We had a friend coming to stay the night last week so I had to get my ass into gear to clean up the house.  I'd like to clarify a few things...
The friend was my husbands best friend (now my friend to, but add emphasis to HUSBANDS BEST FRIEND)
The house was a disaster as it always is right after the holidays.  Like T O R N A D O disaster. 
My child doesn't clean up no matter how hard I try.
The friend was my husbands...
So obviously I had to get MY ass in gear to clean up.
You couldn't see the floor in the room he was to stay. 
Yes I said it... Don't you think less of me...
My feet hurt for days... because I don't think I sat down for 12 hours straight. 

And I find that when you try to clean up messes, you inevitably make more.  At least that's my experience.  My living room gets clean but stairs get messy.  My kitchen gets clean but my pantry explodes with things I didn't even know we had.  My daughters room get cleaned up but the loft/playland gets ridiculous. 

So... how do you combat this?  I feel like my life is in a constant state of chaos. 
I tried after the new year to get rid of things... and I have... but I think I need to get rid of more.
3 bags full
to goodwill...
And my closets and garage are still imploding with shit.  It's just that (for the most part). 
I'm ashamed.  No you can't see.  Unless you live by me and if you do you'll see the chaos in the garage. 
I clean it up 3x a year and then remember that guy that had a friend over last week, yea, my husband... he messes it up and then blames me. 

I should have titled this Husbands instead of messes... but then again, what's the difference?


Picked Podcast :: Serial

In order to get through the day I do a few things...
1.  Grab a Coffee.  Starbucks preferred for its supreme warmth.
2.  Check out a few blogs, facebook, instagram, etc... A little Social Media goes a long way...
3.  Listen to NPR in the morning, and a Podcast or two in the afternoon.

A podcast?  Are you trendy with podcasts?  I'm not really...
But I do have a few I love... I'm getting more into it... It's kind of like another resolution - reading - kind or, right?!

I used to just call into workshops and webinars on my lunch break so when I realized there are specific ideas and stories I could listen to while sitting at my desk, I thought I had to get on this bandwagon.

So... I recently watched Making A Murderer and now I have issues.  By issues I mean that I can't think of anything else but  C R I M E - M U R D E R - M Y S T E R Y -- See real issues... First world problems.
But with that being said, I had my binge full of Steven Avery and needed something else to occupy use of my brain cells.  My cousin recently did a long road trip and mentioned SERIAL and I've heard about it here and there... so that's my pick for this month! 

It's Baltimore, 1999. Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate... <<< from the website serialpodcast.org
I may or may not be binging on it too... but in my defense I'm starting a year behind so I'm just catching up!


January Reading :: For The Love

Reading was one of my "resolutions."  Read more.  Read one book a month on average.  So... I started well having gotten two books for Christmas.  Technically I read one of them already, but it's a design book and it was technically December 26th so that doesn't count towards this years goal. 

The other book I got was For The Love by Jen Hatmaker.
It's perfection.
It's funny, insightful, honest. 
I'm halfway through. 
That never happens.
So once I'm done with that book, then what?!  Oh I've got a list... It's long... And it's all recommended...
By Huffington post... You know the worlds leading book recommender.

The ones I can remember include The Help, To Kill A Mockingbird, On The Road, and a couple others I have floating around my house.  The rest I may have to purchase, rent, borrow. 

What are you reading?


This Year

Most of you who've followed for a while know that I have a hard time NOT keeping myself busy.  I probably try to do too much.  But I honestly do better with more on my plate... It keeps me on my toes. 

So this year, just like always, I've got a lot on that plate. 
Sometimes it's a bit wobbly, but I try to keep it from falling...

Here are all the places you'll find me this year :
Blogging for Maeve Vintage or at our Warehouse --
If you don't know about my side business, you can read more about it and see our collection here.  We rent furniture and accessories for events. It's super fun.  It is very time consuming, but it doesn't feel like work when you are having fun.

Creative Chics, Coffee & Collaborations
Hosting Creative Chics Events in Fort Wayne --
Last fall I signed on to be a Creative Chics hostess.  Creative Chics is a very cool group of gals who are creative {obviously} and small business owners.  We provide a fun atmosphere to promote and cheer each other on while gaining friendships along the way!  It's been very satisfying and fulfilling meeting the new ladies so far! 

Helping with The Olde East End Revitalization in Fort Wayne --
Our Maeve Landlord has purchased a 30 acre plot of land that has amazing old buildings and spaces on it and I'm one of the lucky peeps who's helping him work through a couple of those buildings... This is a dream job volunteer position (for now)

Driving back and forth from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne --
Due to the above three items mentioned, I tend to drive back to Fort Wayne at least 2 weekends a month.  It's taxing, but all of the above are fun things that don't get me down!  They excite me so the driving isn't so bad...and talk about an easy drive, I could probably do it in my sleep.

Blogging for The City Moms --
I just posted for them yesterday... My Real Resolutions.  Over there, I try to blog about DIY, D├ęcor Trends, and Lifestyle things... Much like what you'll find here, but I'll never post the exact thing only link to and fro.

Working --
I can't quit {yet or maybe ever} so I still go to work everyday... Well most days... Momma gots to pay the bills...

Mothering --
Hanging out with Ells practicing baking, art skills, furniture rearranging (she's good at it too), cleaning up, messing up, then cleaning up more... You know, all the fun mom stuff.  And the not so fun stuff too!

Wifing --
Is that even a word?  Working on bettering my relationship with my husband this year and finding time for us.


Real Resolutions

I resolve to read more and get pregnant in 2016!  Well that was the tease for today's post over at The City Moms!  There I'm blogging about my real resolutions since I don't have the extra cash to do all those resolutions I posted yesterday!  One can dream... hahhhah.

Check out the post here.

Happy Tuesday!


Resolutions for 2016 if Money Were No Issue

Well we made it to a new year and as I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off last night before I had to go back to work today, I was dreaming of what a new years resolution list would be like if money were no issue...

1. Hire Maid 
2. Hire Cleaning Lady-- Yes different from maid, this one would CLEAN my home, Maid would tidy up and fold and put away my laundry so I didn't have to do it every time.
3. Home Gym & Personal Trainer -- get skinny!
4. Find Husband Trainer -- Not so he can get skinny, but so he can learn what's up in the world, like how to change the roll of toilet paper or pickup his clothes or hang up his towels.  Like literally training him how to be a decent human being. 
5. Hire Assistant
   *Occasionally he/she would probably play babysitter too
6. Bring in the Novogratz to redesign my house 
   *Let's be real, BUY NEW HOUSE (if money were no issue of course)
7. Learn a new language by submerging myself into the culture, like moving to France to learn French.
   *Remember money is no issue 
8. Quit my job because I'm moving to France
9. Have a baby -- I would adopt one -- and spoil them rotten, if it didn't happen naturally.
10. Travel More 
   *I've got a list and from France it would obviously be much easier -- London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Germany, & Rome -- Actually I couldn't resist that jingle but yes, Rome, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Etc... Basically everywhere!

What would your dream new years resolution list be like?!  I think I could probably add to this list, but didn't want to seem too needy.

Here's to a happier and funnier 2016! 

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