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This guide was much harder than yesterdays gift guide for Ella/ Toddler girls.  Maybe because I'm constantly looking at things for kiddos these days.  But I know Mr K has a few things on his list that I need to get going on!

I don't know if ANY of these are on his list, but I think they are great gift ideas for the males around you!  They are different, some are a little more expensive than others, but I'm all about finding unique things and picking things that go with the person you are gifting too!  This one was put together with Mr K in mind, but I believe most of them are great for any guy! 

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These gifts are spread out as far as where they come from.  Uncommon goods, MeUndies, American Eagle, Restaurants, Etsy, Amazon, Macy's and Target.  See... I wasn't lying... this one took me a bit longer to settle on.

Baseball is a huge thing in our family... well at least it was with my older younger brother and my dad.  It was their sport.  I love the idea of giving something that has meaning as well as is fun.  This Baseball game from Uncommon Goods is sure to be a keepsake gift and passed down through the years. 

"I found MeUndies" {sounds kind funny.  haha.}  But in all seriousness I found these on another gift guide and had to check them out.  They have moisture wicking technology and they also have a monthly shipment option.  I don't know about your guys, but mine is always needing new underwear.  These seem like they might be a good thing to try.  They are a little pricey for one pair of undies at $20, but they might be worth it. 

A classic scarf is always something nice to have.  They go with all jackets and sweaters and they always just look so crisp.  Found these via Macy's but they are all over.

I'm always trying to come up with different things to give my older younger brother.  He's a pain.  In a good way of course, but he's very hard to gift for.  So... who doesn't love beer?  I thought maybe a filled growler from Granite City (since we have one in FW) and a gift card to refill a couple times.  Plus, I loved their beer when I got it and they have different ones you can try.

My little brother loves bowties so I found these on Etsy.  I first saw them in the Uncommon Goods catalog, but looked a little harder for different designs.  This one is from JVStore which is located out of Ukraine so it's always fun to give global gifts too!  But this is a bowtie all their friends will be jealous of!  It's sure to steal the show when worn!

The slippers and gloves are both from American Eagle who is also having 40% off online only right now!  So don't wait!  These gloves would go nicely with the scarf and any jackets.  They seem a little burly to me which I like... these types of gloves I always find to be the warmest.  The slippers are a  nice little way to stay warm by the fire... or during the coming cold nights.  Lined and with a hard sole they are sure to last a while...

Does anyone else remember playing this Checkers game this big when they were young?  I think it was always at Cracker Barrel.  Well now it's at Target and only $13.99.  Someone is sure to get this gift.  Maybe even us to play with Ells, but it's a great buy and great fun! 

And most men love bacon so I thought why not get to know Bacon a little better with The Big Book of Bacon.  I'm in!  Learn different ways to cook it and eat it!  Yummm...

So there you have it... some ideas on what to get for your male loved one this season.  There are so many ideas out there.  We have tons of techie things so I tried to steer clear of those options, but there were some fun ones out there!

Happy Shopping! 
15 Days 'till Christmas!

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