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I'm back to feature Etsy Sellers for another Friday. I know it's been awhile, but it's been a crazy month's time. Hopefully you see some items here that you like and maybe next time you will be featured!!! If interested, please contact us through http://verrechic.etsy.com/

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Today's theme is Art. Here are a few items that I've chosen to feature today!!! These are some great pieces with GREAT character!!! I truely enjoy them.


This piece comes to us from http://www.carambatack.etsy.com/. It this etsier's original tree illustration. I love it for it's originality! It has old world character that comes from the use of pages of old books. If you look closely, the language is foreign and that to me gives it the age and mistique that comes along with all trees. When did they have their beginnings? How did they survive so long. I think it's unique that she would put the story of a tree in a piece of art, using in essence another story. So fitting. $60


Gumball Grenade:

I love the whimsical character of this piece. From http://www.gumballgrenade.etsy.com/, "Lets Share a Story" reminds me of that song "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket!" A great print for a child's room. The coloring is great. I just fell in love with this the first time I saw it. And what a steal for only $20.
This is a great piece. I love abstract paintings like this! They are so original and can be interpretted so many different ways! "New Abstract Original Painting" from http://www.matteart.etsy.com/ is truely gorgeous! It's a 10x15 painting done on illustration board! Would add character and sass to any home! $240



This labradoodle Print from http://www.studio1212.etsy.com/ reminds me of my labradoodle. :) Lex the labradoodle. This print offers up the fun loving nature of this breed of pups and shows their goofy side as well. From Studio1212's Dog Series.
I hope everyone enjoyed the finds for today!!! Thanks for looking!!!


Casual Friday Finds

Since work is never very hard on Fridays, I've decided to look into some great casual finds on ETSY. If you are reading this and would like to be features in the new "Casual Friday Finds," contact us through http://www.verrechic.etsy.com/.
And we're off....
These wonderfully simple Sterling silver hammered circles hang 2/3 inch from handmade sterling ear wires are from http://www.hollygems.esty.com./ These would be the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. $14

This corduroy bag from http://www.infusion.etsy.com/ looks like the perfect bag for any and every day! Great gray color and awesome mother of pearl button on the front! It's being added to my favorites! $45

I absolutely love this Simple Pearl Necklace from http://www.sparklecouture.etsy.com/!!! It's so simple and so chic. Pearl is also my birthstone so I guess I'm a little partial. But what woman doesn't like the simple yet classy look of pearls! $29

And last but not least for the day....

Who can resist the simple little t-shirt. This Nature Tree Metallic Leaf t-shirt is the perfect fit for going out anywhere! Especially with Earth Day on it's way! I love it because it's very subtle, but very unique. And also very WEARABLE!!! It's found at http://www.apheele.etsy.com/. $28

Thanks for being a part of Casual Friday Finds.
Check back next week and keep checking out my blog for new updates regarding my etsy store http://www.verrechic.etsy.com/!!
*Little Miss Martha*


(Another) One of those days....

So while I work for a great company and it's my first job directly out of college, I find that many of the people I work with are under utilized. It's unbelievable the types of tasks that we do. Would you believe that "Party" (names will remain anonymous) who sits across from me is contemplating getting her masters and has a bachelors in HR is LAMINATING papers. Does that seem like a job for a college graduate? Pretty soon, I'll be opening mail and I'm in the same educational boat.
It's very funny that we pay all this money to go to school because that's what we are supposed to do where after we are launched into the real world with mounds of debt and then we find jobs that pay us pennies only to find that we are doing tasks that didn't need continued schooling in the first place. I find it annoying that most jobs want a college education in order for you to qualify for the job but then if you get the job, they have you alphabetizing and filing.
It's been one of those days. It's been one of those days where you look online for a new job and read about all of these self-made millionaires who want "to help you do the same thing." "Just pay $79.95 upfront and we'll unlock the secrets to success." My question is, did they go to school because if they did, then that $79.95 is part of a student loan payment and how did they unlock the "success?"
Times are hard. Where I live, gas went up to $3.45/gallon yesterday. Times are getting to be very expensive and tight. Why is it so hard to make things work anymore? Especially financially. It's painful to go into work everyday to know that you are under appreciated, undervalued, underestimated, and underpaid. It seems like those who work from home and own their own businesses and and who are their own bosses seem to be doing ok. It's hard when "easiness" just falls into some people's laps. This is why I think we all should be our own bosses.
We all have many talents that aren't utilized and are often pushed under the rug at day jobs. Why not take that power that we have and make something of it? Working on working from home is a task in itself though. I just think that we'd all be a lot happier, successful, and rested if we actually got to do what we are good at and feel the accomplishment that would come with that.
It's just been one of those days and I'm sure we've all had them. When I figure out what I'll do from home.....I'll write about that.



Well, this week has gone by pretty fast. I've been working, skating, passing and failing skating tests, and trying to keep my house clean. Now it's Friday and I don't see relaxation in the near future.

Tomorrow we will be going to a wedding. My boyfriends cousin is getting married, or at least I think that's who it is. That should be an interesting ALL DAY Saturday event. Always fun. I'm hoping to work on my resume, along with my mother's, to give them both some needed zest. And of course, I'm always working on Verre Chic. Sunday may prove to have a little down time in the evening hours.

Friday's just aren't what they used to be. They used to mean a break from the reality of grown up life. They used to involve friends, trips, family, and rest. Not anymore. Now Fridays are only a tease that makes you wonder how long the weekend will really be. Well, hopefully this Friday, night at least, will prove to be productive.

For now, I have to go back to the almost over reality of the work week. 3 hours and 38 min left for mine.

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Little Miss Martha


Tiny Successes

Well, it's official. I'm horrible at blogging. Trying to figure out what to write for my second blog is such a stressful task. I want it to be good, witty and sassy so that people will be interested by it. I can't figure out what to do. Family at this point would be boring, Skating is a common topic for me so i'll try to stray away from that, Mike (the luva!) has no good stories, and Lex is Lex. That's basically my life topics at the moment. I'll have to work on getting more creative.

I think I'll discuss my successes in the past day or so. My Etsy shoppe sold 2 necklaces which was probably the greatest thing! I was beginning to lose hope! http://www.verrechic.etsy.com/ is my store. I make jewelry, but am currently working on my pictures so that my items look better and more appealing. I sold two of the same necklace in 2 days. I thought it was cute, but it just sat there and sat there and then finally 2 people bought it! Yea for me! :)

Tonight I have to go home and make the 2nd one that needs to be made and then also fix a necklace for my grandma. She needs it longer than it currently is, and that'll be a task since its a three strander! But at least I'll have something to do when I get home. Not that I am out of things to do, but it'll be something enjoyable.

Well, off to get another coffee for the day! I love coffee!!! I don't know what I'd do with out it!

Don't forget, Jewelry takes peoples mind's off the wrinkles!!

-Little Miss Martha-


Little Miss Me

Wow. It's my first blog. I never thought I'd do this. I think I'm too boring for myself, let alone for other people to read about.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Abby, but on here, I guess I'll be Little Miss Martha. I got that nickname at work because it looks like to others that I can do a plethora of different tasks and crafts which include cooking, baking, and making my own jewelry which sells on etsy at http://verrechic.etsy.com/.

I am 23 years old, will be 24 soon enough. I work full time and am an Ice Skating Coach part-time. I love my students! They are the best. Sometimes I just want to go home, but once I get to the rink and get on the ice, I'm fine. It's a crazy sport and we just are addicted to it. I skated competitively for 12 years and then I did a travelling show for a few months. That was a good time. Very easy money...eat, sleep, skate, drink, repeat. I gained great experiences, great memories, and I met some great people!

My life has moved quickly. I just recently (well, last may) graduated from college. I started my job the next week. Then in February I bought my first house and just last week I bought my first brand new car. Things seem to be going well. We'll see. I live with Mike (my loving boyfriend and wanna be NHL Hockey Player/Coach) and Lex (my adorable labradoodle with more personality than most people). We all have a great time. And no, Mike and I are not married but at the rate we are going, it should be coming along soon enough.

This blog will mostly be about trying to get my jewelry name out there, but I'm sure I'll have work stories and much much more. I started Verre Chic in October after I went to a craft show and saw a few jewelry vendors. I thought to myself, I could do this. And so I did. I feel that my pieces are affordable, chic, and very unique (<--I rhymed, sorry). I love crafting in any way. Sitting down with nothing in front of you except for a few supplies and coming out with something that you've done is just such a great feeling. I hope that others can enjoy what makes me happy.

Enough for now. I'll be back again though.

*Little Miss Martha
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