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Yesterday (while venting) I mentioned that I've recently taken on another part time job.  With the impending doom of furlough and increases in cost of a few things we have to pay for, I decided I needed something to off set that.  Stella is nice, but that's my money.  So I decided to take on more...
I am now working as a Stylist at Hot Mama.  'Eva heard of it?  Have you been to one?

They are a fairly new company or at least new to growing and spreading across the country; a store created by moms for moms.  We have toys and animal crackers for the kids, we'll even watch them for you while it's your turn to play dress up!    We have wine for mom, beer for dad.  Enough said?  We are also denim experts and want you to look your best and be comfortable!  We dress all kinds of moms and all different ages! 

I totally love working with the amazing group of ladies that are on the team as well as the wonderful Indy Moms that happen into the store!  What do you think of these outfits??!





From Megan, Our Founder:
"I truly LOVE moms and I feel honored that I get the chance to serve them every day. Each mom is a Hot Mama, but it’s easy to lose sight of that in the midst of motherhood. My greatest hope is that moms walk into our stores feeling like we are a store just for them and out our doors CONFIDENT that the Hot Mama within them has come alive again!"

Just such a great place to go, feel welcomed and comfortable and be able to get everything you need!  Not only do we offer everything you might need, we show you how to wear things so that even if you don't buy anything that day, you left knowing how to put togehter pieces from your own closet and had a great experience as well! 

So, you can shop online at Shopmama.com or pop into a store... there might be one headed your way soon!


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