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Since I did the BOO Pumpkins yesterday, I thought our theme for Etsy Finds should be Chalkboard.  I love the recent LOVE of using chalkboard surfaces EVERYWHERE! 

First up are these:
Chalkboard Labels Place Cards from Bradens Grace Wall Art.  They are too cute!  Add them to wine glasses like below! 

This Chalkboard Teacher Notebook is too cute!  I think it's great!  You can get it from Gibberish2's shop on Etsy.  What a cute affordable present for a teacher!  :)

I wish I had these for my wedding!  Too cute!  It's a Speech Talk Bubble from Fun On A Stick.  Love love love!  What would you do with these?!  They'd be perfect for a wedding or an anniversary or birthday party! 

Where would you put this guy?  He is now a lovely, matte black stallion that is finished with chalk board paint...he had seen better days according to Houndstooth Design.  I think it's the perfect accent piece for a bookshelf, kitchen corner, or sofa table.  They call him Aries- The Original Chalkboard Horse and you might have to fight me for him!

This is pretty cool too! Plan out a road trip or mark all the places you've been on the USA map chalkboard surface decal from Design with Az.  I think I'd put this either in my pantry for decoration or if I had kids, I think it would add fun interest to a playroom.  I even love how Hawaii is included!  Great learning tool or something just for fun.

And lastly for today, how could we feature chalkboard without actually featuring a chalkboard.  And since I am a fan of weddings I thought this would be a great way to finish up!  Direct everyone the right way with this Chalkboard Arrow.  Add a string to the back, hang it on a fence or post it in your yard to direct your guests where to go!  Check out Playing Grown Up's Shop here

Hope you enjoyed!  :)  Happy Weekend Blog Hogs!

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