Tiny Successes

Well, it's official. I'm horrible at blogging. Trying to figure out what to write for my second blog is such a stressful task. I want it to be good, witty and sassy so that people will be interested by it. I can't figure out what to do. Family at this point would be boring, Skating is a common topic for me so i'll try to stray away from that, Mike (the luva!) has no good stories, and Lex is Lex. That's basically my life topics at the moment. I'll have to work on getting more creative.

I think I'll discuss my successes in the past day or so. My Etsy shoppe sold 2 necklaces which was probably the greatest thing! I was beginning to lose hope! http://www.verrechic.etsy.com/ is my store. I make jewelry, but am currently working on my pictures so that my items look better and more appealing. I sold two of the same necklace in 2 days. I thought it was cute, but it just sat there and sat there and then finally 2 people bought it! Yea for me! :)

Tonight I have to go home and make the 2nd one that needs to be made and then also fix a necklace for my grandma. She needs it longer than it currently is, and that'll be a task since its a three strander! But at least I'll have something to do when I get home. Not that I am out of things to do, but it'll be something enjoyable.

Well, off to get another coffee for the day! I love coffee!!! I don't know what I'd do with out it!

Don't forget, Jewelry takes peoples mind's off the wrinkles!!

-Little Miss Martha-


Little Miss Me

Wow. It's my first blog. I never thought I'd do this. I think I'm too boring for myself, let alone for other people to read about.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Abby, but on here, I guess I'll be Little Miss Martha. I got that nickname at work because it looks like to others that I can do a plethora of different tasks and crafts which include cooking, baking, and making my own jewelry which sells on etsy at http://verrechic.etsy.com/.

I am 23 years old, will be 24 soon enough. I work full time and am an Ice Skating Coach part-time. I love my students! They are the best. Sometimes I just want to go home, but once I get to the rink and get on the ice, I'm fine. It's a crazy sport and we just are addicted to it. I skated competitively for 12 years and then I did a travelling show for a few months. That was a good time. Very easy money...eat, sleep, skate, drink, repeat. I gained great experiences, great memories, and I met some great people!

My life has moved quickly. I just recently (well, last may) graduated from college. I started my job the next week. Then in February I bought my first house and just last week I bought my first brand new car. Things seem to be going well. We'll see. I live with Mike (my loving boyfriend and wanna be NHL Hockey Player/Coach) and Lex (my adorable labradoodle with more personality than most people). We all have a great time. And no, Mike and I are not married but at the rate we are going, it should be coming along soon enough.

This blog will mostly be about trying to get my jewelry name out there, but I'm sure I'll have work stories and much much more. I started Verre Chic in October after I went to a craft show and saw a few jewelry vendors. I thought to myself, I could do this. And so I did. I feel that my pieces are affordable, chic, and very unique (<--I rhymed, sorry). I love crafting in any way. Sitting down with nothing in front of you except for a few supplies and coming out with something that you've done is just such a great feeling. I hope that others can enjoy what makes me happy.

Enough for now. I'll be back again though.

*Little Miss Martha
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