Hot Mama

Yesterday (while venting) I mentioned that I've recently taken on another part time job.  With the impending doom of furlough and increases in cost of a few things we have to pay for, I decided I needed something to off set that.  Stella is nice, but that's my money.  So I decided to take on more...
I am now working as a Stylist at Hot Mama.  'Eva heard of it?  Have you been to one?

They are a fairly new company or at least new to growing and spreading across the country; a store created by moms for moms.  We have toys and animal crackers for the kids, we'll even watch them for you while it's your turn to play dress up!    We have wine for mom, beer for dad.  Enough said?  We are also denim experts and want you to look your best and be comfortable!  We dress all kinds of moms and all different ages! 

I totally love working with the amazing group of ladies that are on the team as well as the wonderful Indy Moms that happen into the store!  What do you think of these outfits??!





From Megan, Our Founder:
"I truly LOVE moms and I feel honored that I get the chance to serve them every day. Each mom is a Hot Mama, but it’s easy to lose sight of that in the midst of motherhood. My greatest hope is that moms walk into our stores feeling like we are a store just for them and out our doors CONFIDENT that the Hot Mama within them has come alive again!"

Just such a great place to go, feel welcomed and comfortable and be able to get everything you need!  Not only do we offer everything you might need, we show you how to wear things so that even if you don't buy anything that day, you left knowing how to put togehter pieces from your own closet and had a great experience as well! 

So, you can shop online at Shopmama.com or pop into a store... there might be one headed your way soon!


Shop for a Cause -- Autism Awareness

The latest statistics released by the CDC suggest 1 in every 88 American children are diagnosed with autism. In boys, that rate goes to 1 in 54. A child is diagnosed with autism every 15 minutes.

Those numbers just shock me!  It is kind of unbelievable.  While I only know one person through my mother with a child with autism, this is something that is always on my mind.  There are so many children affected that it was something we always thought about while carrying Ella.  Now, as a Stella & Dot Stylist, I feel I can help.  We can all aid in research for this disease during the month of April which is Autism Awareness Month.

In April, Stella & Dot is donating 20% of all proceeds from the sales of the five jewelry pieces shown below to the HollyRod Foundation -- a resource for families who face challenges in coping with autism disorder and Parkinson's disease.  The HollyRod Foundation was founded by Actress Holly Robinson Peete and her husband, former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete.  Please visit their website to read more >>> http://bit.ly/10c1A05

So now it's your chance to Support Autism Awareness -- Shop for a Cause
Remember, 20% of all proceeds from the sales of these featured items will benefit the HollyRod Foundation.
Shop to show support using this link -- http://bit.ly/YVAnwm
Starts April 1st -- Taking Pre-orders now as the Spirit Bracelet will likely sell out early!  If you'd like one, let me know!  :)  Contact me via this link!

A little bit about the collection...

*Spirit Bracelet -- $29 -- adjustable & features multi-colored beads to represent the colors of the autism ribbon & puzzle piece.

*Tree of Life Necklace -- $69 -- Sterling silver tree medallion & chain is a gentile reminder to "stay firmly planted but always reach for the sky."
*Purple Pippa Necklace -- $69 -- long gold chain featuring geometric purple & brown epoxy stones

*La Folie Necklace -- $49 -- featuring hand wired amethyst & semi-precious smoky quartz stones

*Bring It Multi-Stripe Jewelry Roll -- $22 -- bring your jewelry with you on-the-go with this chic travel accessory
Amazing pieces -- Amazing Prices --  Amazing Cause

I'd love to hear from any followers who may be impacted by this disorder whether it be family or friends... Please feel free to share comments below.

I'm also looking to partner with a local organization as well as any mothers who have children with autism who would like to host a trunk show for the cause.  Message me and we can chat details.  It could be an online show too so don't feel like you have to be in Indianapolis to make this happen. 

Or Message me through my Stella & Dot Website:

Thanks for all your support as usual! 



I have a blog?

Ummm... yea.  So obviously I've been missing for a few days.  I have all these ideas of what to blog about and how I'll do it but then finding the time to sit down and actually do it is killing me... there is none.

The other day I said to myself, "I have a blog?"  I was driving home from work on my way to my new other work and then it his me... CRAP... I hadn't blogged in like a week or something like that!  I love to blog, it's one of my favorite things about me!  I love that I blog and can lay things out in front of people without worrying about judgement and not worrying about how it looks! 

The only thing I worry about is the state of my pictures...

But I realized that these last couple weeks have been hectic.  This weekend my husband was in town for hockey, but was MIA for both days.  I have taken on a part time job to help deal with some new expenses in our household and that's keeping me busy 2-3 days a week.  Then I have Stella of course... oh yea, and Ella!

I'm trying to find time for it all.  I'm trying to keep my sanity which is quickly slipping away.  I'm trying to do it all and finding that maybe I'm not superwoman.  Maybe I'm just your typical girl who wants it all, but can't have it.  I feel like I'm stuck in this cycle that I am struggling to get out of.  Will I ever get out?

When I clean my house it's messy again.  When I clean the garage, it gets messy again.  The bricks in the front of my house are always a mess.  There's always laundry to do.  There's always a project that needs finished.  There's always a problem with our house.  Typically I feel alone.  Typically I feel like I pick up the slack everywhere.  I feel guilty that I sleep or eat or buy something.  I feel guilty that I'm not with my baby enough.  I feel guilty that I don't exude love and kindness to those around me that often.  I feel angry and jealous.

Are all these things normal?  I hope so.

So yes, I'm hopefully back to blogging with some time management spreadsheets that should help -- that's what they are meant to do so I guess I'll be the judge of that! 

Please don't judge my vent...
It was short and I'm sure I forgot much.
One day I will do a happy vent... one day.



Birthday Party Decor

Here it is...
Finally my post on the big par-tay...
After all this work up and getting myself psyched out and not getting any sleep and slaving over the "special" day/party, I am finally sharing it with you!

Let's start from the beginning. 

Baby Kake's Birthday was in February.  February First to be exact.  That weekend we actually made a family trip, with the hockey team, to Green Bay Wisconsin where  we spent the weekend in rink/hotel room.  Good times..

I purposely postponed the party because of the hockey schedule finding the closest weekend off for the party.  Well, I found it... the first weekend in March.  Nothingness.  No Hockey.  Nothing for me.  Nice and empty. Until... Mr K's team added a tourney that weekend and I had a Stella & Dot Boot camp pop up in Cincinnati.  Nice... nothing right out the window.

So we charged on.  Mr K was gone all weekend for the tournament and came home Sunday Morning and I was gone all day Saturday for the boot camp and stayed up all night to try to pull this thing together... So Sunday morning I had 2 hours of sleep and woke up to an unfinished doll house, messy house, and food to be made.

And here we go...
I made these 1s from Cardboard from baby Kake's new car seat.  Then I wrapped them in fabric I found at Walmart... just a little touch I thought I'd add when I thought more than just family was coming so they'd know where to stop!

I made all these poms from leftover tissue and napkins... then hung them in the kitchen over the table.

Here's the tablescape.  You can see the cake stands that I had made and the dollhouse front.

Here are little cupcake flags I printed out. 
They should have been in homemade cupcakes, but that's another story for another day.

The homemade cake and cake stand along with dips, and the fruit and veggies.

I strung a banner on the front of the house that said 'Happy Birthday' but you couldn't read it unless you were super close.  It still looked cute.  

Here's our living room mess and all -- In the middle of the party.  See the chairs everywhere and misc items sitting on the ledge to the right... I felt the living room needed something to help the party flow so I did this streamer decoration on the ceiling.  Next time I hope for more time to stage photos so they look like 100% better, but you live you learn, right?!

I printed out this cute little birthday sign to sit by the plates and silverware and grabbed some faux flowers at walmart too.  The colors were really pretty. 

Here's the other sign that I made -- Yes I made 2 1's.  It was a cute little addition and photo op -- I'd hoped it would be more of a prop, but you'll see that tomorrow.

We printed out some pictures of Ells from her first year and hung them around the living room.  These pictures were printed that morning and looks awful... very disappointed with Walgreen's, but oh well.  They are the most adorable pictures though!

And ending it with a picture of the table.  It was cute, but not what I had envisioned...
Second Birthday?

Also might hire photographer...
Or become one...
Either way would be better than what I have from this year...
Oh well...

Happy Monday.


It's Party Time -- Foodie

Baby Kake's party was this weekend and with all the things going on in my life right now I barely have time to deal with it!  So... the food is the last thing to worry about and all items served must be quick to make and not take a lot of effort! 

Here's what I had on the menu ...
Pictures are not mine, just ideas..
My pictures to come!  Can't wait to share the party with you all!

Chicken Salad Sandwiches...
I found a recipe on Pinterest from Skinny Mom and I'm going to try it minus the nuts.  I'm also going to cut the bread into flower shapes just to change it up a bit...


Fruit & Veggies...
Easy -- GFS here I come.


Mini Quiches -- Hello SAMS


Kettle... of course.

Pasta Salad from Mr K's Mom


Desserts... I wish mine looked like this!
Marshmellow dip & Fruit
Cake Pops


Sprite & Raspberry Lemondade Mix
Pop -- Pepsi for my dad and Diet for Mr K's parents



Free Friendship Bracelets

Hey Ladies -- Just wanted to share a super easy MARCH ONLY deal that Stella & Dot is sharing!

When you host a party that has $1000 in sales and 10 unique orders you will receive
$250+ in jewelry and 4 items at half price --

But wait, there's more...
Stella & Dot will throw in a Trio of our Friendship Bracelets for FREE!  Just for being an AWESOME hostess!  That's an extra $57 in Free jewelry! 


What would you do with over $300 in FREE jewelry and get to shop at half price?!


Let me know if you are intersted -- There's plenty of time!  March has just begun! 
We can set up a Facebook Event, send out an evite and text out a RedStamp invitation!
I can send you a packet with a few look books, order forms, and minis to share with your friends and in about 5 days I'm sure you'd have $1000 in sales and $10 orders from friends no problem!

And if you live close enough, I can even loan you some jewels for a couple days or come to your house or meet at coffee shop! 

Plus, what's the worst that can happen?  You earn free jewelry?!? 
Not for you?  Share with a friend, they'll love you for it!


DIY Cake Stands, Part 2 & A Winner

Happy Monday... or is it... Oh, crap -- it's now Wednesday!
It's already been one long morning for me... See what the week has done to me?!?
It's freezing outside, we had about 6 inches of snow last night, I didn't want to get out of bed, and now I have to work... hard.
But we fight on, right?!?

This weekend was the big 1st Birthday party at our house for Baby Kakes.  She cracks me up.  Like it wasn't enough that I was out of town all day Saturday and Mr K was gone all weekend too, I threw in a Birthday Party. Not the intentional game plan...

Party recap will have to come tomorrow, but for now, let's finish up these cake stands!

So we left off with everything painted.  I ended up doing a couple of coats because I'm not sure if it was too cold or if the project just didn't like me, but it was not sticking initially... or it could have been too that next time I will grab plain old white plates so that patterns do not have to be covered up..

This leaves a ring of white on the backside of the plates.
This is where you will apply the adhesive...
I don't have a picture of this, unfortunately, because me and my procrastination fascination...well, let's just say I was up until about 5:30am Sunday morning trying to finish things for the party...ugh.

Here they are in the end...

Here's what we started with...

And here's the final product! 

I loved how they looked on the table and how I'll be able to reuse them!  I love love love the green ones!  The pink might get a different spray come spring and might then take up residence above my cabinets.

This was a super easy project that would make a great gift if you know someone who likes to entertain!  Or, decor for whatever you'd like! 

of the Stella & Dot Giveaway!!!

It was a pretty easy selection seeing as Rae at Throu The Haze was the only one to enter and entered 3x!!!  Yay for you!  I'll be emailing you today to find out if you'd like the $25 gift card or the Izzy Little Girls set! 

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!  And congrats to our winner! 




I've seen this before, but I'm trying it once everyone leaves my house this weekend!


Starting on Monday...

Along with Insanity...

I won't push it off anymore...

I must get back to pre-wedding weight...


Wish me luck...

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