The Big Game!

So I'm totally bummed that I am unable to attend the Superbowl Festivities here in Indianapolis.  I feel bad because my husband is itching to go (he says he isn't but I know he is) but he won't because he's waiting for me to pop! 

But there are some great things going on down there!  I am living vicariously through other people.


First - The Superbowl Village

I love that we have what they like to call "Hoosier Hospitality."  This is the closest that the Superbowl has been to us since Detroit.  Apparently that's the closest it's ever been!  So how cool is it that it's in my hometown!?!?  And let me tell you, the preparations were taken to make this a memorable experience for all those who live in the city of Indianapolis and all the visitors! 


We have a zip line like they had at the Vancouver Olympics - and it's actually run through the same company.  Mr. K just came home from his hockey game the other day with a ticket for the zip line so he better get down there sooner or later!  He was also advised to take the Flip when he goes... as it will be a once in a lifetime thing and why not record yourself zipping down Capital Avenue in the middle of the winter?!?  On a side note, it is the perfect week to go as it will be 50 degrees here Monday through Thursday.  Can you believe that?!?


Check out the Superbowl Roman Numerals located on Monument Circle in the heart of Indianapolis.  I have seen multiple pictures of them at this point and they are awesome!  I want to get a picture in front of them... can someone show me how to photo shop?!?!


Second - The NFL Experience

For only $25, you can stay as long as you like all day!  Due to the fact that there are interactive games, everyone must complete a waiver.  There are participatory games, entertainment attractions, kids football clinics, free autograph sessions, and the largest football memorabilia show ever!!!  It's located at the 500,000 square-foot Indiana Convention Center! 
  • Free autograph sessions with NFL superstars
  • Kids, learn the skills of the game in the Play 60 Youth Football Clinics. Get in line early. First come, first served basis.
  • Visit the NFL SHOP for official Super Bowl XLVI merchandise
  • See the Vince Lombardi Trophy up close
  • Visit the NFL Rush Zone for scaled down versions of the adult games

Third - Combining our Indy Cars with the Superbowl
They will be moved to locations around the city that were just recently announced! 
And lastly the CELEBRITIES all around town! 
I've heard that Kim Kardashian has been seen roaming the streets of downtown. And this is my absolute most favorite new Superbowl picture of 2012 (so far)

And with that, I leave you...
Make sure to check out all the great things going on here in Indy if you are around and also keep up with us on the web if you aren't!

And Go Giants - I'll root for a Manning since ours isn't there! 


Nursery Closet Dividers

Good Monday Morning to you all out there!  I hope my fellow blog hogs had a great weekend!  I did... It was filled with tons of nothingness really, but I did manage to finish up a few projects that have been lingering...

No, no baby yet.
Still waiting on that one...
She's got her own timeline in mind apparently. 
We shall see...

Any who...  I was told by a friend that the best thing her sister did when she was pregnant was invest in closet dividers.  I hadn't really thought of it before she said something as I figured I would just arrange them in order.  But after doing a little laundry and hanging the clothes in the closet, I did decide to go ahead and give them a shot!

So I went to The Container Store and purchased 5 closet dividers for .99 cents!  Cheapo Cheapo!  Gotta love that!  Then I took them and traced them onto the remaining scrapbook paper I had leftover from the drawers of the dresser.  
*Did I ever share that project with you?  Can't remember... will check and if not share this week!*

Then I cut out the tracings to fit onto the dividers.

Then I hot glued the paper to the dividers and was left with these below!  Too easy! 

So here they are... but they still needed to be labeled otherwise they wouldn't really serve a purpose. 

So I found white sparkly scrapbook letters/numbers to stick to the tops of them.  I probably could have used Puffy Paint or something, but I figured this would be just as easy, and ready quicker.  Haha.

And here's what I ended up with!  I think I kind of love them.

Not only does it help separate the clothing size wise, I assume it will also help with knowing what can be sold to the children's resale, what can be packed and what is still available for wearing! 
Did you utilize anything like this for your kids rooms?! 


Thrifty Thursday { Nursery Art on the Cheap }

As I finished up the nursery this week, I was thinking it needed something on this one wall where I had hung the hooks I found at Urban Outfitters in Memphis. 

I had a huge mason jar of buttons that my mom used for one of the games at my baby shower and I'd been meaning to do something with them, but I wasn't sure what.  I initially thought about doing the letter of Baby Girl's name, but since we still haven't decided on a name yet that couldn't get done.  So I just kept thinking about what I had and what I could do...

I found an old 8x10 canvas and painted it teal. 

Then I grabbed the buttons...

And sorted through them to find the ones that coordinated with the room...

And then I went to town with my new best friend - the glue gun - and came up with this!!!

And here it is on the wall...

So total cost for this project was $0!!!  I had everything already!!! 

Then I felt that the wall behind the rocker felt a little boring and bland because it didn't have anything on it.  My mom commented that I did a lot of art in there, but I want the babe to be interested and have things to look at and ponder! 

I found these printables on Sprik Space.  I saved them and printed them out on card stock.

They only cost me the price of the frames at $5 each from TJ Maxx Home Goods.  I love them!  Love Love Love!

And here they are on the wall behind the chair!

And lastly, you may be wondering about that picture above the Mockingbird print.  Again, FREE, just the cost of the $4 frame. 

I used some remnants of scrapbook paper that I had used to line the drawers on the dresser to make up the background of this piece.  The diaper is actually an invite to the first baby shower that Mr. K's Mom and Aunt threw.  I think it's a cute touch to the room. 

I've tried to incorporate all things that mean something.  Well, I've just tried to incorporate what I already had at home or were mine as a child or are from people who love Mr. K and I. 

Just really excited that I could complete the room, keep it classy, and keep the cost down!  3 projects all for under $15!  Jack to the Pot!  Jackpot! 

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Somewhat Simple


Once Upon a Time

What's my new obsession with Fairy Tales?  Is it the baby? 
I don't know... but have you guys been watching this show?! 

 I am going to be honest here.  I started watching Once Upon a Time on ABC for one reason - Ginnifer Goodwin was a part of the cast.  And since I can't get anymore of her through Big Love, I needed a new fix!  I have a girl crush on her... not sure why, but I do.  I just love her.  I love everything she does.  She's so versatile and lovely. 

once upon a time
 The show is about Emma Swan who is 28 and a bail bondsman.  She's lived a rough life and been taking care of herself she since she was abandoned as a baby.  Then one day, Henry - the son she gave up for adoption 10 years prior - finds her.  He's desperate for Emma's help and believes her to be the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.  He believes that Storybrooke, the sleepy New England town he calls home, is really a part of a curse cast by the Evil Queen that has frozen fairytale characters in the modern real world leaving them no memory of their former fairytale selves. 

We all know I already heart Ginnifer Goodwin, but the cast really is a great ensemble!  There are so many great people associated with this show...

Below you have:
John Doe/Prince Charming played by Josh Dallas - I'm partial because he's an Indiana native.  ;)
Mary Margaret/Snow White played by Ginnifer Goodwin
Emma Swan played by Jennifer Morrison
Sherrif Graham played by Jamie Dornan - SPOILER ALERT - he's now dead :( Woamp Woamp.


But on last week's episode, we were introduced to a new HOTTIE, I mean Character - The Stranger - played by Eion Bailey.


And here's another one for just some more eye candy - Maybe he should have been Prince Charming?!?

Eion Bailey Picture
 Anyways, I digress... so now we have all these crazy questions like "Who is the Stranger?"  He tells us he's a writer and finds inspiration in Storybrooke, but seriously, Who is he?  I mean, really... I'd like to know. 

The series is from the creators of LOST so I figure that I'll have more questions before I get any answers, but I'm intrigued by the show and so far while the questions are piling up, they aren't bothering me that much yet.  I do think that sometime soon they'll need to give us just a couple of answers or clear a few things up...

Until then, I'll keep watching on Sunday nights. 
Anyone else obsessed?


Wal-Mart Sectional Options

So I've shown you my loft recently... it's a hot mess. 
A hot mess of un-coordinating pieces that don't match look good or really even fit the space...

In it's defense, this was prior to painting.  It looks a lot different now. 
I need to actually update my photo of the loft! 

Yep, a hot mess.

So, I've been looking (and secretly saving) up for at least a new sofa up there as we currently have a sofa that looks like a futon but isn't...

Mr. K doesn't know about my secret stash so lets keep that between you and me.  And I am holding off for a little while longer to see how much little Baby Kake's costs me... because this secret stash might have to go to her! 

But I've been seeking out "smart" solutions.  I need something under $600 because I'm cheap.  I've been scouring Craigslist like a crazy person hoping that I'll find a gem for about $300-$400 again, because I'm cheap, but so far no luck. 

So... remember when Nate Berkus did that Living Room Make-Over with Oprah all by using items found on Wal-Mart.com?  Ok, me either really because at that point I wasn't really into Oprah... it was more Dawson's Creek and Real World and if you want me to compare talk shows it was Rosie O'Donnell Show all the way over Oprah.  But I do remember hearing my mom talk about it and how she couldn't believe how it turned out!  She was so impressed that Wal-Mart.com had all these options!!! 

He took this:

To this:

Not really my style, but they've come a long way since then - I believe this was in 2006.  So... naturally when I started looking for sectionals, Wal-Mart never crossed my mind.  Hah! 

But, they do have these two that I'm seriously considering...

The first one is BHG Slip Cover chaise Sectional in Chocolate.  First, I love the look.  It's exactly what I'm looking for.  Shape, Size, Color, and Price!  Check, Check, Check, and Check! 

It is $599 though and that's not including shipping.  Kind of a bummer when I'm going to be missing my supplemental income for at least a month here with the babe.  Which is why I'm trying to watch my pennies...

Then there's this one:


Another great option at $399, but again without the cost of shipping.  Actually this one could be without the cost of shipping because it will ship Site to Store - a feature I love about Wal-Mart.  However, there are some cons to this bad boy.  Sure, the price is a true pro, but I feel like this one doesn't look as comfortable nor does it look as well constructed as the other.  It looks cheaper.  There, I said it.  It does though and probably because it is.  But, beggars can't be choosers... although I think you get a lot more for your money with option #1. 

So, I continue on my quest to finish up my loft.  I'm going to try to keep the Sectional as the only expensive piece in there.  We'll see how that goes... Maybe if I wait long enough, Craigslist will pull through.

And on a side note... Nursery is DONE!!!  Look for the reveal later this week. 


Mood Board Monday { Blue Gray Bathroom }

Good Monday Morning Blog Hogs!  I hope you had a lovely weekend!  I'm back at work for my last week and hoping to make it!  We'll see how all that goes...

Anyways, it's been a few weeks since I shared a mood board and I thought that would be a good way to start out the week.  I am thinking about semi-redecorating my downstairs hall bath while I'm off with the baby and was looking for ideas... While this one is not a hall bath, nor exactly what I'm looking for, it's the color scheme I'd like to try for. 

My walls in the bathroom are already that color.  The only thing is that it's about 1/4 the size of what this bathroom would be.  I'm looking more for maybe a stencil and some art at the moment - and changing the color of the towels and accessories.  But I do love this bathroom above. 

I love that light fixture.  How Gorgeous?!  Love Love Love!  And those furniture pieces... I die. 

I am also in love with the two prints that I selected above.  The bird print is from Urban Outfitters and only $49 and the Life is Beauty Full is on wood and $29 from Home Decorators.  I don't shop at either of these places much, but they do have some great deals! 

The shower curtain is the Roma Shower Curtain also from Home Decorators.  I thought it just had a nice pattern that would compliment the colors and fixtures chosen. 

Now for my bathroom...
I think I need a Stencil like this from Royal Design Studios - And if I get one, I'll make sure to use a coupon or discount code!
Some neat hardware and accessories like these shelves...

And maybe some black and white pictures to hang on the wall... I already have a few... but these would be nice from etsy. 

Hmmm... how to proceed?

Happy Monday!


Cute As a Button Baby Shower

My mom, sister, and her friend threw me a baby shower at the beginning of the month!  We had to work around my sister's schedule as far as timing went because she's in school in Memphis. 

The theme was "Cute As A Button" and here are some pictures from the day!

My mom made this sign from scrapbook paper and actually found that button at Meijer.  It's in the nursery now. 

Here was the table - set with gifts, a few little pictures my mom put together and the thank you bags filled with cookies that my mom made. 
She makes these with just scrapbook supplies and they are cute.  Both of these are in the nursery now too.
Here's the invitation we made.  She glued the buttons on before she sent them.  We just uploaded the design to Vista Print and we had invitations for less than $20. 
This is the dessert table.  Mom made the strawberry cake from scratch and my sister made the cake balls.  I love how she decorated everything with the button theme. 
The snacks for everyone... She made the cake stands from some old candle holders she had and some platters she found at Dollar General. 
The fruit cups which she found at JoAnn Fabrics and then added the buttons to the front just for a bit more fun. 

Our little thank you bags had button butter cookies in them. 
The mason jars for drinks was my sister's idea and then my mom decided to use twine and buttons to give them a little more flair.  Love them. 

The diaper cake that my cousin Sarah made for me in the colors of the nursery. 
Libby and Emily

My cousin Lanah and I

My sister and I
The entire group in the living room at my parent's house while I was opening gifts.
This picture cracks me up because they all have their legs crossed the same way and hands on their knees.  Love it! 

Three and a half generations picture. 
From left: me, Grandma Gallops, my mom, and my sister
Another one for good measure and because we kept messing them up.
And my dad playing around thinking he is as cute as a button once everyone had left.  Dorkus! 
Thanks to everyone who came to the party and to my mom, Anne, and Lib for making it As Cute As A Button!  I enjoyed every bit of it!!!  I love when my family gets together for "parties."  We always have such a great time!!!
Happy Weekend... we are waiting on some snow!
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