Master Bedroom Update { Part One }

I'm constantly taking something and trying it in a new place.  Do you ever do that?  I always purchase something for a certain spot, but then the more I think about it, I think it might work somewhere else... Hence why my home is ever-changing! 

So... back to my bedroom we go!  Since I'm not allowed to paint anything else right now (orders from Mr. K), I am stuck with the sage green color... not that I don't like it, but I must work with that in mind.  I've always wanted my scheme to be a creamy, gray, black, natural... all that with the sage walls.  Yea... I know, different. 

Anyways, here's where we were before. 

I had a gold-ish comforter that my mom had gotten me, curtains from target to coordinate with the gold tones, and our mix matched furniture.  Good times...

Now, here is an update!  Because I realized I haven't updated on this in a while and some things have changed.... Here's how the bedroom is at the moment.  It was actually updated a while back.  The comforter was purchased at Target over the summer. 
View from in front of the bed

Another view from the edge of the bed
Please don't judge the pillow situation in this picture!

Mr K's nightstand
A picture of us from the first year we dated and a DIY art thing
And Moshi the alarm clock... don't ask.

Our new comforter upclose!

I purchased a new comforter for our bed at Target.  It's from that Thomas O'Brien line.  I love it situated like this with the stripes, BUT it is also reversible to a darker gray color with a diamond stitch in it which might be the way to go for winter.  I like how it lightens up the room.  It seems less heavy to me and more casual. 

Also, you may have noticed that the newly done drop cloth curtains have made their way into this room. See me making them here.

Ok, well, back to work...on the house as always!
And tomorrow I'll update you on the progress of the way it's looking now!  We've rearranged it once again as well as adding a few minor updates!  We'll see what you think... We are attempting to make more room in there for Baby Kakes when she comes. 

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