Nursery Progress { Rocking Chair Ideas }

So far, the hardest part of the nursery has been settling on a rocking chair. 

You may remember that I found this chair on craigslist for $30. 

I'm not one to pass up a great deal so at the moment, I'm attempting to find a slipcover that fits it or to have it recovered.  Recovering was the initial idea, but then I had a couple estimates come in at the same cost of a new chair (that I love) so I've hit a bit of a dilemma. 

Here are a handful of the rocking chairs out there that I love. 
Some are not loved by me, but are the more affordable options so I listed them too. 
I don't think I can justfiy paying these prices at the moment... maybe when I hit the lottery!

 This rocker is a sweet little chair.  It seems to usually be listed at $650 which is obviously a bit higher than the $30 price tag on my current chair.  I love the lines, the petiteness, and the dark wood.  I also like that this chair could eventually make it's way around the house into toher rooms - it's not just a nursery rocker.

Nurseryworks Storytime Rocker

This rocker seems to fall anywhere between $700-$1000.  Crazy, I know.  But again, it's not your typical nursery rocker.  It again could make it's way into a living room or loft...that's what I love about it and what tempts me to actually spend this crazy money on one of them!

This rocker tends to be right around the $800 mark.  Don't worry, some of the upcoming ones are a little cheaper.  I just found this one the other day and am not quite sure on how comforatble it would be without the upholstered arms.  I do like the size and shape though as my nursery is teeny tiny and doesn't need a big bulky chair to weigh it down.


I love this chair and I think it's a total steal at only $199 right now.  It also comes in a darker shade of the cushion for $299.  Again, only thing I question on this one is the arms... Do you want to be on hard or soft while rocking a baby for hours on end?!  Still love this chair though... maybe it could make it's way into my loft.

While this one is another steal, it's just another upholstered rocker to me.  It's $159 for the bundle of the rocking chair and ottoman, but then you have to purchase the slipcover separately for another $60ish.  While I'm not sold on the chair, it is still a good deal and a definite option.  It really doesn't look that much different than those listed at Pottery Barn Kids and other high end stores.  

This is one that my mother had picked out.  It's defintely not one of my favorites, but it would do.  It's around $699 from Target and looks comforatble enough.  I don't particularly like the fact that you can see the little gliders at the bottom and they don't seem to be a part of the design of the chair like the others.  I do think it would work, but it would work better at half price!

This glider seems to run between $630-$700.  Still a bit high if you ask me.  I mean, how much can these things really cost if someone can make another one similar for under $200?  Hmmm.... Anyways, another mother pick, but I do like this one better than the Nara.  It seems to have a better shape if you ask me. 

Initially my FAVORITE Rocker... you may remember it from my original nursery inspiration board.  I love the contrast of the wood tones against the fabric colors.  I love the shape.  I love every bit about this... except it's price.  Typically this Joya Rocker by Monte runs around $895.  Yep, you read that right.  It's definitely not in my budget, but I wish it were!!! 

Saw this in the latest West Elm catalog that I picked up at the outlet in Memphis.  Ummm... yes please!  Can't you see this in my room with a little pouf in front of it?!  Well, I can if you can't!  Don't you worry... I'll be keeping my eye on this one because at $599 it's still a bit pricey for me!  Remember, I did buy a chair for $30.  I'll be watching for a price drop or a coupon!  One or the other because I love this little diddy!

Then there's always Ikea.  The poang chairs run around $100-$200 depending on which covers you choose.  I like this chair, but I don't.  Again, with the unpadded arms and I am just unsure of the feel of this chair.  I don't think it's the feel I'm going for so I think I'll pass on it, but it is a great affordable option for a nursery.

See any you like or maybe even have?!  Any suggestions for a first time momma to be?!?  I've heard that this is something I can't go without, but I wonder if everyone feels that way...

Until next time...
And maybe I'll have an update soon!

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Justine McCarthy said...

Can you please let me know which rocker you went for? Were you happy with the one you chose? I am going through the same dillema right now but in Australia the Joya one for example is about $1300 so even if I get the $30 on Ebay I am look at about $500 in re-upholstering. Even new, the cheapest one would be $300.

Love your blog. Cheers!

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