapenade will make for an easy spread.

Fresh Veggies and Dip -
A la Grandma!  I don't think hers will look like this one... it'll be store bought, but I thought this was cute.


Main Course:
Turkey -
I'll be making it my way... well, Martha's way.  With a cheesecloth and a white wine & butter mix to brush over the cloth.  It does turn out just about as gorgeous as this one!

Add caption
Caramelized Sweet Potatoes -
I'm going to either do caramelized like these or just roasted.  Not sure, but I like Sweet Potatoes so they'll be on the table in some form!

Green Bean Casserole -
A la Darla.  This is Mr. K's favorite dish so of course he enlisted his mother to make it.  That's fine with me though...

Corn -
A la Darla... I think it's a corn casserole of some sort, but I don't know.  All I know is that it's good! 

Garlic Mashed Potatoes -
I'll be doing a little mashing in the kitchen on Thursday.  Mr. K doesn't understand why I can't buy instant and I say because it's not that hard to make the potatoes and they are better!  :)

Caramelized Onions and Cornbread Stuffing -
A recipe I found on Food Network that is just cornbread muffins and onions.  I think this will be good, but just in case, we did buy Stove Top as a backup plan! 


Pecan Bars -
Totally cheating.  Was going to buy pre-made tart shells and fill them with a pecan mixture that I saw at Wal-Mart, but then it wasn't there when we went shopping so the plan changed a bit.  I opted for pecan bars (from a box).  The brand is always good so we shall see.

Pumpkin Pie -
My favorite thing to do is bake and what did I do?!?  I bought frozen!  Don't tell anyone... but they were on sale, and by the time you buy everything for the pie it's so expensive!  I'm thinking cost cutting and baby savings!  Don't Judge me.  I know that Martha is.

Apple Crisp and Vanilla Ice Cream -
This one I'll do on my own.  I've never done it before and also still have to find a recipe, but I thought this was a nice alternative to the apple pie - which I can still go out and buy if I change my mind!  ;)


And there you have it... A Kellermeyer Thanksgiving 2012.  Don't worry, there will be an updated version of this with pictures of all food and table settings (crap - need to go grab a few things to make this happen!) and all else that goes on. 

Unfortunately there will be no Black Friday pictures this year unless they are of me sitting at the computer at work as I have to work this Friday.  Boo, I know, but Mr. K wasn't going to be able to go home with me so that's why we stayed down here AND I am saving my leave for Baby Kakes. 

Happy Tuesday!


Master Bedroom Update { Part One }

I'm constantly taking something and trying it in a new place.  Do you ever do that?  I always purchase something for a certain spot, but then the more I think about it, I think it might work somewhere else... Hence why my home is ever-changing! 

So... back to my bedroom we go!  Since I'm not allowed to paint anything else right now (orders from Mr. K), I am stuck with the sage green color... not that I don't like it, but I must work with that in mind.  I've always wanted my scheme to be a creamy, gray, black, natural... all that with the sage walls.  Yea... I know, different. 

Anyways, here's where we were before. 

I had a gold-ish comforter that my mom had gotten me, curtains from target to coordinate with the gold tones, and our mix matched furniture.  Good times...

Now, here is an update!  Because I realized I haven't updated on this in a while and some things have changed.... Here's how the bedroom is at the moment.  It was actually updated a while back.  The comforter was purchased at Target over the summer. 
View from in front of the bed

Another view from the edge of the bed
Please don't judge the pillow situation in this picture!

Mr K's nightstand
A picture of us from the first year we dated and a DIY art thing
And Moshi the alarm clock... don't ask.

Our new comforter upclose!

I purchased a new comforter for our bed at Target.  It's from that Thomas O'Brien line.  I love it situated like this with the stripes, BUT it is also reversible to a darker gray color with a diamond stitch in it which might be the way to go for winter.  I like how it lightens up the room.  It seems less heavy to me and more casual. 

Also, you may have noticed that the newly done drop cloth curtains have made their way into this room. See me making them here.

Ok, well, back to work...on the house as always!
And tomorrow I'll update you on the progress of the way it's looking now!  We've rearranged it once again as well as adding a few minor updates!  We'll see what you think... We are attempting to make more room in there for Baby Kakes when she comes. 


The Swanky Abode

I am in love with the Downtown Design stores in Carmel Indiana. 

They are unique, sassy, and usually reasonably priced! 

The other day I was driving home from skating and I saw these crazy neon flashing lights coming from one of the stores windows.  Then when I looked, I saw these huge letters in all different sizes and colors.  It was love at first sight!


The Swanky Abode—a pop-up store situated in the Indiana Design Center in Carmel, Ind.  They sell vintage pieces along with Caldrea body and home products.  A great mix of modern furniture and street art creates a wildly inviting and exciting environment. 


The space is mixed with all different textures, fabrics, and styles of decor. 

Love it!
Since they are a pop-up shop, they are only here through January so I better go get my fill! 



Where have I been?  Under a rock?  Shoved in a closet?  In Hibernation awaiting the winter?!?

Am I the only one out there that has not found the blog Everything Etsy by now?!? 

It's a new fave! 

I found it the other day while looking for printables.
Kim has a ton of tutorials that are awesome - one of which includes 101 Pretty Printables!


Go and check it out here.

And right now she's hosting a giveaway!  Visit this link post to enter to win a Canon iP4920 Photo Inkjet Printer PLUS note cards from Red River Products! 

And happy weekend!


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