Top Five & Favorite Posts of 2014

As 2014 begins to come to a close, I wanted to share the the Top Five most viewed posts and some of my favorites too...
Coming in at #5 was our little Elf, Big Christmas!  The introductory post to Big Christmas was a hit.  He's only here for one month, but he sure does a lot and makes a big impact! 
#4 most popular post of 2014 was one of my "In The Kitchen" posts where I shared with you Fresh Artistry, the new food to your doorstep that you can cook!  The chicken was delicious and we still try to copy the potatoes! 
#3 was a version of What I Need Wednesday - where I listed a few of my favorite things... Like this table that I NEED would love for our patio!
#2 was our Holiday Living room tour.  It wasn't super fancy to me or what I was really going for, but it got a lot of views this year.  At least our tree was nice.  Hoping for a tree that nice next year too!

And the #1 most viewed post of 2014 for me was my DIY Target Table Redesign.  It's one of my favorite pieces in the house these days.  Do you latch on to the piece you created too?!  Well it was super easy and is now a staple of our living room. 

And now for a few favorites...
In the Kitchen :: Apple Pie

Chairish Style Challenge

Patio Reveal

DIY Animal Jewelry Dish

World Cup Excitement

Stanley Cup Playoff Game

Any favorite posts you found this year?!  Or things you did!?! 

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