House Updates :: Ella's Room

Ellas room is a thorn in my side.  She needs room to play, but prefers a bigger bed.  She has a bajillion stuffed animals, but they just look like clutter to me. 

So a few months back, the re-doing of her recent re-do began. 
I ordered a tee-pee.
I sought out a bed on craigslist which was listed as Jenny Lind, but I've decided it's not but it works.
I sought out a bedspread which I found at Land of Nod which I'm not sure it's my favorite, but it works.  
I even contemplated making my own LARGE art for in her because the room has been moved around a few times and the large blank walls drive me bonkers.

In the end, we are ok with it.  Sorry for the photos... my phone took a yellow tone when I did these so there are a few in here with real colors.

Most of the things we already had... I really only bought the bed, bedspread, and tee-pee.

I'd still love to get a rug for in here... but I'm undecided on what to get!  Not too many things go with that bedspread which is what is holding me back! 
I also DIY'd these curtains -- see the tutorial here.

I even stole those clouds from the playroom...

And she seems to like it for the time being. 
She has requested a light by her bed and I usually find her hanging out in the tee-pee...
Overall its ok... but it's changed since the beginning of the year so this is my mid-year update!
I think this room will naturally evolve... we shall see.

Just another day at our house... rearranging furniture and changing things up!
Tomorrow, I think I'll share the kitchen or the playroom.


House Updates :: Living Room

It's been a long while since I remember posting anything about our house and if you ask me, there have been quite a few changes.  Even if they are small, they are changes and I'm really kind of liking them. 

So this week, we'll go through three rooms that have received major and minor updates.

To start :: The Living Room. 
It's been a long time coming.  It was time to grow up a bit.  While I'm sure I'll always be in Craigslist Hunt mode, I do love the idea of NEW things... Just ask my husband.  But I was feeling like with our space we weren't really utilizing it the best way we could.  So... Enter Karls. 
We splurged on the Karlstad Sofa from IKEA and 4 months later are still in love.  I seriously can't believe how EVERYONE can fit on it at the same time.  It's comfortable.  It seems to be holding up pretty well, and it just overall works for us! 

I had painted all the wood dressers and tables in the room this gray at one point to achieve some uniformity, but then I remembered why I bought the pieces in the first place and it was because I hated uniformity.  So... while the horse stayed gray, the dresser was stripped.
Still one of my favorite craigslist finds, this leather chair.  The wheels have fallen off, there are cracks on the seat, the ottoman is now been buried in the garage (RIP), and it's missing a button cover, but we just really like this guy. 
We haven't really tackled the cord situation in here yet -- that will come shortly -- but for now this is one way I hide the ones by the tv. 

And here you see the ones I haven't hidden yet. 
I'm a little unsure what to do with them until wireless lights are invented.

Right now I'm really happy with how it's looking.  The new pieces really add new life to the room as well as giving us more comfortable seating.  I really love how the dark sofa just kind of pops in here with the light gray walls.  Next up, pillows and changing the wall decorations.  I'm not sure on those mirrors anymore...



Quick Visit to Conner Prairie

This year we decided to grab a membership to Conner Prairie.  It's been a great move for us!  With the Interactive History Park being only 5-10 min away from us, we hop over there even if we only have an hour!  And at $90 for a yearly membership, it's totally worth it!

During our most recent trip there were camp kids all around.  And I'm not sure if that's why, but there were a bunch of people in character -- We usually see a few here and there, but they were out and about and very very active! 

We had a long stop at the town Doctors house.  There we made some food....

And listened to the Doctor share some of his remedies...

They smelled peppermint and she shared with us the family toothbrush and what they'd use on it to take care of their teeth.

We even heard some wonderful piano playings from his wife. 

And on the way out, we stopped by the barn to pet some animals.  This baby cow was Ells favorite this time around. 

Thanks Conner Prairie for an always wonderful quick stop in!


Ells Goes To Preschool

This past February my little Ells turned 3.  In her head she's at least 13, but really, she's only 3... 
And our babysitter decided to follow her dreams and start her own business over the summer...
So... We decided the next logical progression was to put this kiddo in school. 

So last Thursday we went to the Open House and met her teachers and she insisted on bringing a lunch. 

And then she was mad we had to leave... 
"But Mom, I didn't even eat my lunch... ?"

I stayed up Monday night... well I went out in the dark... and drew this on the ground.   I saw it on Pinterest somewhere... and I figure we can always do sidewalk chalk from Preschool to 12th grade! 

And Tuesday was her first day... 
She was upset with me that I didn't let her chalk... 
Much better... 

And what's a first day of school without an early morning bike ride on the open road since all the other kids are already at school?

She did amazing and was crying yesterday that she didn't get to go again! 
So here's to today -- Day 2!  
Maybe she needs more days! 

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