House Updates :: Ella's Room

Ellas room is a thorn in my side.  She needs room to play, but prefers a bigger bed.  She has a bajillion stuffed animals, but they just look like clutter to me. 

So a few months back, the re-doing of her recent re-do began. 
I ordered a tee-pee.
I sought out a bed on craigslist which was listed as Jenny Lind, but I've decided it's not but it works.
I sought out a bedspread which I found at Land of Nod which I'm not sure it's my favorite, but it works.  
I even contemplated making my own LARGE art for in her because the room has been moved around a few times and the large blank walls drive me bonkers.

In the end, we are ok with it.  Sorry for the photos... my phone took a yellow tone when I did these so there are a few in here with real colors.

Most of the things we already had... I really only bought the bed, bedspread, and tee-pee.

I'd still love to get a rug for in here... but I'm undecided on what to get!  Not too many things go with that bedspread which is what is holding me back! 
I also DIY'd these curtains -- see the tutorial here.

I even stole those clouds from the playroom...

And she seems to like it for the time being. 
She has requested a light by her bed and I usually find her hanging out in the tee-pee...
Overall its ok... but it's changed since the beginning of the year so this is my mid-year update!
I think this room will naturally evolve... we shall see.

Just another day at our house... rearranging furniture and changing things up!
Tomorrow, I think I'll share the kitchen or the playroom.

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