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In order to get through the day I do a few things...
1.  Grab a Coffee.  Starbucks preferred for its supreme warmth.
2.  Check out a few blogs, facebook, instagram, etc... A little Social Media goes a long way...
3.  Listen to NPR in the morning, and a Podcast or two in the afternoon.

A podcast?  Are you trendy with podcasts?  I'm not really...
But I do have a few I love... I'm getting more into it... It's kind of like another resolution - reading - kind or, right?!

I used to just call into workshops and webinars on my lunch break so when I realized there are specific ideas and stories I could listen to while sitting at my desk, I thought I had to get on this bandwagon.

So... I recently watched Making A Murderer and now I have issues.  By issues I mean that I can't think of anything else but  C R I M E - M U R D E R - M Y S T E R Y -- See real issues... First world problems.
But with that being said, I had my binge full of Steven Avery and needed something else to occupy use of my brain cells.  My cousin recently did a long road trip and mentioned SERIAL and I've heard about it here and there... so that's my pick for this month! 

It's Baltimore, 1999. Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate... <<< from the website serialpodcast.org
I may or may not be binging on it too... but in my defense I'm starting a year behind so I'm just catching up!

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