Little About Me

I figured today I could let you in on a little bit o' me.  I often wonder how much we really know about the bloggers we follow so this will be a start. 

Ten Things About Me!

{1} I'm the oldest of four siblings.  I was born in 1984 and then came along Johnny, Libby, and a bit later Michael.  Michael is what we call the bonus baby... he was a super surprise and born when I was in the 8th grade. 

{2} My favorite color is red.  I don't know why honestly.  I never use red, wear red, or decorate with red... I think I just like it's sass.  It's bold and bright!  But I do always choose the red token in games, love red accessories, and would paint my front door red if my hubby would let me!

{3} I have 2 dogs - Lex & Lou.  They are my lovies and they know it!  They get away with so much because they are just so darn cute.  Lex is going on 6 and Lou is going on 3 - that's in human years.  They look like they are related (and in our family they are) but they aren't.  Lex is a Labradoodle and Louie is a Schnoodle but looks like a mini Lex. 

{4} I teach ice skating right now four days a week and come fall will probably be out there five to six.  I've skated since I was seven.  I passed my Gold Freestyle and Gold Moves in the Field while skating with the Fort Wayne Ice Skating Club and then decided to start coaching.  I actually started when I was 16.  I would just stay and help with classes because I rode home with one of the instructors, but then I started to do my own.  I've been teaching for 10 years... unreal.

{5} I always wanted six kids.  Not sure why... maybe because I liked big families.  Any family I knew with six kids, I loved...wierd, I know.  But I just usually saw a closeness between everyone.  It was really nice.  Then I became a nanny for a family of four and decided that would probably be my max.  After the first time I watched all four - ages 2 months, 2, 4, and 6 - I decided six might be a bit much.  Or... Maybe I just liked the idea of a Brady Bunch type fam...


{6} Skating led me to many things in my life - One of the most amazing families that I've ever met - The Los Family - who I met while teaching two of their girls in Fort Wayne and who took me in when they moved to Indy and I was going to Indy for school.  They've since moved to NY, but I LOVE THEM SO MUCH and they'll always be a huge part of my life!  And it also led me to my husband. 

{7} My husband is seven years older than me.  Funny story... We went to the same grade school - never knew each other.  Skated at the same ice rink for our entire youth - never knew each other.  Lived not more than 5-10 min from each other - never knew each other.  Both moved to Indianapolis, met at an ice rink, and now here we are seven years later.  Kinda crazy.  Small world.

{8} I get way too many emails!  My blackberry is constantly exploding with emails.  Most of them are junk... or maybe not junk, but things I've signed up for and rarely visit or use.  Groupon, Living Social, Eversave, United States Figure Skating, Plum District, All You, Meetup, Kohls, Gap, Banks, and Facebook updates, just to name a few. I need to probably attempt to get this under control. 


{9} I have a strange weakness for potato chips.  They are going to be my ultimate downfall.  I love them.  I could eat them all the time!  I have to treat myself to them because I could sit and eat an entire bag at one time!  It's crazy I know... and if you add in the French Onion Dip, I'm even more screwed.  I blame my father for this food obsession!

{10} I could drink coffee 24/7.  Not now, I'm trying to wein myself down, but when there's a pot, I'll take care of it!  Hot or Iced, I love it!  I used to drink a Venti everyday from Starbucks - Just black coffee - but now I'm down to a tall.  I used to brew an entire pot at home on Sundays, but now I'm down to one cup.  I'm thinking a little less crazy caffeine might help with my major migraine headaches I get.  Ugh to the Ugh...they suck!

So now I hope you feel a little closer to me!  haha... That was actually pretty hard to come up with ten legitimate items to talk about!  Hope I didn't bore you too badly! 

Almost there... Happy Gateway to the Weekend! 

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