2011 Home Goals Recap - Midway Point

I just want to say that I'm in a really good mood today!  Tired as all get out, but totally in a good mood!  The first song I heard when I got in my car this morning was LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem which is totally my favorite song right now!  So that really got me ready to go today!!! 

At the beginning of the year I made a list of a TON of goals to be finished around my house this year.  That's right THIS YEAR... not next or 10 years down the road.  I'm making myself stick to it!  And here's the progress as of now... Since I consider June 25th the midway point of the year - my birthday which makes my half birthday Christmas - I thought it would be a good time to recap. 

Living Room:
  • To get new rug
    • Uncheck
  • To get chair reupholstered
    • Uncheck, but do have slipcover so maybe half check
  • To finish ottoman for coffee table or get new coffee table
  • Fix all paint around edges
    • Half Check - Halfway done
  • New Carpet or if I can convince Mr. K, hardwood laminate.
    • Uncheck, but have convinced Mr. K that's what we are going to do! YAY

  • To Set up hooks and bench seat
  • Fix up walls with some sort of chalk wall
    • Uncheck
  • Hooks for mops etc.
    • CHECK then Uncheck - Hooks failed!
  • Organize shelves
    • Uncheck
Complete UNCHECK

  • Build banquette for corner
  • Install Light fixture
  • Paint cabinets and add hardware
  • Install island?

  • Have painted
  • Hang picture/art wall
    • Half Check - Frames are painted and ready to be hung
Master Bedroom:

  • Fix all edge painting
    • Uncheck
  • New furniture
    • Uncheck
  • Replace curtains and rods
  • Find new chair
    • Uncheck, but remove from list - bench will be enough
  • Add bench to end of bed
    • Half Check - Have bench, but needs redone

Master Bath:
  • Finish accessorizing
    • CHECK
  • New Shower curtain
    • Uncheck
  • Paint vanity
    • Uncheck

  • Organize
    • Half Check - Always a work in progress
  • Bulletin Board
  • New Chair
  • Style Bookcases
    • CHECK
  • Hang chair rail
    • Uncheck - Might have changed mind on this
  • Paint above and below rail
    • Half Check - Will be painted soon thanks to Groupon!
  • New comforter/bedding
    • CHECK
  • Reupholster chair
    • Uncheck - Might paint it!
Upstairs Hallway:
  • Paint and hang picture ledge

Not too shabby...
Out of 32 Items, 11 are completely done and 5 others are halfway done!  I think that's a pretty good place to be at the half way point! 

In the next couple of weeks, I hope to:
  • Complete my gallery wall
  • Complete my new bench for the bedroom
  • Completely finish the pantry
  • completely finish the edging
That will knock those off!  Biggest feats we'll have - Banquet in kitchen!  Here's hoping that's done by the end of the summer!  YAY!!!

How are your home goals going to for 2011 so far?!?  I'd love to hear!  I've added a link at the bottom so you can link up if you want!  :)
Happy Gateway to the Weekend!

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