The Art of Dr. Seuss at The Fashion Mall

Last night we went to visit Santa.  It didn't go so well.  To see how that went, make sure to follow me on Instagram.  We always try to go to the same Santa at The Fashion Mall.  Since I parked on the opposite side of the mall to where Santa was, we got to walk through the whole place.  Let's just say I was trying to get some extra steps in before the holiday eating begins.

We came across this new store/gallery.  What is it about art galleries that is so intimidating to me?  Do they intimidate you?  Maybe it's just me and those price tags!  Yowza! 

But this one, besides the fact that I could never afford these pieces, was different.  It was The Art of Dr. Seuss, a gallery dedicated to the secret work of Theodor Seuss Geisel, or as we know him, Dr. Seuss.

Ella kept asking me where The Cat in the Hat's head was... and all I could say was under the floor.  But this presentation was actually quite cool.  I loved that hat in the front window.  The perfect display for this gallery's window. 

"Geisel single-handedly forged a new genre of art that falls somewhere between the surrealist movement of the early 20th century and the inspired nonsense of a child’s classroom doodles."
There were more whimsical elements like these wall trophies which were the best.  That walrus is too cute.  Is it ad that I don't even know their names?  But these are just so fun... And that turtle?!  Gah...

And then more classical art elements like these black and whites.  Every piece in this gallery was simply amazing.  Did you know he wrote 44 children's books?! 

This one was my favorite.  I don't know why, but I think just that they were reading "The Facts of Life" made it seem like it would be something I'd hang in my home.  Again, price tag did not fit my walls, but I'm sure someone will put this very cool piece in their home.

They did carry more affordable prints for the average person.  I was half tempted to grab the "E" but my holiday budget has exceeded it's limits.  Maybe next time.
It was a very cool, very unexpected shop and I'm so glad my husband made me walk in.  I carried Ella so that we didn't have to unexpectedly buy anything as that would have been unbelievably bad.  But she would have gotten some really cool art for Christmas!  haha.

But seriously, there's just something so classic and lovely about Dr. Seuss.  It takes you back.  And the best part is that you can still enjoy it with little ones today!  So it's something you'll both treasure.  And while it may take you forever to read his books, and you may have trouble saying many of the tongue twisters among them, it's a brain teaser that you are sure to remember forever and ever. 

There's still time to catch this exhibit before it's gone...
12/22 - 12/23/2014 - 9am - 10pm (Holiday Hours)
12/24/2014 - 9am - 6pm (Christmas Eve)
12/26/2014 - 8am - 9pm (Holiday Hours)
12/27/2014 - 10am - 9pm (Holiday Hours)
12/28/2014 - 12pm - 6pm (Holiday Hours)
12/29 - 12/30/2014 - 10am - 9pm (Holiday Hours)
12/31/2014 - 10am - 6pm (New Year's Eve)
01/01/2015 - 10am - 6pm (New Year's Day)

Go check it out... It's a quick stop and take the kiddo's too!

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