Birthday Party Decor

Here it is...
Finally my post on the big par-tay...
After all this work up and getting myself psyched out and not getting any sleep and slaving over the "special" day/party, I am finally sharing it with you!

Let's start from the beginning. 

Baby Kake's Birthday was in February.  February First to be exact.  That weekend we actually made a family trip, with the hockey team, to Green Bay Wisconsin where  we spent the weekend in rink/hotel room.  Good times..

I purposely postponed the party because of the hockey schedule finding the closest weekend off for the party.  Well, I found it... the first weekend in March.  Nothingness.  No Hockey.  Nothing for me.  Nice and empty. Until... Mr K's team added a tourney that weekend and I had a Stella & Dot Boot camp pop up in Cincinnati.  Nice... nothing right out the window.

So we charged on.  Mr K was gone all weekend for the tournament and came home Sunday Morning and I was gone all day Saturday for the boot camp and stayed up all night to try to pull this thing together... So Sunday morning I had 2 hours of sleep and woke up to an unfinished doll house, messy house, and food to be made.

And here we go...
I made these 1s from Cardboard from baby Kake's new car seat.  Then I wrapped them in fabric I found at Walmart... just a little touch I thought I'd add when I thought more than just family was coming so they'd know where to stop!

I made all these poms from leftover tissue and napkins... then hung them in the kitchen over the table.

Here's the tablescape.  You can see the cake stands that I had made and the dollhouse front.

Here are little cupcake flags I printed out. 
They should have been in homemade cupcakes, but that's another story for another day.

The homemade cake and cake stand along with dips, and the fruit and veggies.

I strung a banner on the front of the house that said 'Happy Birthday' but you couldn't read it unless you were super close.  It still looked cute.  

Here's our living room mess and all -- In the middle of the party.  See the chairs everywhere and misc items sitting on the ledge to the right... I felt the living room needed something to help the party flow so I did this streamer decoration on the ceiling.  Next time I hope for more time to stage photos so they look like 100% better, but you live you learn, right?!

I printed out this cute little birthday sign to sit by the plates and silverware and grabbed some faux flowers at walmart too.  The colors were really pretty. 

Here's the other sign that I made -- Yes I made 2 1's.  It was a cute little addition and photo op -- I'd hoped it would be more of a prop, but you'll see that tomorrow.

We printed out some pictures of Ells from her first year and hung them around the living room.  These pictures were printed that morning and looks awful... very disappointed with Walgreen's, but oh well.  They are the most adorable pictures though!

And ending it with a picture of the table.  It was cute, but not what I had envisioned...
Second Birthday?

Also might hire photographer...
Or become one...
Either way would be better than what I have from this year...
Oh well...

Happy Monday.

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