-- Taken While Driving 2nd Edition --

Sometimes when I'm driving I take pictures out my window. 

Here's something I captured on a drive home one weekend...


-- Cancer --

Cancer effects everyone.  There's nothing we can do about that.  But we can help those who need our help, we can fight for cures, we can run/walk/jog for research, we can raise money... you get the gist... WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

This morning while doing my usually blog hoggishness, I was reading NieNie <-- one of my favorite blogs!  I want to be like NieNie.  She's such a wonderful character and she really makes me think about things because she makes the most out of her set backs.  I recently read her entire story here and I just felt like this woman is amazing.  Anyways, I saw a picture of a family and a read The Teement Story here link.  I of course clicked. 

Recently Leo has been diagnosed with stage IV melanoma which apparently is known for it's resistance to treatment.  The Teemant family just welcomed their new baby and Leo had just graduated from Brigham Young University when they found out the news.  Click here to see the Teement's Story and to donate to help them! 

This is just one story among the many and with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought it only fitting to tell a story.  Two of my family members have been afflicted by this disease.  Both survived, but it still stinks!  Cancer sucks.  Nothing nice to say about it.  So we need to continue the research, the fundraising, and keep the spirit up to win this fight! 


-- Taken While Driving 1st Edition --

No, I wasn't driving, but I think this will be a new "thread." 

When we were on our way to Cincinnati over the summer I snapped this picture while Mike was driving. 

I think I love it.  It's almost perfect. 


-- Etsy Finds -- R You Ready For Some Football?!? --

I figured, 'tis the season, right?  Well, I know that I am watching Notre Dame football on Saturdays and definitely Colts on Sundays or Mondays.  My brother is younger and he plays on Thursdays, but I'm sure there are many of you out there who have sons who play on Fridays for High School.  With that in mind, I thought it would be the perfect time to see what Etsy had in terms of football. 

Why are baby items always the cutest?  Is it because they are little?  Or just because they are actually cute?!  Here we have the Football Crazy Fan Baby Beanie from Charlie Mai.  It's too cute and makes for a great picture...

For your little cheerleader here is an Over the Top Football Bow from Sassy Lil' Princess.  I think it's pretty darn cute.  It even comes with an interchangeable headband!  I mean, what little girl doesn't want to sass it up a little? 

And now for the Men...who we know LOVE to watch them some football!  Here are some really cute silver Football Cufflinks.  This would make a great wedding or groomsmen gift.  Hey, you could even give it to the biggest football fan you know, so long as they don't have them already.  They are from Get Noticed's shop on Etsy.

Another thing the man would love is this... and you can love it too because it's actually attractive and a nice piece of art work!  It's titled Man Room Art.  Love that name.  Totally true.  I mean, you wouldn't just put this in your living room, or would you?!?  Thanks Katie Company Prints for keeping it Oh So Real!

Back to Babies...
Our next find is too cute.  I think I mostly love the styling of this little Peace, Love, Football Outfit from I Love Baby Doll Bows.  I mean, look at those little leg warmers.  I think I would be the mom to put my child in this outfit...at least for a picture. 

And now 5 Finds for my team, the Colts! 

From Tag You're It
2. Horse Shoe Decal for Car

From Household Words

From Brooke's Little Stitches

She also has this adorable hat (available in pink and green)!

From Fancie Fannies
They even have players names on the back!

We couldn't forget about our puppies! 
From A Playful Yarn
So that's it for today's etsy roundup!  Love the football finds!  If you have something you think is too cute or you have an idea for an etsy finds theme, please feel free to comment or contact me! 

Happy Weekend Blog Hogs!


-- DIY $10 Picture Ledges --

I was looking for stuff to do this past long weekend and came across these $10 Picture Ledges from Knock Off Wood

I love that site.  It's so inspiring!  It makes me think I can do anything!

Anyways, all you need are 2 1x4s, 1 1x2, 2in wood screws, and wood glue. 
Too easy, right? 

So... I put Mike to work. 

Pretty easy... nail the 1x4s together in an L shape.  Add wood glue before nailing together.  Then add the 1x2 to the front, creating the ledge.

 He can be a little much with the power tools.

Then I painted. 

And he hung them for me.  I was originally going to hang some Ikea shelves here, but these work perfectly!  We also made an 8ft one for our hallway!

What do you think? 
Total cost $30 - $10 each for the wood and we didn't have the glue or nails so I had to splurge on those.  Thrifty enough for ya?!  :)


-- Inspiration Board -- Yellow --

I'm feeling very yellowy lately.  I love the mustard yellows that are very 'it' right now.  And saffron...  I've decided to actually maybe paint my guest bedroom in a mustardy yellow color.  So... today's inspiration board made at Circle is all Yellow! 

Yellow is perfect for a spring or summer wedding.  It can be breezy or make a statement depending on the shade.  I think that's what so almost perfect about it.  It can be happy or sad, but obviously in these cases below, it's happy.  But it takes on feelings depending on how it's used. 

What do you think?  Did you have a yellow wedding or event? 

And don't mind the star burst mirror.  It was under decor and I'm in love with them right now!


-- Other Brother --

So my other brother is my other little brother.  Did I tell you yesterday that was my little brother?  That was Johnny and his dog Tripp.  If you missed it, check it out here. 

I'm the oldest. 

I just figured I'd make this a family affair now and finish introducing you to them.  I'm so proud of all of them! 

Anyways, that just leaves Michael.  Libby was featured on Saturday.  Michael has been playing 6th grade football.  Since I can't come and see him play on Thursdays and since the season is now over, I've decided to post his face to Little Miss Martha. 

This weekend, the 3 of us kids and my mom are going to see my sister Libby in Memphis.  That should make for some good posts.  Haha. 

Ps...here's a little somethin' somethin' from the sidelines!  Michael's biggest fans! 

And don't forget Big Poppa! 

A little Hake-ness today!  And don't worry Eagles, you'll get 'em next year!


-- Brother and Dog --

My brother came down to visit this weekend.  His name is Johnny.  He brought his English Mastiff Tripp along with him.  Here they are. 

We watched football and did nothing... kind of boring, but great. 

Then when they left I had to vacuum forever to get all of Tripp's hair cleaned up...shedding like crazy.  But he's just so sweet... 


-- Breaking Records --

I thought I'd play the big sister card today... 

I wanted to talk about my seeester.  About a week or so ago, she was named Defender of the Week.  Libby is Keeper for Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee.  She loves it there.  But she's been doing a GREAT job defending the goal for the Lady Bucs Soccer Team too! 

Here's Lib in action... 

Way to go Libby!!! 
Making 11 Saves against Southern Florida this weekend! 
You Rock!


-- Etsy Finds -- Chalkboard --

Since I did the BOO Pumpkins yesterday, I thought our theme for Etsy Finds should be Chalkboard.  I love the recent LOVE of using chalkboard surfaces EVERYWHERE! 

First up are these:
Chalkboard Labels Place Cards from Bradens Grace Wall Art.  They are too cute!  Add them to wine glasses like below! 

This Chalkboard Teacher Notebook is too cute!  I think it's great!  You can get it from Gibberish2's shop on Etsy.  What a cute affordable present for a teacher!  :)

I wish I had these for my wedding!  Too cute!  It's a Speech Talk Bubble from Fun On A Stick.  Love love love!  What would you do with these?!  They'd be perfect for a wedding or an anniversary or birthday party! 

Where would you put this guy?  He is now a lovely, matte black stallion that is finished with chalk board paint...he had seen better days according to Houndstooth Design.  I think it's the perfect accent piece for a bookshelf, kitchen corner, or sofa table.  They call him Aries- The Original Chalkboard Horse and you might have to fight me for him!

This is pretty cool too! Plan out a road trip or mark all the places you've been on the USA map chalkboard surface decal from Design with Az.  I think I'd put this either in my pantry for decoration or if I had kids, I think it would add fun interest to a playroom.  I even love how Hawaii is included!  Great learning tool or something just for fun.

And lastly for today, how could we feature chalkboard without actually featuring a chalkboard.  And since I am a fan of weddings I thought this would be a great way to finish up!  Direct everyone the right way with this Chalkboard Arrow.  Add a string to the back, hang it on a fence or post it in your yard to direct your guests where to go!  Check out Playing Grown Up's Shop here

Hope you enjoyed!  :)  Happy Weekend Blog Hogs!


-- BOO Pumpkins --

Ever see something you want, but don't really like how they are, but their price is too good to be beat?!

Well, I found these $1 decorative pumpkins at Wal-Mart the other day.  I didn't really like the orange color...it was more red than orange...but I needed some "harvesty" decor for the next couple of months.  So I bought them but wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them. 

I've also been wanting to use chalkboard paint on something.  Really anything!  I just wanted to use it! 

So, here's what I did! 


-- What I Wore --

I thought it'd be nice to have a recap of what I wore for my wedding.  Next week, hopefully I'll have some pictures to post, but we'll see. 
Until then, here's my whole day put into one board. 

What I Wore

All you soon to be brides out there and anyone else, hop on over to Circle by Style Me Pretty and make a board of what you wore on your big day!

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