Little About Me

I figured today I could let you in on a little bit o' me.  I often wonder how much we really know about the bloggers we follow so this will be a start. 

Ten Things About Me!

{1} I'm the oldest of four siblings.  I was born in 1984 and then came along Johnny, Libby, and a bit later Michael.  Michael is what we call the bonus baby... he was a super surprise and born when I was in the 8th grade. 

{2} My favorite color is red.  I don't know why honestly.  I never use red, wear red, or decorate with red... I think I just like it's sass.  It's bold and bright!  But I do always choose the red token in games, love red accessories, and would paint my front door red if my hubby would let me!

{3} I have 2 dogs - Lex & Lou.  They are my lovies and they know it!  They get away with so much because they are just so darn cute.  Lex is going on 6 and Lou is going on 3 - that's in human years.  They look like they are related (and in our family they are) but they aren't.  Lex is a Labradoodle and Louie is a Schnoodle but looks like a mini Lex. 

{4} I teach ice skating right now four days a week and come fall will probably be out there five to six.  I've skated since I was seven.  I passed my Gold Freestyle and Gold Moves in the Field while skating with the Fort Wayne Ice Skating Club and then decided to start coaching.  I actually started when I was 16.  I would just stay and help with classes because I rode home with one of the instructors, but then I started to do my own.  I've been teaching for 10 years... unreal.

{5} I always wanted six kids.  Not sure why... maybe because I liked big families.  Any family I knew with six kids, I loved...wierd, I know.  But I just usually saw a closeness between everyone.  It was really nice.  Then I became a nanny for a family of four and decided that would probably be my max.  After the first time I watched all four - ages 2 months, 2, 4, and 6 - I decided six might be a bit much.  Or... Maybe I just liked the idea of a Brady Bunch type fam...


{6} Skating led me to many things in my life - One of the most amazing families that I've ever met - The Los Family - who I met while teaching two of their girls in Fort Wayne and who took me in when they moved to Indy and I was going to Indy for school.  They've since moved to NY, but I LOVE THEM SO MUCH and they'll always be a huge part of my life!  And it also led me to my husband. 

{7} My husband is seven years older than me.  Funny story... We went to the same grade school - never knew each other.  Skated at the same ice rink for our entire youth - never knew each other.  Lived not more than 5-10 min from each other - never knew each other.  Both moved to Indianapolis, met at an ice rink, and now here we are seven years later.  Kinda crazy.  Small world.

{8} I get way too many emails!  My blackberry is constantly exploding with emails.  Most of them are junk... or maybe not junk, but things I've signed up for and rarely visit or use.  Groupon, Living Social, Eversave, United States Figure Skating, Plum District, All You, Meetup, Kohls, Gap, Banks, and Facebook updates, just to name a few. I need to probably attempt to get this under control. 


{9} I have a strange weakness for potato chips.  They are going to be my ultimate downfall.  I love them.  I could eat them all the time!  I have to treat myself to them because I could sit and eat an entire bag at one time!  It's crazy I know... and if you add in the French Onion Dip, I'm even more screwed.  I blame my father for this food obsession!

{10} I could drink coffee 24/7.  Not now, I'm trying to wein myself down, but when there's a pot, I'll take care of it!  Hot or Iced, I love it!  I used to drink a Venti everyday from Starbucks - Just black coffee - but now I'm down to a tall.  I used to brew an entire pot at home on Sundays, but now I'm down to one cup.  I'm thinking a little less crazy caffeine might help with my major migraine headaches I get.  Ugh to the Ugh...they suck!

So now I hope you feel a little closer to me!  haha... That was actually pretty hard to come up with ten legitimate items to talk about!  Hope I didn't bore you too badly! 

Almost there... Happy Gateway to the Weekend! 



Yep, that's right... I've been MIA. 
Well, not really, but at least from the blogging world. 

So I apologize for being MIA... I've just been so out of it lately.  And so uncreative lately...
I have a huge list of things to do and no energy to do them or desire at the moment. 

But since I've been MIA and there's a possibility there will be a few more MIA days next week, I wanted to share with you a trip I'll be taking. 

Next week I'll be leaving on Wednesday to go to San Francisco for Stella & Dot's yearly conference/seminar/training extravaganza known as HOOPLA.  I decided at the beginning of the year that I would go.  I love Stella & Dot as many of you know and I just need a little boost with it.  Some ideas from the pros, some tips from the top, some inspiration!  So... I'll be off to meet up with all kinds of Stylish Stylists from all over the US and Canada and we'll be getting our groove on and learning some things from each other! 

It's a 2.5 day thing.  Everything is kicked off by a GLORIOUSLY FABULOUS fashion show!  There are links all over from last years!  And the fashion show features all the new jewelry from the FALL 2011 Line!  I have seen a sneak at a few items and MAN O MAN are you going to love them!  I can't wait to see them, touch them, order them! 

There are so many amazing women at this event - from our team here in Indiana and from everywhere!  Not to mention Jessica Herrin - our CEO and Founder, Blythe Harris - our Creative Director, & Danielle Redner - our VP of training - this girl used to make six figures selling candles!  WOAH, I know! 

I'm so excited to go and meet other stylists, see San Francisco, and be inspired by amazing women and such a great company that I'm hoping to come back and rock it!  Hope I can do it! 


2011 Home Goals Recap - Midway Point

I just want to say that I'm in a really good mood today!  Tired as all get out, but totally in a good mood!  The first song I heard when I got in my car this morning was LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem which is totally my favorite song right now!  So that really got me ready to go today!!! 

At the beginning of the year I made a list of a TON of goals to be finished around my house this year.  That's right THIS YEAR... not next or 10 years down the road.  I'm making myself stick to it!  And here's the progress as of now... Since I consider June 25th the midway point of the year - my birthday which makes my half birthday Christmas - I thought it would be a good time to recap. 

Living Room:
  • To get new rug
    • Uncheck
  • To get chair reupholstered
    • Uncheck, but do have slipcover so maybe half check
  • To finish ottoman for coffee table or get new coffee table
  • Fix all paint around edges
    • Half Check - Halfway done
  • New Carpet or if I can convince Mr. K, hardwood laminate.
    • Uncheck, but have convinced Mr. K that's what we are going to do! YAY

  • To Set up hooks and bench seat
  • Fix up walls with some sort of chalk wall
    • Uncheck
  • Hooks for mops etc.
    • CHECK then Uncheck - Hooks failed!
  • Organize shelves
    • Uncheck
Complete UNCHECK

  • Build banquette for corner
  • Install Light fixture
  • Paint cabinets and add hardware
  • Install island?

  • Have painted
  • Hang picture/art wall
    • Half Check - Frames are painted and ready to be hung
Master Bedroom:

  • Fix all edge painting
    • Uncheck
  • New furniture
    • Uncheck
  • Replace curtains and rods
  • Find new chair
    • Uncheck, but remove from list - bench will be enough
  • Add bench to end of bed
    • Half Check - Have bench, but needs redone

Master Bath:
  • Finish accessorizing
    • CHECK
  • New Shower curtain
    • Uncheck
  • Paint vanity
    • Uncheck

  • Organize
    • Half Check - Always a work in progress
  • Bulletin Board
  • New Chair
  • Style Bookcases
    • CHECK
  • Hang chair rail
    • Uncheck - Might have changed mind on this
  • Paint above and below rail
    • Half Check - Will be painted soon thanks to Groupon!
  • New comforter/bedding
    • CHECK
  • Reupholster chair
    • Uncheck - Might paint it!
Upstairs Hallway:
  • Paint and hang picture ledge

Not too shabby...
Out of 32 Items, 11 are completely done and 5 others are halfway done!  I think that's a pretty good place to be at the half way point! 

In the next couple of weeks, I hope to:
  • Complete my gallery wall
  • Complete my new bench for the bedroom
  • Completely finish the pantry
  • completely finish the edging
That will knock those off!  Biggest feats we'll have - Banquet in kitchen!  Here's hoping that's done by the end of the summer!  YAY!!!

How are your home goals going to for 2011 so far?!?  I'd love to hear!  I've added a link at the bottom so you can link up if you want!  :)
Happy Gateway to the Weekend!


Gotta Get With It

Well, it's official...
I'm out of it! 

I think I'm doing to much... at the moment.  At least for me.  I think in a couple of weeks I'll be OK... but at the moment, I'm feeling like a sinking ship!

Between skating, Stella, and my real job...
Being a housewife and a home keeper in the evenings...
And not ever sleeping anymore...
I'm over it!

I haven't exercised in 2 weeks - MUST DO SOON!  I'm so tired!  I'm achy!  Ugh... Being busy can get old real fast... and I thought I was taking a break this summer!  NOT!!! Mr. K is working on something at night that takes computer time all evening.  I'm trying to keep my unorganized chaos of a life organized - not working so well - and smile while doing it. 

But since to me the theme here is organization or lack there of... I'm going to share some organizing tips today that hopefully I'll be able to fully implement and will allow for more snooze time... or at least to finish my latest book! 

So... let's Get with it!  Let's tackle the Paper Clutter!

These are a generalization of some tips that I read over at Honey We're Home a week or so ago!  Love her blog!  It's so "perfect!"  Maybe if I follow her tips, I could give that illusion at my house!  It's not an illusion at hers, but I'd settle for illusion at this point! 

{1} Mail - Get rid of the Junk right away!

Isn't Mail the worst?!?  Remember when you used to love getting mail?  Before it was only bills and junk mail?  Those were the days!  Now, it's bills, bills, bills... welcome to the big girl life!  I'm pretty good at this tip - Mr. K - not so much.  He just leaves the entire pile!  Ugh!  Need to train him better! 
Once you've gotten rid of the junk at least sort the rest into piles - Bills, Magazines, Etc.  Then it's easier to widdle your way through the much smaller pile! 

{2} Get a File Organizer
Wait to go and purchase any new supplies until you've sorted through your papers so that you have a better idea of what you'll really need.  1.  Get all your papers in one place where you'll have room to sort.
2.  Sort the items by like categories.

3.  For filing purposes, break those categories down even farther into subcategories. 
4.  When you are ready - Create labels!

You can even have multiple filing boxes.  In my cases, I think I'd have HOME, SKATING, HOCKEY, STELLA, and then a small one for Receipts & Coupons. 

{3} Receipts & Coupons

All you need is one of those mini accordion file folders that will fit in your purse.  I used to have this and it works well!  It's since been lost - hence why we are going over organization! <-- Story of my life = LOST! 

Label each little file with specific store names or type of coupons like Grocery or Home Improvement.  This will set everything up to be used when you are at a certain store or want to purchase from a certain store!  They are ready and waiting and at your fingertips!  All you have to do is cut them out and sort them... and in my case, put the file back in my purse! 

Look at this one that attaches to your shopping cart!


I think three procedures are enough to start with!  I'm thinking about documenting my organization process... it definitely needs some refining and who wouldn't love to share and maybe learn something in the process! 

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Birthday Giveaway

I need something to make me not think about my disaster of a bathroom at home...

So why not give away something that I know you'll love! 
Since it's my B-day on Saturday I thought I'd share the love...

I'm giving away a pair of Stella & Dot Earrings
AND a $30 Gift Card to my e-boutique!!! 

Why?  Because it's my Birthday and I'll give things away if I want to!  hehe.

The Toujours Earrings!
A summer must have!


What would you wear them with?

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Kellermeyer Chronicles - Soggy Day

Oh... I wish I had pictures!

Imagine "waking up" to this...

That's what I basically saw last night in our bathroom...
Ok, maybe it's a bit of an exaggeration...
Ok, a LOT of an exaggeration...
But I still felt like water was rushing from Niagara Falls from my toilet and onto my bathroom floor! 

And after the flash flooding all day long here, it was just about the perfect storybook ending to a soggy day!

Last night while laying in bed, we heard a rather random noise that came from our bathroom. 

Everything was normal before we got in bed... I was already in bed when Mr. K came to bed (as usual).  He used the restroom before bed (as usual).  I told him I smelled something funny and asked him if he could shut the bathroom door before hopping into bed.  It just smelled damp or something... maybe it was a sign.  A sign that I clearly didn't listen to. 

So... we were laying in bed, almost asleep... you know that time when you've just turned the TV off, made sure the alarms are set, and gotten into the "perfect" sleep position?  Oh wait... I don't have one of those!  And then we heard a pop... maybe it was a combination of a pop and a thud.  This was probably 10 minutes after Mr. K had shut the bathroom door. 

Mr. K got up to investigate.  HOLY FLOODED BATHROOM!  Probably at least an inch of water was on our bathroom floor!  I was in shock... but I was the one who suggested to shut the water off!  YAY ME! - Bonus Points!  Nevertheless, we still had to figure out where the water was coming from AND how to clean it up!  I grabbed all the towels we had... not enough.  All the hand towels we had... not enough.  And attempted to absorb as much of the water as quickly as possible.  All I could think was that it was somehow going to leak to our downstairs and stain our ceiling!!!  I really hope that when I get home and there is daylight shining in that I don't see something surprisingly unwelcome on our ceiling! 

So we sopped up all the water using every single towel we owned except for one for morning showering purposes and then it was off to bed again... But then we were wide awake so we tried to figure out what had happened. 

Our toilet has been running funny lately.  And it all happened after Mr. K flushed and left the bathroom.  So... the only thing we can think happened is that the back tank just overflowed.  Does that sound right?  Anyone else had this problem before?!?  And how do we fix it!?! 

At the moment we are using our guest bathroom for all purposes and have kept the water shut off in our Master Bath.  Problem definitely not solved. 

Never a dull moment at the Kellermeyer House...

Thoughts and suggestions welcome as we are still new to this homeowner stuff....
... at least when things start failing ...
... You live, you learn ...
And in this case, I'll mooch a little knowledge from everyone out there!


Sick Day

Feeling a little under the weather today...
Hopefully back to normal tomorrow!




While I do not have an obsession with Tori Spelling, I do find her decorating something I envy.  I do find her a bit over the top, but what mom isn't... at least those who can be, right?  And I enjoy stories on Tori and Dean and babies Liam and Stella. 

So the other day when I was scanning through all the updates for blogs I follow, I saw that Hooked on Houses had a feature about the Spelling Mansion finally selling.  Of course, I hop on over there to check out the pics.  Apparently I've never really seen them before so I read the entire post, start to finish - not just looking at the pictures which lets be honest, sometimes happens.  But doesn't this picture just make you want to read more?!?


Toward the end there was a link to EdiTORIal.  It's Tori's new website which has an entire sections devoted to decorating, crafting, living, loving, etc.  It's actually quite wonderful.  And one of the best parts, it's like a community... you can join and discuss and comment and post.  It's like Tori's Facebook!  haha. 


I'm sure I'll be hopping over there often. 
Can't wait to see all the things she shares!!!


My Camera Search

I'm on the search for an affordable Nikon... all the great bloggers have them.  Different sorts of course.  And not that I'm saying I'm at the same caliber of blogging as them, but I'd like to be... and I'd like to be able to share photos I'm not embarrassed by. 

I've been actively Ebaying, Craiglisting, and Sale Shopping for any version that is better than my current camera. 

I currently use a Cannon.  A Cannon Powershot. 
It's nice, but needs a trip to the shop for just a quick clean-up/maintenance. 
It's about 5 years old.  Perfect time to upgrade...
And my mom already said she wants it!  Yay!

Plus, I want something that I could use for more things.  I want something that takes beautiful shots that I can tamper with a bit - zoom, focus, blurr, etc - so I'm on the hunt. 

A Nikon D3100 or A Nikon D3000


Right now, the Nikon D3100 is on sale at Target for $639.  I'm still in denial that this type of camera will cost me so much, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice to have it.  My last one was around $300 back in the day...
Here's the description of the camera:

Take professional-quality photos of everyday events with this digital SLR camera by Nikon. Featuring 14.2 megapixels, full manual operation, vibration reduction technology and 1080p HD movie recording, this compact SLR comes with a quality 18-55mm VR autofocus lens perfect for hobbyists and professionals.

I think I'm in love... it says I can take professional quality photos! That's what I want!  And I want it before I have a baby!  hehe... Did you hear read that Mr. K?

But there are also older models/versions available out there. 

I'd like to stay under $800 if possible... that seems like a crazy amount of money to spend on a camera, but it will probably save me money and also I'm guessing there will be more of my own prints that I'll be able to use.  I'm just looking for something to give my photos a bit cleaner look.  This mostly limits me to the entry-level models in each manufacturer's range — such as the Canon EOS 1100D or the Nikon D3100.

I'm also thinking about the D40...which I can't tell from reviews if it's an older version or newer and if it's a lower or higher model.  I'm thinking both older and lower.  Hmmm....
Anyways, it's got great reviews on ease of use, great photos, shutter speed for action shots, etc.  Hmmm...


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to choose the right camera?  Where to go for the best reviews?  Where to go for good insight?  I'm kind of lost...


My New Bench { Part One }

A week or so ago I found this on Craigslist...

Can you guess how much they wanted for it?  I bet you can't!  It was a steal!  I mean a total steal. 
Ten Dolla!  Woah... are you sure?  Yes, only $10!  I like to say dolla though...

When I bought it I was a bit unsure on whether or not it would be easy to reupholster or not. 
But once I got it home, it was a piece of cake. 
Notice below it's in two pieces.

Now... just waiting on my fabric from fabric.com.  Can you guess which one I'm using?   Or where this will go when I'm all finished with it?!? 

My options are laid out on top of the bench... what do you think?


Flip Flop Swap

Happy Monday Blog Hogs!!! 

I'm so tired today... maybe a bit more on that tomorrow... it's a long story! 
Involves me, the hubby, a plane and a car.  Boo to travel sometimes. 

Anyways I'm so excited to share with you today the surprise I received in the mail last week!  I joined the flip flop swap that was hosted by Lynn at Breaking Through.  I thought it was a super cute idea so I thought, why not.  The only limitation was that you had to purchase flip flops and couldn't spend over $20. 

So my partner was Janessa over at Our Blue Life.  You should go check out her blog!  It's super cute!  But here's what she sent me! 

**Side Note: Sorry for the bum pictures... my camera died on me the other day.  Actually died is probably an over exaggeration... it's batteries died, not the actual camera.  And I tried to put just plain AA batteries in to get me through, but they died pretty quickly so I have to go out and buy the Lithium.  Until then, it's phone pics.  :(

I'm so excited that I got FOUR PAIRS of flip flops!  I was going to have to break down and buy them sooner or later... I was down to two... a pair of brown and a pair of silver.  Now I'm set.  The giraffe print ones are too cute!  And I love paisley so these were all right up my alley!  There's also a pair of Missing Red ones... I wore them once, cleaned the house all weekend and now am unable to find them... odd, I know. 

I'm linking up over at Lynn's blog today to see what everyone else got!  I sure hope Janessa liked the ones I sent.  After I sent them I contemplated getting another pair... for myself.  They were too cute! 


Gorgeous Succulent Wreath Project

Ok... so since Mr. K will be gone all weekend there are a few DIY projects that I'm just dying to tackle!  And then hopefully I will share all of them in a timely manner.  hehe.  We all know I'm a little slow. 

Here's one... not sure if I'll tackle this one this weekend (don't worry, it's been added to the end of the list) but I'm in love with succulents so it will be done at some point.  We used them for my wedding.  We have some in my front yard.  I love them.  I'm not sure what it is.  I think they feel different and kind of edgy... but with a soft, hearty twist.  <-- Might be the most awkward description of a plant EVER!

This entire project was created by Jamie at Prudent Baby.  I found it on Tip Junkie, but they will take you to over to Prudent Baby from there too.  :) 

Start with:
* a wreath frame that you can get at your local craft store.
* Sphagnum moss
* Floral wire or Fishing wire
* Floral pins - paper clips - bobby pins - all will work
* Rooting hormone - helps plants grow in
* Succulent clippings... buy or prune yourself :)

1. Clip your succulents. 

2. Moisten the spaghnum moss in a bowl for 5-10 min until it is fully wet.  Then stuff the wreath full of the wet moss.

3.  Wrap floral wire around the wreath and moss to keep in place.   

4.  Time to plant!  Start with succulents that you have less of and are larger.  Stick a pen or pencil through the moss to make a hole. 

5.  Dip your succulent into the rooting hormone covering the stem. 
6.  Secure the plant in place by using the bobby pins or floral pins.  Make sure you do not pierce the succulent...go around it.  Probably why bobby pins work just as well if not better. 

7.  Continue around the wreath until you have all your clippings in leaving a little room for growth!  Keep adding until you feel good about it! 

When you are done you should have something like this!  Voila! 

Isn't this GORG?!?! 
I mean who wouldn't love to hang this on their front porch!?! 
I know I would and I hope I can!  :) 
Beautius Succulents!

*for all steps and more details on this project, visit their blog*
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