Halloween 2011

Sorry I've been absent...
I went to Memphis for the weekend to visit our sister and I had planned on blogging from my phone, but found out that's not an option with my blackberry.  Major fail...

Second major fail was that our condo didn't have internet.  Womp Womp.

But, I must share with you all the way our house ended up looking for Halloween! 

After 2 attempted ambushes... Yes, someone cut our lights - TWICE!!! ...We were back up and running!  Mr. K has been planning stakeouts in an attempt to catch the vandals!  Not sure what he plans to do if and when he catches anyone, but it's funny seeing him plan it all out!

But here she is!!! 
Here's the Kellermeyer House at Halloween!

Front of the House

Our Graveyard

I love Rodger - Too bad Miss Kim (Rodger's [new] Girlfriend) didn't make it off the operating table...

Giant Bat donated by my parents! 
Thanks John and Tam! It's a great addition this year!

Bat during the daylight

Mr. Bones hangning out on my door.

Front porch during the daylight.

Halloween Night

Here's a labeled picture...
October 31st, 2011
 And seriously... does anyone see that "something" to the left of the door in the fog?!?  It's kinda freaking me out!  But I've always said my house is haunted!

Happy Halloween 2011!!!  And now to plan for next year and CHRISTMAS!!!

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