Our Loft { Now and Then }

There have been a few changes made around here lately... especially this past weekend! 

I had a complete 4 days off of work and I wasn't going to not utilize every stinkin' minute of them.  We had a to do list and we accomplished just about everything on it!  It included finishing painting our house and making preparations for baby's arrival.  We are down to 30 days and our house is now officially completely painted (on the inside minus closets). 

In order to make room for the nursery, we had moved our office out into our loft.  I wasn't a big fan because it felt so full and crowded.  Plus, we'd found some bookcases a while back on craigslist and they ended up being very unstable.  So, with the baby on her way, I felt like we needed to get rid of those as they were sure to fall on Baby K at some point.  You may remember my discussion with Santa about them... They truly resembled the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

Here's what became of the bookcase...

But we decided to paint the loft finally this weekend!  We went to Lowe's and picked out a color. 
I originally wanted to use the same color that I'd used in the guest bedroom, but it would be too dark as we only have one window in this room and not very much lighting - natural or artificial. 

This is the disarray that became of the loft while painting...
Do not judge us based on this crazy clutter shown...
And the color we picked was what we thought was a tan... but ended up being more of a creamy color. 

Here's the before:

And here's the finished product:

It's just an off white.  It does look more warm than the harsh white even though you probably cannot tell the difference through the pictures, but if I could make Mr. K help me paint it again (which I can't) then I would choose something with a little more color. 
It'll still work with my ideas for up there though...

As a part of my 2012 Home Goals, I'm including exclusively for the loft:
  • The purchase of a chocolate sectional - so if you know of one at a decent price, let a sista know! 
  • built in Bookcases a la Ikea and a little Kellermeyer Love
  • new TV to probably mount on the wall
  • new coffee table

All of these can be just "new to me."  I'm not above using used goods!  I just want my space to feel homey and look pretty!

The closer I can get it to look like this:

The BETTER!!! 

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