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Last night I had an hour and half to kill after work but before my skating lessons.  So I figured why not take advantage of the area I was in and go to all my favorite stores that I never go to!  And that's just what I did. 

I started at Goodwill.  Well, you know I go to Goodwill all the time, but there's one in Carmel that I rarely go to.  I actually think the last time I was there I saw Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick, but I wouldn't dare say anything... I get weird like that.  I don't know, but I kind of felt like a stalker... anyone else feel like that when you see someone you've never met before, but feel like you know all about them?  Do you guys feel that way about me?!?  hehe. Well, I don't know all about Sarah, but I do visit her blog very often and it just felt weird to me to be like "Hi, Are you Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick?"  I know she lives in Indy so I'm sure it was her.  Anyways - Major Digression now back to the actual topic- started there and didn't really find much.  I might go back Saturday afternoon once they've had their 50% off sale because it was looking a bit crowded in there. 

Next stop Tuesday Morning.  I have a love/hate relationship with this store.  I hate that I never find anything in there, but I love to visit.  And they used to have weird hours so I would never go... now that they've opened where they are, they seem to be a bit more consistent.  I was looking for a bench... kind of like this one from Janell's Office over at Isabella & Max Rooms.  I am in love with it and would like something comparable for the top of my stairs under my soon to be gallery wall.  No dice.  There was not one bench in there.  Strike that... there was a cement garden bench - not really what I'm going for. 

Then there was World Market... better known as Cost Plus.  I die for this store.  It is one of my absolute favorite places!  I am eclectic so I love that they basically have just about everything you can think of in here.  It's just wonderful!  So let's see the reasons why I love World Market. 

1. Disco Driftwood Indoor-Outdoor Rug - I love the design on this and while it has pops of color, it's still very neutral.

2. Velvet Curtain Panel - I love these curtain panels. They would blend nicely with my new curtains in the living room. Maybe these would work on my sliding door instead of my next up DIY project for them... Hmmm???

3. Lucy Upholstered Bench with Pillows, Espresso - I saw this in the store yesterday in Gray. It was so gorgeous! I wanted to buy it right then and there for my bedroom, but since Mr. K had my debit card and I'm getting one to redo from Craigslist tonight for $10, I figured I should wait.

4. Raja Round Pedestal Table - Loving this table for the side of Mr. K's leather chair. I think it would go nicely there. And maybe even painted a gray, cream, or teal as an accent... loving this idea.

5.  Basic Ceramic Floral Knob, Red, Set of 4 - These are just so cute and would be a great accent on a simple plain colored cabinet or dresser.  I'm all about the accent at the moment if you can't tell. 

6.  Capiz Hanging Pendant - I have loved this light forever!  FOREVER!!!  I wanted to get two to use as bedside lighting in my guest bedroom, but since then my ideas have changed.  I still love it though.  Maybe I could incorporate it into my bedroom?  What do you think?

7. Suzani Curtain - This could totally work in my guest bedroom.  It's going to be what I'd like to call a "Worldly Room."  A mix of anything and everything maps, travels, discovery, you name it!  I already have some map items in there. I'd love to get some suitcases to add to the "travel" theme.

8.  Small Latika Hanging Lantern - Wish Wish Wish I had a patio.  A patio with a pergola.  A patio with a pergola with these hanging in the corner... ahhh... to live the good life!  Well, until then I'll just keep this on my MUST HAVE AT SOME POINT IN MY LIFE list.  Waiting sucks. 

9.  Aiden Coffee Table - Reminds me of mine, but with wheels.  I am in love with this semi-white washed worn and torn wood look.  It's my fave.  An industrial meets modern twist.  If I hadn't gotten my coffee table already, this would be sitting in front of my sofa. 

10.  Jackson Metal Tub Chair - I can't wait to get a mix of chairs to go around our DIY banquette in our kitchen.  Don't worry, that's just on the to do list.  You didn't miss out.  We are hoping to do something like this from Aubrey & Lindsay.  I'm hoping that we can do it this summer!  :)  And then have ALL (it'll only be three) chairs around the other side. 

11. Kooboo Wicker Chair, Gray - Again with the grays... If only I had a patio... then I could use these on the end of a huge Cement Slab table with a bench on one side and 2 chairs on the other... oh dream dream dream... someday, right?!?  Maybe at my next house!  ;)

12.  Natural Fiber Drum Stool - And maybe this on my front porch or right by the door to the patio to make it all tie in... hmmm...

13.  And lastly... I love this chair!  I don't really have anywhere to put it, but I love it anyways!  I couldn't find it on the website so I linked to another one.  They had one in a yellow patterned look and it would go nicely in my loft... maybe I'll switch out.  Hmmm....

I love that all of these items are under $200. 

So there are my faves from Cost Plus World Market at the moment... I'm sure I could add about 1000 things to this list! 

And make sure to hop over to their site and enter their Live Like a Newlywed Giveaway!!! 

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