They did it!

Well, the moment has come and gone and wouldn't you know my final game plan failed me! 

I was DVR-ing the event on BBC America and apparently they decided to split it up right at 6am when the ceremony was beginning... so all day I've been trying to catch the big event.  I got up just before 7 and turned on my DVR thinking I had plenty of time to fast forward through boring parts or commercials if there were any and then once my DVR showed Catherine getting out of the car with her father it stopped abruptly.  It had stopped recording just in time for the ceremony.

It was about 7:10 ish and I went to live TV where Catherine and Wills were riding around in the carriage as husband and wife, prince and princess, the newly married royal couple.  Boo... I totally missed the ceremony.  It didn't help that I am still fighting the headache that took me out of commission yesterday. 

Anyways, after catching bits and pieces and at least getting to see the big kiss kisses - 2! - I was thinking about the details...

I for one, loved the dress.  I thought it had a subtle elegance about it and it didn't try to hard.  I did however feel that it looked like some others I've seen before.  What did you think? 

Here's Catherine in the dress. 


 Here's Julie Andrews in her dress from the Sound of Music.

 Here's Grace Kelley in her wedding dress. 

See the similarities? 
What did you think? 

Then there was her bouquet. 

I for one am not a fan.  I felt that it was (1) boring and (2) small. 

There were a few details I loved....
{1} The Maple tree's in the Abbey.  Love.  Love. Love this idea! 


{2} The hats!  I wish I could go to an event like this and get a special fascinator for the occasion! 

{3} The earrings she wore which were a gift from her parents. 

{4} I love how calm Catherine seemed.  She and Wills look truly in love!  They look content and happy!  Love that! 

What was your favorite or least favorite part?  It's hard to criticize any of this wedding because it was so beautiful and so lovely and almost perfect! 


Must Share This

We interrupt this very important Royal Wedding Week Posts for something that I must share! 

I know you've all wanted to do something like this while in Ikea, right?
{Notice all the tags}

Well, hop over to Christian Gideon's blog to check out more of "What if you lived in Ikea?"  These pictures are HILARIOUS!

Royal Week - Wedding Wednesday Edition

Ok Blog Hogs... we are at t-minus 48 hours until the big event!  AHHHH!!!  I'm so excited {and I just can't hide it}.  Are you going to be watching? 
Here are a few details on an Inspiration Board for the wedding...
Just a few things I found and a few things I think would be lovely for them to use. 

The dress sketches are what came up every time I googled "Kate Middleton Wedding Dress" in so many different ways you can't even imagine so I'm guessing they were leaked from somewhere or someone just has mad computer skills to get them to show up every time!  If these really are two top picks, I really hope she goes with the one on the left.  It's so much more classic than the other.  While I love the more modern look of the dress on the right, I just keep thinking about pictures down the road... hmmm....

As for accessories, pearls are always a classic piece.  These are the ones I wore for my wedding.  Can you tell I was trying to make a connection?  I also like the Metropolitan for a bit of vintage elegance and to make a statement! 

I assume that Kate will carry a gorgeous bouquet like this one!  Just kidding!  While the brooch bouquets are gorgeous, is that her style?  I don't know.  She does have this sense of style that is classic but with a twist.  We shall see which way she goes...  

I think simple elegant bridesmaid dresses would be wise.  This one is from Watters - probably not what Kate will pick - but it's got the lines I imagine her dresses to have. 

Then, what will Wills wear?  Hmmm... WWWW?  or W4? Lol.  I crack myself up.  What will he be wearing... I hear that he wants to remain in the Air Force after marriage so I imagine he'll wear some sort of military garb, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. 

Apparently the invitations were leaked so they are on the board too.  Not exactly what I expected, but since I know nothing of being royal, I really can't say anything.  I imagined they'd be a bit more indulgent, which is totally not my style, but what I would expect from a family who knows such opulence! 

The ring of course... Is it bad that I'm seriously considering ordering one for myself?  I really love it!  I don't know why, but I do.  It's different. That's probably why.  I love the black diamonds out there too.  What will her wedding ring look like?  Hmmm...

And then The Cake.  I'm sure it will be large and in charge!  We know who the baker will be, but we don't exactly know what it will look like.  I image 10 tiers (or something like that) with gorgeous florals and some twist, but I'm not sure what yet... Nothing too much for The Queen. 

Isn't it weird that in 2 days Great Britain will have a new Princess who will be marrying The People's Princess' little William?  I mean, we all knew the day would come and here it is!  So excited for the ceremony and details! 


Royal Week - Tuesday Edition

Have you guys seen this video of the Royal Wedding from T-Mobile? 
It's a must watch. 
Look at how much everyone looks like "the real deal." 

Look at this picture of "Prince Charles" & "Camilla."  Pretty close. 

So watch the video below and I'd love to hear how much you love it! 

Hope you enjoy! 


Royal Week - Monday Edition

Well, well, well... It's almost here.  Can you believe that William and Kate will be getting married this weekend?!?  It feels like it was just yesterday when I was dreaming about becoming Will's princess.  Guess I missed out!  ;)

Everyday this week I'll be featuring something Royal.  If for nothing else, for my mother!  A true Royal Fan!  She's in love with them all and was especially in love with Diana.  She even bought the Royal Wedding Book from when Charles and Diana were married... AND got up in the middle of the night to watch it (remember... there wasn't DVR back then and that is for sure what I'll be doing)!  If anyone watched The Middle this past week, Frankie totally reminded me of my mother, except she doesn't buy the plates and teacups. 

But there are so many items that you can buy!  It's unreal!  I was even in Bath & Body Works last week and they had certain items done up in the British Flag to get into the spirit.  Wow.  Are you thinking about buying anything?  Well, if you are, here are a few suggestions from Etsy. 

First, I guess you need the ring, right?  Well, you can have it a replica!  This one is only $23.75!  Much much less than what I'm sure Diana's original engagement ring cost!  But it's all yours from Bristol Treasures UK

This magnet is from Steam Punkabilly on Etsy.  Pretty designs by Mels Brushes in green, red and blue to help bring the Royal Wedding celebration to your home, office or locker!

I love these photo booth props that are Royal Wedding themed!  How fun, right?  They are from Paper & Cake! Wish I had a photo booth to use them in!  What would you do with these?

If you are having a party, you could use these invites!  How cute!  These are from 76th Street Ink.  I like that they are very simple!  Are any of you having parties?  Planning on wearing special hats?  Or planning on just having tea while watching?  Hmmm....

If you are having a party, then you definitely need this decorative garland from Happy Thought.  It's perfect for Will & Kate and hopefully they'll have a happily ever after!

But then in the end, remember that it's only a wedding... and if you need a reminder, then you need this!  :)  From Eighteen9, this is uber cheap and uber cute! 

Here's to Will & Kate! 


Weekly Recap - Losing It

Good Friday Morning Blog Hogs!  Thank god it's finally here!  It's taken long enough!  This is one of those Fridays that I have to work.  :(  Boo.  Oh well, I'll get over it. 

Today's recap is about me.  lol.  Nice, I know.  No, but really, it's about how my weight loss exercise goals have been going.  So... here we go.

Remember in March when I posted this about trying to go to the gym for 15 out of 30 days.  Complete fail.  I think I went once!  I think it has to do with a funk I seem to get into come those winter months!  But since spring has barely sprung, I've actually gotten a lot better. 

No, not at going to the gym, but at running outside... which is where I'd prefer to do it. 

Week 1 -
Monday Run - 2 miles
Wednesday Run- 1.5 miles
Saturday Run - 1.5 miles
Total Week 1 - 5 miles

Week 2 -
Monday Run - 2 miles
Thursday Run - 2 miles
Saturday Run - 2 Miles
Week 2 total - 6 miles

Week 3 (this week)
Monday Run - 3 miles
Thursday Run - 2 miles
Friday run - Questionable (supposed to rain)
Saturday run - maybe while we are at home
Sunday run - maybe...
Week 3 total - TBD

I've been going to run after skating on the Monon sometimes on Mondays or Tuesdays.  I love the Monon in Carmel.  It's always busy, there are all kinds of people you see, all kinds of dogs too!  It's just so active and I think that it makes me try harder.  When I can't do that, I run in our addition.  Not as much incentive or drive there.  Oh well, at least I have my paths mapped out. 

New goal:  To do the Fort 4 Fitness with some other members of my family!  It's a half marathon in our hometown of Fort Wayne, IN.  I've never done anything like this but since it's in September I'm sure that I can handle being prepared by then!  I'm hoping to increase by 1 mile each week. So this week's goal was 3 miles/3x a week, but it might have to be repeated next week.  Then go to 4 miles/3x a week and so on.  I thin that will work.  I can increase how I like... we'll see what happens.  I'm just glad to be out and moving again. 

Weight Loss Challenge

And because I'm moving again... I'm linking up with Running Backwards in High Heels and her link party for fitness and weight loss challenge!  Check it out!

Happy Weekend!  
And PS Happy Earth Day 2011!  What are you doing to be GREEN today?!


Lofty Ideas

wWe have a loft space in our home.  It should be called the lost space since I'm so lost on what to do with it.  It's become a home for all things that have no where else to go right now... It holds our IKEA sofa that I'm finding it hard to part with (bought it when we lived in Broadripple and it was the only sofa-like seating to fit through the doors), another IKEA Chair (the ektorp), my ottoman coffee table, a tv, 2 end tables (un-matching), and a couple of old Pier 1 lamps. 

I'd like it to be someplace that fits in with my house, an eclectic mix of items, and Must Must Must coordinate with the chocolate brown that I hope to will be painting on the wall up the stairs and behind my gallery wall. 

So, here's what I came up with... not a cheap fix.  ALL new furniture.  :(  I bet I could be thrifty, but a sectional is a must!

I'm thinking that the sofa and chairs will need to be purchased, yes.  And what color should I paint this room... a tan yellow color?!  Hmmm....
BUT here's my thoughts on the rest:

*Yellow Garden Table - have one in plum already - will paint

*OUI - Will make myself on extra large canvas to hang over sofa

*Curtains - either purchase or make with my lovely witch stitchery stuff

*Lamps on Wall - From IKEA .  Have I told you of my love of IKEA?

*TV Stand - I am totally sure that I can find something on Craigslist that I can make look like this...
Yes? No? Maybe? What do you think?

*Rug - It might have to go in the category with the furniture. 

Ideally, I'd like to try to keep it under $1200 for all... do you think I can do it?!?  Yes, I can!  We shall see... don't worry... it's not like I'm starting it next week or anything...

To do list:
Paint Stairwell
Gallery Wall
Paint Guest Bedroom
Redo Trunk (from yesterday's post)
Kitchen Bench Seat

Then I'll be about done and it'll probably be time to move, right?!



Makes me want to sing... you? No? Oh.

Moving on.

I recently inherited two trunks from my parents.  One was either my Great Grandma Hubbard or Great Grandma Schenkel's Hope/Cedar Chest.  I say one of my Great Grandmother's because when we were discussing me taking it, it came out that my mother and my father were both confused on who THEY actually inherited it from.  ;)  I found this funny.  I don't know so I was no help!  Either way it's an antique AND it's a family heirloom.  Check and Check. 

Here is a before picture of our office.  We've I've always wanted to have a bench seat in there.  I just thought it would open it up more. 

So here's my quick fix.  I'm hoping to add some wall mounted sconces just outside of the drapes and then I need to figure something out about (1) the color of the chest and (2) the extra space on the sides... but I think it looks so much better! 


The Reveal - Michael's Room

Ok, so I don't have a before picture because my mom had already started painting when I got there to meet her. Just Imagine a room with Pink on the bottom and on all the trim and lavender on the top 1/4 of the wall and ceiling. Yes, I did this when I was still in high school. Wait. I take that back. I did the purple part... thought it would be cool... The ALL pink was killing me. And when you think of pink... think of bubble gum pink.  Then add some pictures black and white pictures of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, my The Cutting Edge Movie poster, some random soccer items left over from my sister and a daybed with pink, green, and purple colors throughout. Got a good picture in your head?!?  Ok, hold that!

My little brother moved in there a couple years ago when my sister moved away for college because it was a bigger room. He just dealt with the crazy girlie colors but never took his friends up there! They always went to the basement! lol.

NOW he can have his friends over and it's an actual boys room! We kind of love it! There are still a few details to be added, but I couldn't wait any longer to show you! So without further aduex (<- Question on the spelling)... Here he is!!

Desk made from two closet maid shelving cubes for a closet and other organization
and two Ikea lack shelves slapped together.

Found these little guys at goodwill.  They originally had all kinds of color on them, but I spray painted them white.  The one did come with a head, but lost it during transportation.  I call it a battle wound. 

A coat tree that we had in the garage spray painted to match the lamp. 

Lamp from goodwill, shade from my closet recovered in burlap. 
We found the headboards on craigslist.

I ordered the flag from eBay thinking it was smaller to go above one of the beds... oops! 
Apparently it's a 3x5 and is enormous!  So for now it hangs in the closet. 
The globe is from Target and the dresser is an antique from one of our Great Aunts. 
It used to be in my parent's room. 

The green chair is an antique that we found in the garage as well.  Just cleaned it off a bit.  Paint is chipping and it wobbles just a little, but that can be fixed.  It's a perfect fit. 

My mom found these rugs at Big Lots.  This is two 4x6s or 5x7s put together.  It's a good alternative to the Ikea one we put on the mood board. 

Window coverings are from Target. 

Vintage license plates from my Grandpa's (now my dad's) collection. 
They still have a bit of dirt on them. 

And there you have it! 
Still needs a little bit of artwork on the walls, but I'd say a much better fit already for a growing boy! 

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