Last Minute Holiday Cards with RedStamp

This year I specifically had family pictures taken so that I could use a nice picture for our family Christmas cards.  Well... that didn't happen. 

photo by Amy V Burrus

The pictures were great, but the cards didn't happen. 

I tried many times but just couldn't bite the bullet on the cost of them.  And this year I wanted nice ones so I really didn't want to use Sams or Walgreens like I have in the past.  I wanted cardstock! 

But... the time came and went for me to get them out in a timely manner.  Then I got an email from RedStamp that said, let us mail them for you! 

Well this was a great idea until I got in and they were going to be late too (and I was going to have to type in everyone's addresses into my phone... ugh.  BUT -- why not text a cute little holiday message out Christmas morning or Christmas eve evening?!   See Share Digital Cards?!  Genius, I know.

Cheap?  Yes, I know.  Tacky?  I don't think so, but if it is, someone stop my now.

But they really have some cute options...
And there are so many people who I don't have addresses for but I have their phone number....
You can also have them printed out too!  You can send them to Walgreens if you'd like a copy for yourself or a few for friends!

Here are a few I think are cute...

Here's the one I'm going with I think...

Merry Christmas!

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