Friday Faves - 4.15.11

Yes it's that time again blog hogs.  Time to hear about all my favorites from the past week.  I love sharing with you all my finds!  It's so much fun! 

This week I was in a mood of nothingness - as you could probably tell from the blogging or lack there of.  I did however get to catch up on a few things... TV Mini Series.  So I'll start there. 

There are 2 mini series that I was watching and ended this week.  Did you see them? 
First, Mildred Pierce.  Love Kate Winslet.  Love that this series kept me on my toes.  Love Love Love. What else can I say?  Love.  If you have HBO or the ability to watch this, it's a sure thing!  I loved the story, I loved how well Kate Winslet was in it, I loved all the characters.  It made me laugh, cry, and think.  There's another things that make you go hmmm....  Anyways, watch it if you haven't!

Then there was The Kennedys.  Minus the fact that there were weird commercials, I really really enjoyed this series.  It was long - 8 parts - but it was good. All the actors were really good in it.  I am mesmerized by anything Kennedy so it was totally for me. I get that from my mother.  She has some sort of odd fascination with royalty and though they weren't actual royalty, they were as close as we'll get to American Royalty.  I'm actually finishing it up right now. 

And last TV Show of the week that I'm obsessing over.  Is a baby show - Pregnant in Heels.  I swore to myself that I would not add another Bravo show to my weekly watching but I accidentally caught a rerun and fell in love with Rosie Pope.  She's a tough little Brit who tries to bring the pregnant bia's back to reality.  And yes, some of them are really bia's!  It's unreal!  But, I am contemplating try to be the next Rosie Pope... she's only in NY and it would be fun.  Check her out!

In bloggy blog land there were some great posts this week! 

1. Have you visited Janell over at Isabella & Max Rooms?  I think I would die for her talent!  My favorite from her this week is her Bench Redo.  She's does amazing things! 

She's also launching an E-Zine...check out details on House of Fifty!  I can't wait for the launch! 

2.  My latest DIY obsession is Copy Cat Crafts!  Have you been here or done anything featured?  I love it!  The put together all the DIY copy cat ideas out here all in one place!  I can't wait to try these zinc letters from Lolly Jane Boutique! 

Lastly... my favorite find of the week is.... THIS!!! From 30 Handmade Days these printable templates!  Love this one... it's now at my work desk and my home! 

Happy Weekend Blog Hogs!  Hope you enjoyed!

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