New Years Printable Roundup

Well it's that time again..
Where did 2014 go?

And if you are anything like me,  you are still preparing, grabbing groceries, and throwing up a little last minute decor.  Here's a few printables I found that are just right for tonight!

A banner.
I swear you cannot ever have enough banners.  Love them.  And this one is from The Idea Room.


I love the idea of these wish cards from Lia Griffith (a new-found favoite blog)!  They are simple enough to make a statement.  Just add gold sharpie!


Looking for a 2015 printable calendar?  Well here you go!  These are adorable!  Great color and they are really different than most I've seen.  They come in a couple parts so make sure to check them all!  Thanks to The Creativity Exchange for such a great printable! 


A few other decor picks come from No Biggie.  The adorable "Pop, Fizz, Clink" printable is the perfect accent to any NYE party.


And these clocks will be the cutest topper to your NYE cupcakes! 

And this little 2014 review is perfect for the kiddos!  They'll love it!


Hopefully you all have a great New Years Eve!
Au Revoir 2014!
(Question on spelling - I do not speak French!)


Top Five & Favorite Posts of 2014

As 2014 begins to come to a close, I wanted to share the the Top Five most viewed posts and some of my favorites too...
Coming in at #5 was our little Elf, Big Christmas!  The introductory post to Big Christmas was a hit.  He's only here for one month, but he sure does a lot and makes a big impact! 
#4 most popular post of 2014 was one of my "In The Kitchen" posts where I shared with you Fresh Artistry, the new food to your doorstep that you can cook!  The chicken was delicious and we still try to copy the potatoes! 
#3 was a version of What I Need Wednesday - where I listed a few of my favorite things... Like this table that I NEED would love for our patio!
#2 was our Holiday Living room tour.  It wasn't super fancy to me or what I was really going for, but it got a lot of views this year.  At least our tree was nice.  Hoping for a tree that nice next year too!

And the #1 most viewed post of 2014 for me was my DIY Target Table Redesign.  It's one of my favorite pieces in the house these days.  Do you latch on to the piece you created too?!  Well it was super easy and is now a staple of our living room. 

And now for a few favorites...
In the Kitchen :: Apple Pie

Chairish Style Challenge

Patio Reveal

DIY Animal Jewelry Dish

World Cup Excitement

Stanley Cup Playoff Game

Any favorite posts you found this year?!  Or things you did!?! 


Big Christmas Says Goodbye & Christmas Recap

It wouldn't be a Christmas Recap without a little recap on our lovely elf Big Christmas - what he did while he was with us and how he went out on his last night in town. 

Apparently he wanted something to remember Ella by so he took some selfies with her while she was sleeping. Then he left her a note in the shape of a star and asked her to be nice to others until he could come back next year.  He also left her a small gift under the tree which she loved.

And here are all the crazy things he was up to at our house this season...
And "up to" is appropriate as he was usually hanging from something it felt like!

Then there was the family Christmas party which was loads of fun and only missing 4 people.  The house was a little bit crowded at times, but that's the fun of it, right?!  Drinks, food, fun, and of course, Christmas Karaoke - which might I add, gets better as the kids get older.

And a few favorite moments from the weekend...

All in all it was a great Christmas.  A full five days away is always nice, but never enough.
Spending time with Family and Friends is the best. 
Now on to 2015...


The Art of Dr. Seuss at The Fashion Mall

Last night we went to visit Santa.  It didn't go so well.  To see how that went, make sure to follow me on Instagram.  We always try to go to the same Santa at The Fashion Mall.  Since I parked on the opposite side of the mall to where Santa was, we got to walk through the whole place.  Let's just say I was trying to get some extra steps in before the holiday eating begins.

We came across this new store/gallery.  What is it about art galleries that is so intimidating to me?  Do they intimidate you?  Maybe it's just me and those price tags!  Yowza! 

But this one, besides the fact that I could never afford these pieces, was different.  It was The Art of Dr. Seuss, a gallery dedicated to the secret work of Theodor Seuss Geisel, or as we know him, Dr. Seuss.

Ella kept asking me where The Cat in the Hat's head was... and all I could say was under the floor.  But this presentation was actually quite cool.  I loved that hat in the front window.  The perfect display for this gallery's window. 

"Geisel single-handedly forged a new genre of art that falls somewhere between the surrealist movement of the early 20th century and the inspired nonsense of a child’s classroom doodles."
There were more whimsical elements like these wall trophies which were the best.  That walrus is too cute.  Is it ad that I don't even know their names?  But these are just so fun... And that turtle?!  Gah...

And then more classical art elements like these black and whites.  Every piece in this gallery was simply amazing.  Did you know he wrote 44 children's books?! 

This one was my favorite.  I don't know why, but I think just that they were reading "The Facts of Life" made it seem like it would be something I'd hang in my home.  Again, price tag did not fit my walls, but I'm sure someone will put this very cool piece in their home.

They did carry more affordable prints for the average person.  I was half tempted to grab the "E" but my holiday budget has exceeded it's limits.  Maybe next time.
It was a very cool, very unexpected shop and I'm so glad my husband made me walk in.  I carried Ella so that we didn't have to unexpectedly buy anything as that would have been unbelievably bad.  But she would have gotten some really cool art for Christmas!  haha.

But seriously, there's just something so classic and lovely about Dr. Seuss.  It takes you back.  And the best part is that you can still enjoy it with little ones today!  So it's something you'll both treasure.  And while it may take you forever to read his books, and you may have trouble saying many of the tongue twisters among them, it's a brain teaser that you are sure to remember forever and ever. 

There's still time to catch this exhibit before it's gone...
12/22 - 12/23/2014 - 9am - 10pm (Holiday Hours)
12/24/2014 - 9am - 6pm (Christmas Eve)
12/26/2014 - 8am - 9pm (Holiday Hours)
12/27/2014 - 10am - 9pm (Holiday Hours)
12/28/2014 - 12pm - 6pm (Holiday Hours)
12/29 - 12/30/2014 - 10am - 9pm (Holiday Hours)
12/31/2014 - 10am - 6pm (New Year's Eve)
01/01/2015 - 10am - 6pm (New Year's Day)

Go check it out... It's a quick stop and take the kiddo's too!


Last Minute Holiday Cards with RedStamp

This year I specifically had family pictures taken so that I could use a nice picture for our family Christmas cards.  Well... that didn't happen. 

photo by Amy V Burrus

The pictures were great, but the cards didn't happen. 

I tried many times but just couldn't bite the bullet on the cost of them.  And this year I wanted nice ones so I really didn't want to use Sams or Walgreens like I have in the past.  I wanted cardstock! 

But... the time came and went for me to get them out in a timely manner.  Then I got an email from RedStamp that said, let us mail them for you! 

Well this was a great idea until I got in and they were going to be late too (and I was going to have to type in everyone's addresses into my phone... ugh.  BUT -- why not text a cute little holiday message out Christmas morning or Christmas eve evening?!   See Share Digital Cards?!  Genius, I know.

Cheap?  Yes, I know.  Tacky?  I don't think so, but if it is, someone stop my now.

But they really have some cute options...
And there are so many people who I don't have addresses for but I have their phone number....
You can also have them printed out too!  You can send them to Walgreens if you'd like a copy for yourself or a few for friends!

Here are a few I think are cute...

Here's the one I'm going with I think...

Merry Christmas!


Meet Big Christmas

Meet Big Christmas. 
He's our Elf on a shelf.
Little mischief maker he is.

I love seeing Ells face in the morning (when I am home) when she finds him. 

This year he's made his rounds...
Here are a few things he's done so far...

I'm running out of ideas... although I know there are TONS all over the internet, I'm trying to keep them family friendly. 

I think we've done pretty good so far...

Now... to think of 6 more good ones! 


A Holiday Wish List :: For Me (and others... like me)

This year I decided to make a little wish list for myself.  It started on my phone in September.  Mr. K's mom always asks for one from me so I figured I'd better have something at the ready.  It's changed a lot over the last few months, but here's my final wish list for 2014!  It's also a great gift guide if you are having to buy for someone who is a woman, loves target and nate berkus or threshold items, wants to get organized, loves home décor and DIY and loves to eat some AMAZING chocolates!

First on my list is these Nate Berkus Scissors or Shears in Gold.  Everyone has them so of course, I need them, but I find it hard to buy $17 scissors for myself.  I don't know why but I do.  Perfect gift under $20 for the crafty girl.  I think it was on one of my other gift guides.

I'm going to get organized in 2015 with a Erin Condren Planner -- hopefully.  Hint Hint Mr. K.  I love this thing as it has EVERYTHING at the ready for someone who lives by a planner!  And who doesn't these days!  I've tried my calendar on my phone, but it's just not the same.

I've been wanting to do a DIY like this Target Stool forever now, but just haven't gotten around to it and at about $60, why not just bite the bullet and buy it for me, right?!  Haha, but seriously.  It's the perfect accent for winter décor, but also work in the warmer months and would look fabulous in front of my wing chairs.

I've been needing a rug for under my dining table for a while now... although after last night playdoh mess I might need to rethink this... but this Seagrass Rug that can be found at Overstock.com is really quite great for a neutral to add texture and warmth to a room.  And it's only like $80 right now!  Score!

Next on my DIY to do list is to paint our cabinets and I've heard so many good things about Rustoleum Paint Kits that I'm ready to try it.  I'd like the Whisper color for the bottom cabinets and white for the tops... I think I'd only need two of them and it might even be a weekend project! 

Another DIY that I need to finish is my island out of an old cabinet.  It still needs a Butcher Block Counter which I found at Menards and I think I only need the $80 version.  YAY!  So... Menards gift cards anyone!? 

And Christmas would not be complete with my absolute favorite chocolates since like 2000... Vosges Haut Chocolates.  Based in Chicago, I started getting these from my skating coach long ago... her Daughter helped start the business.  She's since moved on, but I still LOVE their exotic chocolates.  They are delicious and different and truly are a show stopper!  Perfect for any occasion, but Christmas is usually when I ask for them. 

So there you have it... what I'm asking for this year.  I always ask for other things along the way and also because my wish list usually is based online I try to give other options too... But this is a great round up of what I've got my eye on for Christmas this year! 

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!


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