They did it!

Well, the moment has come and gone and wouldn't you know my final game plan failed me! 

I was DVR-ing the event on BBC America and apparently they decided to split it up right at 6am when the ceremony was beginning... so all day I've been trying to catch the big event.  I got up just before 7 and turned on my DVR thinking I had plenty of time to fast forward through boring parts or commercials if there were any and then once my DVR showed Catherine getting out of the car with her father it stopped abruptly.  It had stopped recording just in time for the ceremony.

It was about 7:10 ish and I went to live TV where Catherine and Wills were riding around in the carriage as husband and wife, prince and princess, the newly married royal couple.  Boo... I totally missed the ceremony.  It didn't help that I am still fighting the headache that took me out of commission yesterday. 

Anyways, after catching bits and pieces and at least getting to see the big kiss kisses - 2! - I was thinking about the details...

I for one, loved the dress.  I thought it had a subtle elegance about it and it didn't try to hard.  I did however feel that it looked like some others I've seen before.  What did you think? 

Here's Catherine in the dress. 


 Here's Julie Andrews in her dress from the Sound of Music.

 Here's Grace Kelley in her wedding dress. 

See the similarities? 
What did you think? 

Then there was her bouquet. 

I for one am not a fan.  I felt that it was (1) boring and (2) small. 

There were a few details I loved....
{1} The Maple tree's in the Abbey.  Love.  Love. Love this idea! 


{2} The hats!  I wish I could go to an event like this and get a special fascinator for the occasion! 

{3} The earrings she wore which were a gift from her parents. 

{4} I love how calm Catherine seemed.  She and Wills look truly in love!  They look content and happy!  Love that! 

What was your favorite or least favorite part?  It's hard to criticize any of this wedding because it was so beautiful and so lovely and almost perfect! 

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