Flip Flop Swap

Happy Monday Blog Hogs!!! 

I'm so tired today... maybe a bit more on that tomorrow... it's a long story! 
Involves me, the hubby, a plane and a car.  Boo to travel sometimes. 

Anyways I'm so excited to share with you today the surprise I received in the mail last week!  I joined the flip flop swap that was hosted by Lynn at Breaking Through.  I thought it was a super cute idea so I thought, why not.  The only limitation was that you had to purchase flip flops and couldn't spend over $20. 

So my partner was Janessa over at Our Blue Life.  You should go check out her blog!  It's super cute!  But here's what she sent me! 

**Side Note: Sorry for the bum pictures... my camera died on me the other day.  Actually died is probably an over exaggeration... it's batteries died, not the actual camera.  And I tried to put just plain AA batteries in to get me through, but they died pretty quickly so I have to go out and buy the Lithium.  Until then, it's phone pics.  :(

I'm so excited that I got FOUR PAIRS of flip flops!  I was going to have to break down and buy them sooner or later... I was down to two... a pair of brown and a pair of silver.  Now I'm set.  The giraffe print ones are too cute!  And I love paisley so these were all right up my alley!  There's also a pair of Missing Red ones... I wore them once, cleaned the house all weekend and now am unable to find them... odd, I know. 

I'm linking up over at Lynn's blog today to see what everyone else got!  I sure hope Janessa liked the ones I sent.  After I sent them I contemplated getting another pair... for myself.  They were too cute! 


Tamela said...

Those giraffe ones are adorable!!!

Allison said...

You lucked out with 4 pairs! I love the brown and blue ones!

Lyryn said...

Thanks for joining in! You made out soooo well!!!! They are really awesome! Yay!

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