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The other Sunday we all sat around the table and enjoyed Peach Chipotle Glazed Chicken, Smashed Potatoes and Fresh Green Beans for dinner.  It was like we'd ordered in... from a very nice restaurant... but really...

Well, I made it.

And I had Fresh Artistry to thank for it! 
Tom Blessings himself (I think) dropped this lovely box at my door. 

The packaging was perfect.  The preparation was simple.  The meal was delicious.

Their website is gorgeous and super easy to use!  I am a sucker for user friendly websites! 

You sign up for an account and select whether you'll be cooking for 2 adults or 2 adults & 2 kids.

Then you pick your menus! 
Right now there are 7 options!  That change weekly!!! 

Weekly deliveries save you a trip to the grocery or at least a large trip!  You can start, pause, or stop whenever you'd like!  Plus, in each delivery you receive Indiana-raised meats (no hormones or preservatives) and a quick prep guide (which is awesome because it tells you how to make it and you can recreate later if you'd like!)

When I made our Peach Chipotle Glazed Chicken it was pretty easy.  The sides cooked while I cooked the chicken.  I will tell you that cooking Chicken in a skillet is my least favorite item to cook.  I usually kill the chicken and then serve it raw in the middle by accident.  But the chicken breasts provided in this box were delicious (once cooked) and easy to cook too!  The timing suggested on the quick prep guide was pretty much spot on!

And would you believe that I only used 2 dishes and a cutting board to prepare this entire meal?!  Dishes?  What dishes?

I am in love wish Fresh Artistry and can't wait to try them again soon!  The are launching to the public on December 5th so make sure to go to Fresh Artistry and create an account and order yourself some Broiled Chicken Kabobs with Mint Tabouli or Caprese Chicken Pasta Bowl with Fresh Mozzarella!  You will love it!

And a thanks to Tom and the Fresh Artistry Team for letting me try it out!


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