Our { New } Hall Wall

I always thought when I was younger that I'd have pictures hanging up all over my house.  My family didn't really hang that many pictures.  My mom (no offense mom) was very fickle about what went on the walls and where and how they were hung etc. 

But for the last couple of Christmases I was asking for black picture frames.  I received 2-3 sets of 10 and then we randomly collected other black frames during that time as well.  And in the de-cluttering process, I decided it was time to hang them up! 

Here they are after they made their way out of "storage" into the hallway for placement.  Make way for baby changes are going on all over! And it does actually feel good to be getting everything (kind of) in order.

And here they are up on the wall.  There are a few "blank" spots that I'm hoping to fill in like on the far left.  But other than that, I'm very happy with how it all turned out.  They are just the right pop of color on the barely there wall color.  And the pictures inside of them will most likely be changed out.  Getting them off the floor was the first feat. 

Last night I actually replaced all the pictures that were not pictures but what the frames came with when purchased.  I scoured through some old pictures of Mr K and I and found some interesting ones as well as some others from our wedding.  I'm sure that those will soon be changed out to include Baby Girl. 
I like the change.  And don't worry, that $10 picture ledge will be finding a new home in the guest room which will soon be revealed as well!  Lot's going on at The Kellermeyers! 

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